I Wished You Loved Me ;(

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Submitted: November 29, 2011

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Submitted: November 29, 2011



As the tears roll down my cheek I think to myself “Well this is it!” I grabbed my stuff and I walk away with nothing in my hand but my pride and dignity. I hear my name being called “Brittney!” I turn and look and I see him running in behind me. He grabbed me and said “I always thought you was different from all the other girls, we is not together for something you heard come on now let’s be real, I like you and only you but me and you are officially broken up from what you heard?” he looked at me and frown. “Yeah you right but like I said before if I hear the same exact thing by a ton of different people well it must be true. So, yeah we shouldn’t be together so you can stop confusing me and have my head spinning.” I said and snatched away. “Okay you walk away now but I want you know this, I don’t care what you or the next person say you will always be my girl….. No my wifey.” STOP! You don’t know what happen or how it started and you don’t know who “he” is. This is the beginning of how my love drama started:

As, I walk through the hallway I think to myself “OMG! I hope to see him all night we were on the phone talking about a whole lot of nothing and I fell asleep on him but yet he didn’t hang up the phone on me!” As, I approach my locker as usual I hear gossip like I always do about all the other girls but this time I hear my name involved in it. “Yeah, Brittney is cheating on him and yet he is still by her side!” they both giggles. “If, it was me and I knew that my girl was cheating on me I wouldn’t still be with her to me I think that he is still like his ex-girlfriend Jessica.” They walk away. My heart shatters in a million pieces. “Hey” Corey hugs me. “Hey” I replied back. I shut my locker. “What’s the matter with you today?” he asked. “Nothing!” I yelled as I walked away. “Good morning, Brittney!” I kept walking. “What have I gotten myself in too, but like I said before I am in love with him but I cannot see myself without him but I don’t even know if that is the truth or not but if I wish to know the truth is only to ask him! But If I let that get over me I will lose him to another girl and honestly I am not having that!”

Ring! The bell goes I pick up my stuff, as I am walking out the door I noticed that Corey is standing by my locker with a bag in his hand. I approach him locker “Excuse me!” I say. He moves to the side a little bit. “Man, what was wrong with you this morning?” he ask. “Like I said before nothing I am okay.” I said slamming my locker. As, I walk away he grabbed by arm and said “Look man I know when you is mad and this is that time so if you don’t tell me what’s wrong man I will hurt you!” I giggle and snatched away. He ran in front of me and said “Man, okay let me say this much whatever is wrong with you I want you to know this much whatever you was told I want you to know that is not true and I really truly honestly love you regardless of what you or me was told or what we heard.” He said. A tear rolled down my cheek. “See just like I said you love me and you can’t hide it; I know when you are mad & no matter how much you try to hide it I know when something is wrong with you.” He pushes me upon the lockers. I smile. “See I do know how to make you smile and you just don’t how much I am in love with you. Now tell me what is wrong with you!” he said and held on my hips. “Okay I heard that you was still talking to your ex girlfriend Jessica.” I look in his eyes and I realized that when he is lying his eyes turn blue. “No, I am not still talking to that girl.” He said and tightened up on my hips. “Man, I know when you are lying and right now this is time you are lying your eyes just turned blue man be real and tell me the truth I mean I am going to be mad, I mean I am not going to lie to you I am going to be pretty mad at you so I mean be real with me while you can!” I said trying to break free from him. “Okay I am not talking to her and why would I have time to talk her when you & I be on the phone 24/7 so come on now!” he said and smiled. “Man, I am not smiling at all especially not at this time. Okay tell me this, if you are not talking to her and we both know that when you are lying your eyes turn blue.” I said. He looked away. “I knew it was true.” He threw the bag that was in his hand in his locker. “Man, Brittney I am telling you I am not talking to that girl anymore!” he yelled. “Why are you getting mad?” I asked. “You know what I cannot do this anymore!” As, I walk down the hallway and I feel the wet tear down my face I wipe it away. I think to myself “Well this is it and I let him go! I let 2 years of love go and threw it down the drain yeah this is it! ” This is a new beginning for me.

“You are late Miss. McNeal, where is your pass?” Mrs. Z.P. greets me. “Never mind just gone and sit down.” I walk to my seat and put my head down. “What’s wrong with you?” DeAnglo ask me. I raised my head and said “Corey & I broke up! Now, my heart is gone when I walked away.” I said as the tear roll down my cheek. “Man, it’s okay it’s a ton of fishes in the sea & he is just a whole nother fish that swam away so gone and look in the sea and tell me what you see!” we both giggled. As, I listen to what he said and I relieved that I wrote “iLy Corey” all over my folder, I instantly grabbed my pencil and started to erase all of that I saw! “Man Brittney calm down please you is going to erase through your folder, girl!” Alonzo tell me grabbing the pencil out of my hand. “Well, me and Corey are officially broken up, for real this time!” I said putting my head back down. “Man, are you serious this time?” he asked writing on the desk. “Yup!” I said popping my lips. “It’s okay what did you two break up for anyway?” he asked looking at me with a frown. So, I told him everything that I hear and what we both said to each other. “Wow! Brittney that is so crazy I mean if my girl was talking to a whole nother boy while we was together, yeah I will break up with her to!” he said and giggled. “Right, I mean if he put himself in my shoes he would understand, but like I said I had to let him go if I knew that he was still talking to her, when we first got together I would have been ended it!” I said and wiped the tear off my face and smiled. “I am going to just going to move on!” I smiled. “No, you are not I know that for a fact because you still love that boy! We both know that for a fact and on top of that you are just not going to let all the years go to waste. I know that for a fact! You or him.” He said and stood up and hugged me. As, I stand there in Alonzo arms I thought to myself “Yeah, he is right why I am standing in his arms I should be in Corey’s!” I am going to get him back and do whatever it takes, if he feels the same exact way about me.

