Blinded Sight

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A young girl Chelsea is literally walked on by someone she thought she new and trusted.

Submitted: April 20, 2009

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Submitted: April 20, 2009



Blinded Sight

Laying underneath the snow only brought back memories that I didn’t want to ever encounter again. I have always liked being in the cold, that is until the accident happened. I watched as the snow collected on me, making its way over ever inch of my body. The sun peaked out of the gray sky, but even the slightest bit of sun didn’t make me happy. I heard footsteps plowing themselves on the snow towards me "Chelsea, are you okay,"? Kristy said. She had a sinister smile glowing from her lips. I didn’t answer her. I mean why should I after all the things she has done to me. She didn’t care about me, all she cared about was my brother Andrew. How could she even speak to me? I closed my eyes hoping she would go away. My plan worked out and she walked away, thank god.Iwatched herlong dirtyblonde hair swirl around the wind in a rush.I Watched her walk away from me, not evening knowing how many times she hurt me. Not even caring that the tiny snowflakes were gettingheavier ontop of me.

I don’t think anyone cares about me more then my brother does. In fact he was the only one that I actually really cared for to. We would always talk about moving to somewhere nice and cold, and here we are living in Alaska. Kind of ironic huh? Most people would want to live someone warm and nice, but whatever were weird, I guess you can say. We lived in Florida for awhile. No actually we pretty much lived everywhere when we were kids. Our parents couldn’t afford to live in an apartment for more then 7 months. That’s when Andrew turned 18 and my life soon got better. He moved to Alaska and promised me as soon as I turned 16 I could live with him. He is 20 now, making and earnest living. My life was so much better when I moved in with him. Of course that it until little miss thing came rolling on into my life. She moved in with us soon after her and my brother started dating. Its been about five months since they started. Talk about moving fast huh?

Thats also when the accident happened. I thought Kristy was really nice at first and I thought of her as and older sister. She would take me to get my hair cut, and to get new clothes for me. She would even offer me money when I needed it. We were out one day when she took me to the store to by new ice skates. She said she loved to skate when she was my age. I couldn’t disagree with her, because I love to skate myself. Oh yes everything was so perfect that Tuesday morning when we went to the store. Little did I know it was going to be the worst afternoon of my life. The skates were nice and comfortable. They were just like my old skates, except they weren’t torn up now.

We returned home and she took me back to wherethe little pond was near our house. I’ve always loved to ice skate. I remember when my mom took me once. From that point on I always liked it. I loved feeling the wind in my hair and the thriving excitement. We had fun going around and around the pond making little figure 8's with the blades underneath our skates. Kristy grabbed my hands and we spun in circles until we were dizzy. Thats when I new something was going to happen. Just the little smirk on her face was the only sign I needed. We were heading out farther in the middle of the pond, where the ice couldn’t hold more then a pebble. She let go of my hands before we reached the middle. She laughed at the way I was gliding wildly on the thin ice. It broke as soon as hit it. Every part of me got thrown down under the ice

I was numb and couldn’t breath. I could her laughing and making noises as I was trapped beneath the frozen cold block. Heavy footsteps were becoming very distant away as I sank. I could just see a little sun gleaming through the ice. My eyes were shutting and my heart was no longer pumping the way it should have been. My legs no longer had feeling in themas I sank lower. I tryed kicking around, but i just couldn't. Before I new it I was stretched across a white table with thin blankets covered over me. I could hear someone talking , but the voice was unfamiliar. "She’s paralyzed from the waist done sir, she even lucky to be alive." Thats when I felt warm tears dripping down my face. It was Andrew crying. He hugged me the best way he ever could have.

Then she was there, acting like it wasn’t her fault, acting like she even cared about me in the slightest way. How could she have done this to me? I didn’t do anything to her. It just goes to show you can’t trust everyone that you like. Not even if you think they were great. She leaned in towards me when my brother left. "I am the only woman that will be in your brothers life so don’t ever try to convince your brother about what happened, because he won’t believe you," She whispered. I cringed just as the thought of hearing her raspy voice. I couldn’t speak. I had no energy, no nothing to even lift a finger up. I wanted to hit her as hard as I could, but nothing was there. I had to go to physical therapy for awhile, before I could go home. I regained strength from my waist up, but nothing down. I still wondered how much has changed at the home, or if it even changed at all. I finally went back there after awhile. She was still there of course.

I re-settled in the home, but it still was very uncomfortable. They would bring me outside to get some fresh air. Then that’s when she would move me to where the pond was. Since I couldn’t move myself she would do it all for me. She would bring all the pain back into my memories and just walk away over and over again. At this point is when I would scream, and my brother would come running out looking for me. He asked Kristy, why he always found me near the pond. She just always told him the same thing. "It’s a beautiful place to look at and just relax, don’t you think hun?"


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