Follow Me Down.

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Modern day alice story, about teens and drugs and good ole wonderland. hoping to make this a full book one day.

Submitted: July 03, 2014

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Submitted: July 03, 2014



~ I know why Alice went down the rabbit hole; this " what if" disease consumes all. ~


She laid on her bed contemplating the current events. Her friends decided she needed to be pushed a step further. Then another and another. It was never good enough. She felt that each step she took would make them understand she was on the same page as them. But it was never enough. Then to top it off her teachers decided to have some sort of meeting with her mother.

" Sure, she's a gifted student, but she seems distracted.."

" She has great potential, but it's like she joined a different world.. Her reality is just not the same as ours."

" Mamn, I know you're in charge of a busy practice, but you may need to take into consideration that she needs your attention.. She's acting out for a reason.. You just need to find out what that reason is."


To top it off Mother had never been overly concerned.. Now she was doing random bag checks and enforcing curfew. Than just my luck I was sneaking through my window one night, and I saw her sitting on my bed with her head resting between her legs. She heard the soft thud as I landed on the carpet.

"What are these?" She asked weakly as she held up my bottle of pills.

"Nothing, I swear.. The doctor prescribed them so I can concentrate better in class."

"I've heard of children using prescription pills to get high nowadays, is that what you are doing?"

I chuckled lightly under my breath.. " Mother, not to be disrespectful, but if I wanted to get high don't you think there is better ways to achieve that? I have tests coming up and I'm simply looking for a way to make it though the next few weeks." I sat there as she took everything under consideration. I realized how old she was starting to look. Between being a single mother and a successful partner in the firm time really wasn't being kind. Her brow furrowed, making wrinkles in her forehead. She thought long and hard.. The internal battle between wanting to believe her sweet little girl was still innocent and possibly having a chance that everyone else was right was being waged within her. " Mom.. I swear, exams are just stressful. I would never abuse prescription drugs."

" Well it's not like I have a reason not to believe you. You always had a good idea of right and wrong. But I have some paperwork at the office to finish up. I'll be home late, dinner is in the oven and just remember if you need to talk, you can phone me anytime."

" Thanks Mom." As I watched her drive away I let out a long breath of relief.

" Congratulations.. So you fooled her. Do you feel accomplished? "

" Shut up, Do you always need to be so smug?"

" Oh, take another pill why don't you?"

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