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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

Felicity is the shy girl of her small town and is often unseen. The only time she feels comfortable is when she can wander around the field two streets from her house, it provided a sanctuary from the loud town and accusing bystanders. Felicity believed she was the only one who cherished the long grass and tiny violet flowers of the field, though a new face has presented itself and he is sure to bring new feelings to the surface that felicity never believed she was capable of having.

  I could hear the clock tick in the corner of the classroom. The sound caused my stomach to churn in excitment. 2.25 pm. I would only have to sit in this chair for another 5 minutes and that was music to my ears. I had moved to this town over a year ago and it was not welcoming. It was one of those small towns where everyone had known another since they were young and all the families would visit church on Sunday and then follow with brunch at the largest house. My mother had died 3 years ago and my father decided it was time to leave the city and move into a small town. Don't get me wrong, I loved the town for it's beauty, the fields, the large pine trees and the smell that Mother Nature provided; it was so much nicer than the traffic of the city and the awful smell of industrialisation but it wasn't home and the people weren't welcoming. I had friends in the city, friends that I could talk to, that liked blueberry muffins and a chai latte for breakfast, that liked my quirkiness and friends that I could count on. I had no friends here and I was alone. None of the girls paid me any attention or even tried to talk to me when I gave them a smile in the quad or across the classroom, they just snickered and talked in their groups. They all just viewed me as the new girl from the city that did not fit in with their polished lives.

The bell rang, teleporting me out of my reverie. I sprang from my seat in the classroom and rushed to the door, on a mission to uphold my status as being the first to leave the classroom and ofcourse being unseen. It only took me 10 minutes to walk home from school but today I decided that I would take a detour and visit the field that I grew to adore. It was the only thing in this town that welcomed me and I loved how the long yellow/golden grass and tiny violet flowers povided a sanctuary against everything else, it was like it enclosed me and protected me from the outside. It protected me from the gnawing grief of not having my mother around, it helped me against the isolation and it helped me from being victim to the accusing population of the town. The people were angry at my father for moving in and taking over the doctors surgery. The old doctor has passed on and my father was an excellent surgeon, so he thought it was fitting that he take on that position in the town, though the people did not believe that. He, we, were new and they wanted someone that they could trust, not a foreigner to their town. It hurt me to see my father so stressed out all the time and I couldn't stand to see him that way. He had tried to be my rock after mum had died but I truly knew that I was his rock, helping him stand tall. I couldn't go home straight away today, it didn't feel right. The field was beckoning me and I would abide.

As I walked through the field, I sensed something that wasn't quite right. I could smell a musky scent and knew that it wasn't common to the field. It was a strong but pleasant smell and it had a hold over me. My body craved the smell and it was like a force pulling me deeper into the field. The tall grass tickled my skin and I giggled as I walked deeper towards the smell. I knew that the pine trees were close because I could smell their beauty, whoever was here knew this place well because I had never been close to the pine trees, frightened of what was beyond. I could now see the tall, dark green pine trees and they were magnificent. I had always admired trees for being so tall, for reaching out towards the clouds and for being able to be free with the wind. I wanted that. I also spotted an outline of a person. A man, or a boy. It was hard to tell from this distance. He is wearing dark jeans and a striped tee. He was tall and had a masculine build. Just the sight of him from this distance gave me butterflies and my cheeks flushed a brilliant red. I suddenly felt very small and my palms began to sweat. Why did this stranger have such an effect on me? 

 I moved in closer to the stranger and he spun around, obviously hearing my heavy footsteps. As a kid I had always wanted to be a spy and my parents thought it was a hilarious prospect. My mother had always laughed about my fathers 'stomping' feet and exclaimed that I had inherited his walk. It annoyed me that I wasn't graceful like my mother but had a loud walk like my father. It was not a good attribute to have, especially when you were trying to be quiet and stalk up behind someone. It definitely did not aid me now.

