The Realization of the World

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Personal Realization And Exceptance

Submitted: August 10, 2012

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Submitted: August 10, 2012



How do you make someone see what they are to you?Do you force it? Or do you explain it?They see themselves as someone they could never be. They never realize just how perfect they are.They don't see how much people need them.It hurts to not be able to explain to someone how beautiful they are,how smart or how perfect they areBut you see there are so many that think they are perfect.That they are better than everyone. But to me you are perfect.Because you see your own faults. You shouldn't be ashamed of them. Be proud of what they make you. Because without would have nothing.Everything that happens is for a reason. Everything that you are is for a reason. You have a purpose in the world. Never forget that. Realize what you are to everyone.Because if you leave....all you do is cause them more pain.I know this.My friend let everyone point out his faults.He should have been proud.At least someone was noticing him.At least he was on someones mind.I loved him more than anything.Everyone loved him.Except those fools who were jealous of what he had.But that shouldn't have stopped his life.
Some people aren't strong enough for itSome people get stronger because of it. I get stronger and I am proud of who I am.No one shall change me because I am my own person.He should of been proud of who he wasBut he...he made me who I am.He made me see the world for what it truly is.And I am glad that I do.

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