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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

Heather has extraordinary powers and she is apart of a world that no human is truly aware of. Her parents were murdered by a powerful group, called the elite, and now they want her as well. Heather has had many losses in her short life but she will rise and grasp her power.

The sun shone down, leaving a merciless heat to the girls uncovered skin. Sweat formed on her forehead as she raced along the undergrowth of the forest. She missed stray branches effortlessly and jumped over large rocks, not letting anything get in the way of her mission.

She couldn't risk turning back to see if her pursuers were heavy on her heels; all she could think about was remaining hidden amongst the green. How had it come to this? It was like everything she knew or thought she knew had been turned on its scale, leaving nothing realistic behind. Was Heather going crazy? No, this was not a figment of her imagination. This was serious.

Her thoughts traveled on, leaving Heather unaware of the jaguar that had been stalking her from a nearby branch. It was sizing her, getting ready to attack. The animal got down low, it's shoulders moving gracefully as it readied to pounce. The wild beast lurched from its position, flying through the air towards the girls left shoulder. The cat's claws dug into the flesh of Heathers shoulder, blood oozing out quickly. The girl let out a horrific cry as she struggled against the heavy animal latched to her body. The animal growled low, the sound sending chills through her body. Her adrenaline started to diminish; she started to fear for the worst. The girl knew she could easily rid the animal, let it suffer and writhe in pain; but she wasn't like that. She wouldn't hurt something that was only playing on instinct.

She felt something pierce her neck and her body suddenly went limp. The animal had now sunk its razor-sharp fangs into her neck, holding grip, finalising it's own mission of feeding itself. Heather felt herself fall, feeling the damp earth underneath her weak body. It was time. She knew it. She had always had a special connection to earth and it's habitants, so maybe it was ironic that her death would involve becoming a meal for an apex predator.

The weight of the animal disappeared, the pressure in her neck vanishing as well. Her neck and shoulder was now in excruciating pain and Heather couldn't help but scream an agonising cry. She opened her eyes, seeing the pursuers hovering over her. No! Her thoughts screamed throughout her head, she was unable to form words. She knew what was to come now but she was to weak to react. Her body wouldn't cooperate, it was as still as a building. Tears trickled down her cheeks as she turned her head, seeing the jaguar in pieces a few meters away. Damn them! She wanted this. She was ready to die. She felt the muscles in her jaw tighten as she grit her teeth together. Her hands balled into fists against her sides. Her anger stirred, her power surfacing at her fingertips. It only took one swift move and she could rid the pests that had murdered the animal. Didn't she owe nature this? Shouldn't she defend the creatures that roamed Mother Nature? They weren't the monsters, she thought sadly; she was, the humans.

Heather didn't remember losing consciousness, she couldn't remember being carried from the forest either. Her body still ached, not allowing her to move from her position on the surprisingly comfy bed. She looked around the room that they had taken her to. The smell of lavender and rain floated through the window. The walls were tall and painted baby blue. A modern lamp sat on the table beside the bed and a note had been placed under it. The bed she was in was soft, the mattress having just enough bounce. Dozens of pillows were propped behind her head and she was wrapped in wool blankets. Her dirty clothes had been discarded and instead a silk camisole hugged her body perfectly. She choked in her breath as she took in her whereabouts, it was a beautiful room, she hated that it reminded her of home.

She tried again to sit up and to her amazement her body cooperated. Every muscle in her body writhed in pain, she touched the places on her shoulder and neck that had been wounded by the animal, shocked to find there was no gash. She was certain that the animal had pierced skin. Shaking her head slowly in confusion, she reached over to the letter and tore at the envelope. A small piece of paper fell out with neat, cursive writing printed on it. She read the writing robotically, unable to process the words printed on the magical paper


We know who you are and what you are capable of. Do not try to escape, as it will not be wise. The animal that attacked you has been taken care of, as has the wounds it inflicted. We hope that you are pleased with the results of your injuries. We do have the best, if you say, doctors. We have been tracking you for quite some time, as you most probably know, we are very eager to speak with you. Please don't delay this longer. Our patience is truly dwindling.