 The figure infront of me was fairly young, maybe a year or two older than me. He had chestnut brown hair and olive skin, he looked confused and stared at me with a look of suspicion. His brows were furrowed brows and his mouth transformed into a thin line. He did not look happy and I suddenly became aware that I was alone in a field with a stranger. I was short and had a small build. I was not fast and I was extremely clumsy, this stranger could easily catch me and he wouldn't have trouble constraining me or ensuring I was quiet. Shockingly, I wasn't scared. Fear didn't control me now and I looked down at my palms that were sweating even more now. The butterflies stirred mercilessly in my stomach and my cheeks flushed again. This stranger suddenly had a strong hold over me and all I felt was desire. I had never summoned this feelings before, not for any other male. I felt shy and I stepped back, getting ready to flee. A husky voice filled the space between me and the stranger and it sent shocks up my spine. " Wait! Don't run away!" is all I heard before I turned my back on the stranger and started to sprint towards the street, towards home.

I wasn't fast amd I knew that he would catch up to me, deep down I wanted him to. A heavy force caught my arm and I winced. It wasn't painful, it was a feeling of utter bliss. A new sensation filled my body and I felt weak all over. I knew that I shouldn't feel this way for a stranger, I knew it was wrong and I knew that I didn't care. He spun me around to look at him and I was suddenly aware of how gorgeous he was. He had perfectly shaped eyebrows that matched his hair colour and his eyes were the darkest blue, almost black. He had little freckles on his nose that were nearly undetectable against his olive skin. He had full lips and it look all my willpower not to kiss him. Why was I feeling like this? I didn't even know this guy. I felt shy once again and felt awkward being in his presence. He was gorgeous and I was not. I was plain. I had long dark brown hair and pale skin. My eyes were light blue and small in shape. I had an oval face shape and small lips. My nose was buttoned and my eyebrows were thin. I suddenly did not want  to be near this gorgeous stranger and I was aware of how awful I looked, I hadn't even done my hair for school. 

'Well now that I have your attention, what were you doing stalking me?" He asked. His tone was not angry, it actually held amusement. This was like a game for him and it suddenly made me angry. I was not someone who liked to be laughed at or humiliated. I cocked my eyebrow up, trying to act innocent  and unaware of what he was talking about. 

" I was not stalking you, nice to know you jump to conclusions fast. Just because you're gorgeous does not mean that everyone stalks you. Sorry to burst your bubble." I smile sweetly and my voice holds triumph. I am not normally one to be witty but this stranger has all kinds of holds over me and it's like I have known him for a while, words flow easily from my mouth. He laughs, a magical sound and raises both of his eyebrows.

" You think I'm gorgeous do you?" He asks. Shit! I wasn't even aware that I had called him gorgeous, what was happening to me? Why couldn't I take hold over my emotions or speech? This was not like me and I was frightened of the power this stranger held over me. 

"I-I u-um well I-I guess s-so." I stutter back. I probably look like an idiot and I just want to run home and hide under my blanket, it always protected me from embarrassment. He gives me a lopsided grin and leans back, releasing me from his grip. He is studying me with his eyes and once again I feel uneasy and shy. After a few moments he puts a finger against his lips and sighs. He looks down at his shoes and then back at me.

" Well you're pretty gorgeous yourself." I blush and look away, damn it. "So you're the new doctors daughter? I always see you in the library, head in a book. I must say, you have made it incredibly hard to get your attention. I saw you walk here a few days ago and I was astounded that someone else in this bleak town actually took the time to visit this beautiful field. This was my favourite place as a kid." I'm shocked by his words, he actually knows who I am, he admitted that he wanted to talk to me. I let the breath that I was holding in and giggle. He smiles back at me, leaning on his heels. 

" Now who's the stalker?" I laugh and he joins me. He moves closer to me, only an inch separating us. He looks at me deeply, almost like he is looking into my soul. I don't look away, instead I look up into his eyes, possessed by their beauty. He gives me a teethy grin as he moves a loose strand of hair behind my ear. I gasp and look down at my feet, shyness taking over. He smells wonderful, the scent taking over my body. I want to lean into him, to breathe him in and share his warmth. My fingers twitch at my side and I know that I want him.