RING! The bell goes. As, I walk through the hallways he calls my name “Brittney!” I turn around and saw Corey running for me I turn around and ran straight for the girl bathroom. He sees that my best friend Dakenya is standing by the bathroom. Then he tells her: “Tell Brittney to come out here so we can talk about it again.” He said talking to Dakenya. “Girl, go out there and see what he want!” she said and grabbed me & pushed me out the bathroom. As, I stumbled out the bathroom I see him standing by the girl’s bathroom. I tried to speed walk from him! He grabbed by my arm and asked me “Can we talk?” I look at him and giggled and asked him “About what? About you were cheating on me?” He licked his lips and said to me “Man I am not cheating on you! How many times do I have to tell you?” he yelled. “Yeah, you are right you are not cheating on me because we are not together.” I replied back. As I look in his eyes I see that they stayed hazel. “You were not cheating on me but I still don’t want to talk about anymore well not today!” I said and walked away. “So, are you walking away again?” he yelled “Yup!” I yelled. I walk in my Spanish class and all the eyes were on me. “Wow! Late for two classes, huh?” Mikia said and walked passed. I sat down and Dakenya whispered to me “So, what did you two talk about?” she smiled. “Nothing I don’t want anything to do with him anymore, right now I am single and I want them all to know that! Brittney McNeal is officially single!” I said and started on my “Do Now” “Okay I am saying this because I look at you like a little sister and if you need a reality check I think I am the one to give you one and this the time. Okay Brittney it’s a lot of girls that like Corey, no is in deeply in love with that boy now we both know that! Now if, you let that boy go you will have nothing and little do you know you will get replaced you see how girls put they’re selves out there and on top of that you just let him go like a loose leaf piece of paper. Now you let him go you let your whole world go think about It.!” She said and smiled. “She is right and I cannot argue myself out this one I do like him and yeah I did need that check, I guess I will have to see what happen and just let it happen!”

With all of the kids in the crowded hallway, I squeeze my way in through the high school kids. When, I finally reach my way to my locker, I opened it and put my math book in my locker. “Oh my god! We have our math class together and I am pretty sure that he told all of his friends that we broke up and I know that girls is going to be all over him today but I cannot get mad at I am not his girl!” I said in my mind. I walk in the class and the first boy that walked to me and said “What’s with me and you Brittney?” is Derion. I look around and saw Corey and said. “I don’t know you tell me!”. “Give me your number and I will call you okay?” he said and passed me some paper and pen. I wrote it down and said “I sure will!” I said giving him the paper and I smiled. I walk to my sit which is right next to Corey, I sit and I can feel him looking at me. “Okay, class get your partner from Monday and we can finish our projects.” He said and sat back down. Corey & I pushed our desks together, “Okay, we stopped on page 56, problem 14!” I said flipping pages. “Man, can we finish our conversation that we had in the hallway by the girl’s bathroom?” he said flipping pages. “We can if we finish the project with more time to spare!” I said writing the problem on the construction paper. I can feel him looking at me! I looked at him and said “Okay if you were not talking to her on the phone, where did everybody get this info from?” “Brittney, yeah I was talking to her on the phone!” I rolled my eyes. “But it was only one time.” It was silent between me and him. As I am writing the problem I seen a drip on the paper! I feel his soft bright hand wipe it away. “Oh, you saw that?” I asked as I sniffled. “Yeah, and I can also see that you want to be mad at me but you can’t because you know truth is that, you is still in love with me and yes I am still in love with you.” He smiled. “You is right but like I said I am not ready to close that door & lock it when you have the key.” I said and sat down. “Now, I know that you will have issues trusting me all over again, but if you give me another chance I promise you I will love you from the start and it will not end and you know that.” He smiled again and stood over me. I stood up facing him and said "You is right, I am going to have problems trusting you again but I will try to give it another chance.” I smiled. He grabbed my hand and said “Brittney Aaliyah McNeal, will you be my girl and will you accept this promise ring that holds your birthstone?” I turn and look around and I saw that everybody was looking at us “Yes!” I replied back. Well, I got my boy and got the ring that I always wanted to wear and got it from the boy that I always liked since the 5th grade & now we are together forever! The only problem is how are the other girls going to accept that he is not single anymore? Well, I guess I am going to just what is going to happen!

