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About the effects a friend can have on your life

Submitted: September 21, 2011

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Submitted: September 21, 2011






You know the saying "keep your friends close but your enemys closer" well what happens when that enemy turns out to be your bestfriend or so you thought. Its not like the bestfriend that ends up sleeping with your boyfriend or tells everyone really disturbing things about you behind closed doors. No I am talking about the type of bestfriend that thinks she has compelet control over every aspect in your life. I never thought that rachel and I would ever stop being friends until the day I finally realized how scary controlling she was over calling her. Now this was not a one time thing where we got into a fight over this, its been a repeating event that took me so long to realize...what type of friend to I call my bestfriend.

I was fifteen years old the summer of 2005 when i first met my frenemy Rachel Gathing and when I first met her I knew we would be friends til the end of time. We met at a friend of ours Samatha Wastlins house on summer day when we all decided to hang out and have a few people over Samanthas house. See Samanthas parents let her get away with anything she wanted rather they liked it or not. Samantha ran that house like she was the owner and they were the visitors. We all would throw parties in her basement and say out all hours of the night with out our parents knowing because Samantha would have her parents lie for all us kids that we were just having a slumber party, little did our parents know we were actually have huge parties in her basement and driving around all hours of the night. Then one morning my father found out about the guys staying the night over Samanthas house and I was no longer aloud to spend the night. Which was a huge bummer for me because I thought I would loose all my friends. I was the "Lame" girl that had a curfew and couldnt spend the night out. Then one day i recieved a phone call from Rachel asking me if I wanted to come over and hangout for a little bit until Samantha came and got us. I dont think I ever got ready so fast in my life to go somewhere. Rachel Gathing inviting me katilyn Rose to her house! She was the it, beautiful, smart, always had something to do, nice clothes! I couldnt wait!

When my father dropped me off at Rachels house I couldnt believe what I seen. She didnt live in the type of house I imagined she lived in a o.k area and her house was just a plain old red and white house that looked like it needed a little bit of work done. Rachel came outside and greeted us and as my father left she said she was glad somebody could get out of the house today. That all her other so called friends were lame and wanted to sit inside or couldnt find away to get out. After that day Rachel and I were together all the time, Samantha started to get a little jealous so we had to queeze her into Rachels and my schedule. I didnt know it then but thats where all the controling started. Samantha, the first of the victims. Rachel had Samantha practically at her feet begging to stay friends with her from the beginning, Sam was always trying to keep Rachel around, buying all these expensive clothes to make her look like she was the cooler girl out of the group and Rachel used every bit of that poor girl. Sams family is actually going through some finance trouble today because of how obsessed Sam got over trying to impress people to keep them her friends. I blame myself in away too, if I didnt completely screw with her friends and kept us all friends maybe things could have been different and Sam wouldnt be in the situation she is now...afraid that everyone in her life is just going to leave.

Then the day we all got boyfriends. Samantha couldnt really keep one because of her insecuritys that everyone was just going to leave her and becoming obsessed with them staying. But the day Rachel got her boyfriend is when everything became all about her and no one else. She was always with her boyfriend Adam and didnt care about hanging out with anyone. She never wanted to go anywhere, she waiting on him before she did anything. Which at the time wasnt a big deal because I got one as well so we all just did our own things for a while. For awhile I had no clue what was going on with Rachel but Sam and I stayed in contact. We would talk about her relationship problems and I would talk about mine. The world seemed to stop being so hectic and started making sense again. Then I got a phone call one day from Rachel saying the Adam was moving to Florida and she was devistated. After a week or two I finally got her to get out of the house and come hangout again. She started to get back into the hang of being around people and laughing and we were having fun again. I found myself spending more time with her then my boyfriend. Then Summer 2006 after spending the night over her house I recieved a phone call from my father telling me to come home. Sitting at my house waiting for my father to get home from work was like waiting to see if you hit the lottery but in this case it was the opposite. He came in the house and you could tell that he had been crying all day and told me that my mother had passed away. After all the tears and hugging I went outside and called my boyfriend who was on his way over to comfort me and then I made the call to Rachel...she answered and asked me why my dad wanted me home so bad and I started to cry and told her my mother had passed away. We sat on the phone and cried together. I never had a friend just sit there and listen to me and just feel the same sadness I felt.

