Who I am today

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This is just a free style poem, that I wrote. There is no rhyming what so ever so ya, but pleaseee tell me what you think and give me feed back.

Submitted: March 11, 2012

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Submitted: March 11, 2012



Where I’m from

I’m from the treasure chest underneath my bed,

Overflowing with memories gone by,

From my old world map,

Pinpointed with all my dreams,

I’m from the weeping willow,

In my best friends back yard,

The fountain of my youth,

From my grandmother’s vegetable garden

(All fertile soil and bountiful green leaves,

Disguising from my eyes,

The delicious treasures they hide),

I’m from lemonade stands,

And my mother’s loving smile,

I am from all the tears I shed,

In these past years,

Who have succeeded in making me stronger,

I’m from Swedish berries,

And old paper back mysteries,

From my mother’s eyes,

And my father’s ambition,

I’m from hours spent in my grandma’s closet,

Playing the grand dame,

In her sky high heels,

I’m from long, sultry days of frog catching,

And long talks about everything,

Yet nothing at all,

I’m from the city by the sea,

With towering trees,

And High Mountain peaks,

From my ancestors,

Who came to this brave new world,

With nothing but the clothes on their backs,

And the desire to succeed,

I’m from my friends,

Who can make me laugh with just one discreet glance,

And who understand me like no one else,

I’m from the mother, who birthed me,

And the one who loves me like her own,

But most of all,

I’m from the sea of faces,

through the years,

Some still clear in my minds eyes,

And others clinging to a thread,

To my blurry consciousness,

Who have all helped in their own way,

To make me who I am today!

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