As I walk down the hallway, I think to myself “I got my boy back and I got my ring that I always wanted!” “So, what happened with you him?” Dakenya asked me. “Well, he gave me my ring that I always wanted!” I said as I raised my hand to show her! She smiled! Now, we are laughing and talking down the hallway to our way to study hour, when I bump into his ex-girlfriend “Jessica”! “Hey, Brittney!” she greets. “Hey?” I say feeling confused. She grabs my hand and asks “Is that ring that Corey gave you?” “Yes!” I replied. I walk away and think to myself “Man, I think that she was trying to play me!” As I walk in study hall, I looked around and see that my mains are sitting at the normal table! I walk over there & as I lay my hand on the table “Wow! That is beautiful!” Taeyonna yell. When I was about to start my paper, Corey looks at me & smile! “Aww, look at him he just smiling at you!” Dakenya say and waves. “Yeah!” I reply back to her. As, we are sitting at the table laughing about what happened today in class, once again Corey’s ex-girlfriend come up to me and ask “Do you know where is Corey?” “Yeah, why?” I ask. “Cause me & him have our project to do together and I am not doing this project all by myself!” she yells. I stood up and yelled to her “You just cannot stand the fact that I am now his girl! Listen to me because I am going to say this one time and one time only you did him wrong and now you want him back! Man, yeah whatever yes we had our ups and downs! Yes, I know that you and he are still talking! I am not going to put you two on blast like that, to make a long story short you can do what you want but even tho you don’t like it, NO you hate it but face it boo he moved on and I think you should try it!” I said & I sat down. She looks over at the table that he was at and she walks over there! “Hi, Corey!” she said as she put her arm around him and looks at me. “Hi” he mumbles, he look up and see that I am watching him, he winks and ask her “What do you want?” She looks at me and “Are we going to still work on the project together like you said?” she giggle. “No, didn’t Mr. Young tell you, I have a new partner?” he asks. Before, he can finish what he was going to say, he looks up and see that she walked away!

RING! The bell goes, as I walk out of class Dakenya whisper in my ear “Go to your boo!” I laugh. I run out of study hall, as I am running I bump into my ex-boyfriend Curtis! As, I stumble and fall he stand over me and say “I am so sorry!” as he reached out his hand, for me to grab it and he help me up! “It’s all good!” I say as I get off the floor! “When did you come back?” I ask as he hand me back my books. “Today, I couldn’t take that school no more!” as he grab his books! “Man, you got taller last time you was here!” I giggle! “Yeah, I see that you are still short as can be!” he said and pushed my head. As, we are walking and talking about his old school and what and who have changed since he left the school! “Well, here is my reading class!” I said as I reached for the door. “Brittney, I have to ask you something!” as he grabbed my arm! “Yes, what’s up?” “Remember when we were in the 6th, before I left and we agreed on something?” No, I don’t remembered what we agreed on, but I do remember 6th grade!” I said scratching my arm. “We always said that don’t matter, if we go to the same school or not!” “Okay?” I ask. “Before, I left me and you were going out!” “I know!” “And I told you that when I come back…..” “Brittney, come on we have to go to the library and Corey said “Come here!” Dakenya say and run down the hallway! As, I run down the hallway I think to myself “What did he want to talk about? OMG! I hope he do not want to get back with me! Corey, I hope he is not mad!”

As, I walk in the library I scan and look for Corey! I walk down the row and saw that he was finishing his story! “Hey!” I whispered to him. “Hey, lil mama!” he replied back and leaned over for a kiss! As, I kissed him I thought to myself “Yes, he called me lil mama! So I am not in trouble!” “So, how far did you get?” I asked login on the computer he was next to! “Not too far!” “Hey, Brittney!” Derion say and walk past! I looked up and said “Hey!” Corey, grab my thigh and start rubbed on it! “What’s up, Corey?” “Nothing!” he replied back. I get up and get my book out of my book bag! “What’s up with me and you?” Derion asks. “Nothing!” I said and walked away. As, I walk away I felt him grab my arm! “Let me go!” I yelled and walked away. Corey hopped up! Jay held him back and told him “Wait!” “Man, I want you so bad and if I can’t have you that man Corey can’t either!” he whispered in my ear. “Whatever Corey can have whatever he want from me and you just mad it’s not you!” I yelled, snatched and walked away. He grabbed me by my jacket and said “I am done talking to you!” Corey and Jay walked over there and pushed him off of me! Corey grabbed by my hips and asked me “Is you okay?” “Yeah!” I said trying to catch my breath! AJ, come over and pull her boyfriend Jay off of Derion! “Stop! Stop! Jay! Corey come and help me!” Corey and I run over where Derion and Jay are, when we make it over there jay is punching him as hard as he can! Corey, grabbed Jay and told “Calm down!” At this point AJ and I are in tears. Jay, holds her and say “Shhh be quiet everything is going to be okay!” Corey does the same. “Can we just leave?” I ask. “Yea let’s go!” he told me

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