After a couple of months went by I just stuck to my boyfriend. Rachel did not like that, she wanted to attention. I recieved a text from her saying that she didnt want to be friends anymore because all I cared about was my boyfriend and she was sick of being treated like she didnt exsist. When I asked her why she felt that way she explained that she has been a good friend and recieved no such thing in return. The next day I recieved another text from Rachel saying she was sorry and she still wants to be friends and she was just mad cause we used to do everything together. I excepted her apology and it was like the fight had never happened. Then I get a phone call from her saying that she was just on the phone with Adam and it seemed as if he was in a car and she thinks hes on his way home and just saying her still in Florida. I said well what are you going to do if he is on his way home? Thats a good thing right?. She was screaming in the phone with excitement but just that minute she went to open her door he was standing there...Things started to change again after that. It was all about Adam and no one else again. It didnt bother me because I was alway with my boyfriend and the friends we had together but it did make me mad because just the day before he came home she was complaining to me that I as a friend didnt put enough effort in when she was now doing the same.

A few years go by and Rachel and Adam are still together as I am with my boyfriend. We stayed friends but not like we were before we would talk and hang out once in a great while but it wasnt an everyday thing which was great because we stopped argueing. After a few weeks of Rachel looking for a job I finally put a word in for her at my work which is a cleaning service. My boss took to her very well and Rachel and I were back to our everyday hangout. We worked together now so what choice could I have except to see her everyday and get close again. Then one day after leaving work Rachel called me and told me she seen my boyfriend in a saspious was as if he was cheating one me. Well with in our 5 years of being together he had done it to me before which Rachel was always there to talk to and help me through it, I just assumed he was and broke it off. I was fed up with being cheated on. Now when I look back on it I believe it was a way to break us up so she could have me all to herself. After my relationship ended I had no one. Only Rachel. By now we were old enough to go to the club so we would go once in a while but behind Adams back because he couldnt know or he would leave her. I was finally single and was having a blast, plus I had my bestfriend what else could I want. I eventually quit my job and so did Rachel and we just spent everyday together except I was always the third wheel because Adam was always there. Now it wouldnt of bothered me so much because I like Adam I have no problem with Adam but Rachel and him were fighting all the time and being the only person there to defend both of them got tiring. Then Rachel met a guy name Daniel and started hanging out with him all the time. Still the third wheel i would go with them and drive around in his car which wasnt bad because I was still having fun and going places. She ended up cheating on Adam with Daniel and eventually stopped talking to Daniel and focused all her attention back on Adam in guilt. Then I met someone. His name was George and after my 5 year relationship i finally met someone I liked. Now you know how it goes with the butterflies in your stomach and waiting for that one call he makes to you and wanting to hangout with him any chance you get.

Two months goes by and I was spending a lot of time with George, I recieved a text message from Rachel saying she deleted me off facebook and she was done trying to be my friend that I should just call George when I have a problem. I didnt get it. She didnt talk to me just as much as I didnt talk to her. She could have called me but she didnt why do I have to put the effort into this friendship?. Then George broke it off and Rachel came back around and was all about going out to the it wasnt just girls night it was girls and her boyfriend. That got old fast. I realized out of all the times she could of came and hung out with me and George she never wanted to but it was okay for me to come to hangout with her and Adam. I was having a lot of fun though even after I was deleted about 10 times in 4 months for not called Rachel enough or texting her but in the long run she always ended up becoming my friend again and we would go the the club. I ended up just walking on eggshells around her and doing whatever she wanted just to keep her happy so we wouldnt fight. We ended up going to the club 4 days out of the week and even if i was so sore or so tired to go another night I would still end up going just to avoid a fight with her. One day I told her I couldnt go that I wanted to stay home and rest and all she did was bash me on how lame I was and how I was ruining her fun because she couldnt go unless I went because she would be the only girl. She never knew how I felt. Yes I did have a lot of fun going but in the long run I was alway the single one and was dancing with her and Adam.