" I should probably tell you my name now, may be less awkward. I'm Oscar, nice to meet you finally Felicity." His voice is husky and it makes me melt. I was unaware he knew my name and it doesn't worry me, just makes me warm all over. I smile up at him. 

" Nice to meet you as well Oscar, how did you know my name though?" I ask and he gives me a cheeky grin.

"Well I asked around, I needed to know the name of the beautiful girl who enjoyed reading and wandering this amazing field." He replies. I am beginning to like this boy even more than I should, these feelings shouldn't develeop so easily, I hardly know Oscar. He leads me to a grassy spot where we sit and talk. It feels like I have known Oscar for years and convseration just flows so naturally. I learn that he is 19 and graduated school last year. He tells me of his mum and his sister and how their father abandoned them when he was 10 years of age. I suddenly feel sadness for Oscar. We both lost a parent, in different ways. My mother didn't choose to leave my father and I, she died of natural causes and loved us dearly. Oscar's father chose to leave him and is still alive somewhere, maybe even with another family. That would be a stronger pain and the feeling of never knowing would be unbearable.

"I'm so sorry Oscar, that's horrible. My mother died three years ago, that's partly the reason why we moved here." I whisper. I don't want to open any knew wounds that may be there for Oscar and I don't want to open any wounds that I may still have. He just gives me a sad smile and moves in closer, so he is slightly sitting behind me. He is close enough that I can feel his breath on my neck and feel the cotton of his shirt against my skin. My body suddenly goes riggid and all I want to do is kiss him until I lose feeling in my lips. He is only a year older than me and I haved never been romantically involved with a boy. I know that I am inexperienced but I don't care. All I want in this moment is him. 

We talk some more, about school, about our hobbies, our likes and anything we can think of. I feel like I have known him all my life and we are so alike. I feel like I have known him before, maybe in another life and I can't help think that I was mean't to be at the field today, like the wind and the leaves pushed me to meet Oscar. He laughs into my ear as I tell him that my favourite colour is green and I can't help but join him in laughter.

"Well isn't that ironic. Green, what a lovely colour. I guess thats the 15th thing we have in common because I have a stong like for the colour green as well." He states. He leans in close to me, his chin resting on my neck. I lift my head up in satisfaction and let the sun shine down on my face. The sun reflects light from both of our faces and allows warmth to touch us both. He lifts his head from my neck and holds my chin up in place with his fingers. He looks me in the eyes for a long time before he smiles at me. I shadow his smile and stare at me, feelings of desire bubbling inside. He moves in closer and plants his lips on mine. We kiss slowly at first and then the kiss becomes more hungry, more passionate. We move in synchronization and a steady rhythm froms. I am the first to let go of the kiss, breathless. I smile at him and he smiles back. Both of our cheeks our flushed and we are panting. 

Oscar was the one who stole my first kiss and I was giddy with happiness at the thought. I had never met a person like him and I loved it. His smile turned shy as he asked, "So tomorrow morning would you like to have breakfast? There is this cafe that makes the best blueberry muffins and a killer chai latte, that is ofcourse if you like that. It's my favourite type of breakfast." He gives me a toothy grin and I look back at him, in complete amazement. I hadn't told him that I had missed the city and its blueberry muffins and chai lattes and I was in a state at awe for how perfect Oscar was.

"Well mr Oscar, I guess that is the 16th thing we have in common because that is my ultimate favourite breakfast and what I miss most about the city. I guess it's a date!" I say with a tone of satisfaction. He gives me his lopsided grin and I beam back at him. I guess I am not that unseen in this small town and its pure bliss to be seen. 

Submitted: November 18, 2014

© Copyright 2021 Brittburdon. All rights reserved.

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Well, not groundbreaking but readable

Tue, November 18th, 2014 3:31pm


Thank you, I appreciate your feedback :)

Tue, November 18th, 2014 2:18pm


I like stories that make you smile.

Fri, November 21st, 2014 12:00pm


thank you :) I hope this made you smile

Fri, November 21st, 2014 4:19am

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