We are expecting your presence very shortly. In the meantime, help yourself to whatever you would like at the diner, our little treat. Oh and do take a nice bath, we wouldn’t want you to feel dirty.

Heather spat out every curse that came to her mind. How dare they control her, she couldn't understand the audacity of the elite. After all the sorrow and pain they had caused her, they still believed they had the right to hold her hostage. She knew their ideals for her. They wanted to use her as their own personal pet, which would not happen. She had made a vow under the moon to never allow them to hold power over her. She would make sure that vow was kept.

Heather decided she would dismiss their invitation for a meal, which she didn’t trust, and take their offer of bathing instead. She hated the elite and their name brought bile to the back of her throat. She did smell like rotting garbage and she was certain they hadn’t filled the water pipes with acid. Heather decided that she needed a hot bath and she knew the water would fundamentally put her at ease. She crept silently through the cottage, hoping to find the bathing room quickly before someone saw her. She opened a few doors, disappointed to find empty beds instead of a bath. She came to a wooden door with a crystal handle; surly this was the bathing room. She placed her hand over the handle, the crystal feeling cold under her delicate hand. The whole cottage had an eeriness to it that made the hairs on her neck stand up tall.

Heather stepped through the threshold of the door, letting out a soft gasp. She felt like she had been transported to an original Victorian cottage, she had never come across anything more extraordinary, yet simplistic at the same time. The timeless beauty of the bathroom captivated her, it was much nicer than the buckets of water she used as a child in her parents tiny shack. She looked around the bathing room, memorizing every small detail. A deep soaking tub sat in the middle of the room, the colour like a golden halo. The tub had ball and claw cast iron feet and silver taps at the left end. A large antique mirror hung on the right side of the room, pink, green, yellow, blue and orange flowers bordered it, giving it a magical feel. Lace curtains domed the tiny windows of the room and the walls were a blue-grey Venetian plaster with tiny lamps in every corner. Heather couldn't help but be in awe of this place, even if the elite were cold-hearted criminals.

Heather ran back into the room she had woken up in, her hair was dripping wet and a thin towel wrapped tightly against her small frame. A large chest sat at the end of her bed and she decided to open it, investigating what was inside. All sorts of fabrics, colours, patterns and clothing were folded neatly and according to garment. She decided on a pair of dark jeans and a loose singlet. She would walk into the hall barefooted; she wasn't worried about their accusing eyes or smart remarks.

She saw a bell had been placed where the letter once stood and knew that it was to be used to signal she was ready to be escorted. She picked up the bell, throwing it against the door of the room. It chimed as it hurtled into the air and fell to the ground. Almost immediately a knock sounded at the door and without consent a middle-aged woman and young boy proceeded into the room. Their faces showed little sign of emotion; it reminded her of the stern guards at a museum. She had only ever been to a museum once and she found it incredibly inspirational. History was a passion of hers that she loved, which she inherited from her father. She loved that so many of his hobbies and attributes had been passed down to her. He was an honorable man, many people looked up to him, especially those of her kind. That is why the elite desperately wanted him gone. He imposed too much danger to their utopic society.

The figures in front of Heather didn't ask her to come or wait for her to follow, they simply took hold of her arms and she felt the breeze brush her cheek as she disappeared from the room. When her feet touched solid ground once again she felt light headed and her stomach churned in protest. Those fools! They could have given some warning before they teleported her. Her brows furrowed and her jaw tightened, she grew extremely angry. She wanted to kick and punch the two imbeciles that were still grasping her arms. She cursed under her breath as they led her down a narrow corridor and to another door with a crystal handle.

As she walked into the room her eyes instinctively took in her surroundings. This room was not magical or beautiful, just bare. A large wooden table stood at the back of the room and twelve elderly figures sat at large crystal chairs. There were six women and six men, she had never seen or met these people in her life, but a gnawing feeling told her that they were the elders of the elite. They looked at her with cold smiles, their sharp eyes staring almost into her soul. Heather didn't like the feeling of being is this room or the scrutinizing eyes of the elders. She was almost never frightened by anything but right now she was more terrified than she had ever been in her life.

