Life is Love

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People say life is love, but is it?

Submitted: December 01, 2007

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Submitted: December 01, 2007



People say life is love, but is it?

A life that is full of let downs,
dissapointments, pain and tears.
One full of regrets and suffering,
jealousy and rage but you some how
make it through every night of falling
asleep with tears rolling down your cheeks,
praying and hoping and dreaming it will get
better, because you dont wanna give up.
It's your life, you can't.
Or a life filled with happiness and joy,
smiles and laughter, one thats perfect,
one with only a few tears, and you die
with a smile on your face. I used to wish
i had that life, but if i did... I would'nt
be the person i am today.

I'm in-love...
But love is a funny thing, everyone
alway's say's "nobody know's what love is"
and that's not true, everyone experiences
love at some point in thier lives.
It's just that love is different to everyone.
It could be a love that has never faught, never gotten angry
never hurt, has alway's been completely incredible,
has never dissapointed and so far is everlasting.
Or a love that just keeps hurting, and dissapointing,
and upsetting, and crying, and you can't help but to
go back to it, because it's hypnotizing
it's like a magnet that your just drawn to,
that you want to get out of... But you just can't,
even though it hurts everyone around you.
Two totally oppisite things, but so completely alike?

Someone once said "that every time you
give someone a piece of your heart,
it's a piece that you will never get back."
But it's also the same with life,
every minute you let go or you give away...
you wont ever get it back.

Life is Love?
Sounds pretty close to me.

-Brittney Jordan

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