January 2010 came and I met luke a charming guy with a bad boy outfit. Tattoo'd from head to toe practically and just the type of excitement I needed at the time. He was another guy that was new and excited with a mystery that I wanted so bad. We spent a lot of time with eachother and when Rachel called me too see what I was doing I would tell her I was with Luke hanging out. She'd tell me oh well I was going to see if you wanted to do this or do that but never wanted to meet Luke or let me invite him so there was a couple times I had to leave him out. Wasnt fair...she always had Adam with her where ever we went unless he was doing something else. Then one day there was an arguement between Rachel and I and the truth came out. She didnt want to meet Luke, She thought he was trashy and I could do better. And of course we werent friends again because I spent to much time with him and other people then calling her or texting. Then I found out that Luke and I were going to have a baby and Rachel came back around and was excited but still didnt like Luke even after Luke with his bad boy attitude tried being nice to her for me. He told me their is something wrong with that girl, she wants you all to herself ...weird.

During my pregnancy Rachel seemed to do whatever it took to get me to leave Luke. She planted all these ideas in my head that he was no good and I could do better. She even conviced me to do something terrible and start talking to my ex behind Lukes back. Which I ended up telling him and he still cant forgive me for that. I dont blame him even though I didnt do anything with my ex I still told him lies and that I loved my ex and wanted to be with him. Rachel had me back to herself but not for long. I was pregnant how fun can a pregnant girl be. After I was 8 months I just went back to Luke. We had our little girl and things seems great. Rachel couldnt wait to get me back into the party life which is something I didnt want to do anymore at least not yet but I did anyway but not as much has she wanted me to. I had a baby now what could I do, she was so little and I couldnt just find a babysitter when Rachel wanted me. One day I recieved a phone call from her saying that She was going out with our friend Jade to the bar and if I wanted to come, by then it was already 7:30 pm and I told her I was not going to be able to find a sitter that late plus I was helping a family member with her wedding. I didnt hear from Rachel after that for a month. I would see on facebook she would be talking to all our friends about an event coming up and if they wanted to go out but not once did she bother to ask me. So one day I decided to text her and ask her why she hadnt bother to ask me to do any of these things with her and our friends and has been ignoring me and she replied back with your a bad friend I do so much for you and what have you done for me. Also how come I can text and call Luke but not her and I told her Rachel I have a new born baby only a few months old Im new to this and I cant just get up and go out whenever you want anymore and Im tired I have nothing to talk about except the baby and I barely talk to Luke but she just kept on saying out much of a bad friend I was which in my eyes I did everything that girl wanted me to do and just got pushed on in return. I started to realize how she was the bad friend you dont pick and choose when you want to be someones friend you either there friend or your not. There is no I DONT WANT TO BE YOUR FRIEND TODAY. After that fight I had just had enough I was tired of the kid crap and it was time to grow up. Even after all we had been through and how ever many years we had been friends I just couldnt take it anymore. I felt alone and I shouldnt of felt that way. I cried for days because in the long run she took all my friends away and made them listen to her the way I helped her with Samantha.I felt alone to the point where I looked at my baby girl and wondered if i made a mistake. I decided from that day forward I was done being RACHEL GATHINGS friend. I was a victim to a girl who wanted control and fought until she had it. I was not the only girl she did this too. Samantha was a victim of her controlling ways and so were plenty of other girl in between our fights that arnt worth mentioning but for Rachel Gathings she will always be the lonely girl with a million "friends". I've looked into her a few times and Ive seen the same cycle with each girl she becomes friends with . There will always be a replacement friend. I feel sorry for her because when we look back on our lifes I'll see the friends I've had for 20 years and all She see is the one she has at that moment in her life and wonder where the others are at.



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