' Oh how beautiful you are, just like your mother. She was such a lovely student you know? Ah, what incredible power she held. What a shame' the oldest looking out of the men spoke with such venom that Heather imagined him as a snake, striking towards her heart. Her hands formed fists against her side, and her lips curled back into a snarl. She let out a vicious sounding laugh and moved forward, releasing the grip that the transporters had on her. She held up a hand towards the elders, holding all her power in the tips of her fingers. The elders didn't even batter an eyelash, it was like they were lions and she was the lamb. She suddenly felt small but she couldn't show weakness in front of these monsters.

' My mother would have spat in your face. If only she could come back from the grave. It would be a lovely sight to witness' she chuckled. ' But you all made sure that she would not be able to do that. Hmm maybe I should just flick my finger, bring some water our way? Oh, I don't think that would be enough, a tornado perhaps? I’m getting warmer aren't I now? Ha, no that's not nearly enough. Ah, I know, how about a glorious fire?' Heather was pleased with herself, she remained collected and she was certain she could feel fear in the room. She smirked as she stepped closer, hoping to diminish some distance between her and the elders. A woman suddenly rose from the chair and pointed straight at Heather, her icy stare sending shivers up the girl’s body.

'Stop! Stop where you are Heather Merringdale or it will be the last step you take!' The woman shouted at Heather. The girl merely smiled, not even bothering to stop in her track. This old fool would not decide on the actions that Heather would take, or what she would do to them. She was in control now and she would put up a fight. Heather laughed as she saw the expressions on the elders’ faces. Their calm and collected composures had vanished and they were now the lambs. Heather felt like a mighty lioness, surrounding her prey, preparing for the kill.

She flicked her finger once and a gale of wind blew through the window. Twigs, dirt and leaves formed a tiny tornado that grew larger and larger. It swirled and howled around the room, Heather laughing as every elder stood up, fear covering their faces. She was powerful and they had underestimated her. She decided that she had gained the effect she was after and put her hand down, letting the tornado fall and leaving a pile of earth behind. She bowed to her audience, grinning as she rose and stared at the elders that looked utterly shocked.

' You have two minutes, starting from now. Tell me why I'm here and do not lie. If I'm not satisfied, a small tornado will be the least of your worries.' Heather hissed at the elders. She had the power now and they would cooperate. The same man that had spoken first decided to speak now, a foreign softness creeping into his voice.

' We do not wish to fight, we are sorry if that was the impression you had. We only want what is best for you. Your parents had such an unfortunate end, which was not due to us. Please join us, Heather. You could be so much more powerful; we can rise above the humans. We will no longer have to hide.' He snarled the last sentence; his true self had formed out of the fake mask he had tried to wear. A smile played upon Heathers lips and she spat at the ground. They made a crucial mistake.

' Oops, two minutes are up.' She replied. ' Sorry guys, you failed to move my so-called false perception or me. What an absolute shame.' She laughed sweetly and bounced back. Her hand rose above her head and her finger twitched fiercely. A brilliant blaze of fire grew around the elders, a perfect circle forming. They frantically shouted for the transporters to help. Heather could hear their footsteps behind her. She turned swiftly expecting both transporters to come after her; instead she saw that the woman was flat on her back and blood oozed from her head. Heather had seen many people die and she knew the woman was no longer alive. The young male who had accompanied the woman in transporting Heather to the wall was hovering above the woman, a sharp blade gripped in his hand. Blood covered the weapon as well as the hand that held it. Heather was bewildered, why would the boy kill his companion? Did he have a purpose? Was he coming to her aid? Countless questions ran through her mind and before she could react the boy had took hold of her hand and was dragging her from the room. She felt a stir of wind around her and knew what was going to come next. The boy looked at her, a crooked smile appearing against his lips. A weird feeling came over her; butterflies fluttered against her stomach making her feel woozy. Who was this boy and why was his face so familiar?

