The Meadow Howls

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Submitted: August 14, 2009

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Submitted: August 14, 2009



A small ball rose from the sky wrapped in colors of orange and yellow. Clouds were intertwined with ball as we call the sun. The wind blew steadily wakening my tired soul and the grass in the tiny meadow danced along with the wind.

I lay here in my bed looking out the old creaky window watching the long grass move around, wanting to be set free from the ground filled with bugs and dirt. There's a pond located in the middle of this meadow and it's unuaslly quiet from lastnight. No more crickets and bullfrogs wasting the night away with their calls. Its funny when things come alive at night and dead in the day.

It's my first night living with my aunt in Pennsylvania. And although I thought my first night was going to be bad, it turned out pleasant and peaceful. Chicago places a rock like skin on your body with all the noise and confusion, but in the country sides of Pennsylvania my skin seems not as restless and tired.

My parents are visiting my aunt for the month of August, something they planned on doing about a year ago and just never got to it. So that brings me here on this wonderful Tuesday morning. It is still early about 6:50 or so and everyone lays quiet and still in the comforting house.

My eyes are locked to this beautiful scenry, still watching nature do its course. In the distance there is howls of some creature and the sounds are soothing and refreshing. The leaves are making music of their own with the helpful wind and everything seems just right.

My eyes were met by two shockingly bright blue eyes in the distance. An animal so stunning and unrealistic walked towards the house slowly starring at me. Although Im looking through the window it doesn't seem to bother this creature. Its fur, so white and  long gleamed under the sun. It howled with the wind closing its eyes for a moment and I lay here listening closely to its call.

The creature is watching me now and we are having a starring battle, but obviously without guilt I had to blink. I got up from the warm bed and headed down the stairs, wearing nothing but my white longed silk pajama dress. It's colder outside then in the house and I stay here froozen looking at the creature again. My human instincts kicked in telling me to stay away, but I am curious in this magnificent creature.

It walked toward me still starring into my frightened eyes, but I let it come to me without moving. My hand crept up to its head and I touched the soft white fur, running my fingers done its back. It bowed its head down to me and I kissed it gently feeling the fur brushing on my face.


To be continued. Im not done yet.

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