Heather felt light headed and had to hold back the bile that rose in her throat, just like the first experience she had of being transported. She had only ever heard about transporters from her parents. She never actually met or knew if they were real. Apparently they were. She was now in a meadow, full of violet coloured flowers and tiny birds flying freely. Tall trees stood in the distance and the sun was bright in a vast blue sky. The smell of pine and nature filled the air, instantly putting the girl at ease. Nature was her sanctuary, ever since she could remember.

She spotted a figure in the distance with curly auburn hair and a muscular build. He was dressed in grey jeans and a blue shirt, just like he was when she first saw him in the room of the cottage. He had his back to her as he walked among the flowers of the meadow. As if sensing her quizzical stare, he turned and looked at her. She blushed as she looked down at her hands that were folded into her lap. She sat on a grass patch, surrounded by tiny animals that naturally came to her. She felt a soft breeze caress her cheek and looked up to see that the boy was now in front of her. She growled like an animal, shooting daggers at him with her eyes.

' Who the hell are you? Why am I here and why did you help me? I certainly did not need it and why did you disobey your precious elite?' She snarled at him. She did not want to be near this mysterious stranger and it only made her angrier that he had the audacity to laugh at her aggression.

' Well that's no way to greet your savior, or your best friend' He chuckled. ' When I heard that they wanted you, and had found you nearly dead in a forest, I put my hand up to help get you to the elders. I've missed you a lot Hettie' His voice broke on the last word. He bent down and picked her up, hugging her tightly to his chest. Tears trickled down Heathers cheek, she sobbed softly into his shirt.

She stepped back from their embrace and looked into the face of the stranger. He had the same large green eyes and high cheekbones. His hair was longer, not nearly as curly as it once had been, and a brilliant auburn. He had aged since she had last seen him, looking more masculine and his face now had a manly essence. His shirt fitted him perfectly, showing tight muscles beneath. He would be nearly 19 now; she grew sad at missing 5 years of his life. She was 13 when she had last seen him, before she and her parents had to escape the elite. She swallowed back more tears and wiped at her eyes. She hadn't cried since her parents’ death, she would not weep now. A wry smile crept at her lips as she hugged her arms around her body.

' Wow, it's really you. I thought they got you and your parents as well. I guess not, you look really good Seth.' She practically squeaked. Why were her nerves all over the place? He tipped back on his heels, shrugging.

'In the flesh, I didn't know if you were alive, I heard about your parents. I'm so sorry Heather. I wish it could go back to normal. I truly do.' Sadness crept into his voice. Heather couldn't take it anymore. She ran at him, throwing her self into his arms. Her head tilted slightly as she leant up to connect her lips to his. He was taken by shock at first but his lips moved against hers simultaneously after a moment. They had been separated for so long that everything in this moment felt so right, like nothing had ever truly changed. Heather was the first to break free, looking up at the boy in front of her sheepishly. She had always loved Seth, as he had her.

The two young adults sat together amongst the flowers of the meadow, reminiscing about their times together and their childhood. They talked endlessly about their world and the powers that the people of it held. A lot had happened over the 5 years that they had been separated and they had both changed immensely. Heather knew who she was. What she was destined to become. She was an Irdoc; a member of a world no human had knowledge of. The Irdocs had great powers, every person had a special gift given to them at birth, often people would marry into their own kind, whether it be transporters, mind readers, shape shifters or more. Families would form, all having the same magical gift. Heathers parents were both spell casters, humans often referred to them as 'witches', but they didn't have full knowledge of the power they possessed. Heather was not like her parents though, which was unusual for the world of the Irdocs.

Heather had a connection with nature since birth. Animals naturally came to her; Mother Nature itself came alive at her touch. Fire, earth, wind and air were all easily controllable for the girl. Heather had a special gift; she was unique in her essence. The girl was an elementor, the first of her individual kind, controller of elements. She was a precious Irvoc and incredibly dangerous, the elite wanted her. She knew what she was capable of now, and nothing would bring her to the same fate that stole her parents away from her. She would stand tall and fight for the freedom of her people, for them to leave peacefully amongst humans. The elite would fall and Heather would rise.

Submitted: November 16, 2014

© Copyright 2021 Brittburdon. All rights reserved.

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