The Day the World Turned Upside-Down

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Elizabeth, a young 17 year old girl, is kidnapped by two men. Paltiel, the smaller of the two men is not happy with his co-worker's choices but is forced to go along with it, keeping Elizabeth hostage. Over time Paltiel gets to know Elizabeth on a deeper level, and urgently believes he needs to get out of there. But getting away from his employers and co-workers won't be easy. Colby would make sure of that.

Submitted: November 04, 2015

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Submitted: November 04, 2015



“He loves me” I looked down at the flower between my fingers, and in my other hand the petal plucked from the flower's center. “He loves me not” I plucked another petal from the flower’s middle. My heart pounded in my chest, hoping, wishing, that somehow he might love me. A shy 17 year old girl with big dreams and just about no sense of fashion and a lack of fabulous looks. “He loves me” the final petal had been plucked just as I said these words. I smiled, a faint pink blush came to my cheeks as I stood, turning and running back to the house.

I was fairly mature for my age, that is until I met my first crush. A little late starting out in the world of boys, yes, I know. Bursting through the backdoor and rushing up the stairs, skipping every other step, I went up to my room. Sighing as I flopped on my stomach onto my plush bed. Snuggling my over-sized teddy bear close in a warm hug with a delighted giggle.


My eyes fluttered open groggily the next morning, “Hurry up. She’s coming to.” I heard a man whisper loudly next to me and I jolted awake only to find myself pinned down by a much larger man. What is he doing-he wasn’t just pinning me, his hands were feeling my body in ways that made me shiver, but unnervingly a feeling began to rise in me. Was it, arousal?

“Ah-!” I tried to scream but my mouth was quickly clamped shut by the other man’s large and sweaty hand.

“We gotta get outta here!” The man next to me whispered sharply, a clearly disapproving look on his face as he was watching what the man on top of me was doing.

“We’re taking her with us.” The man on top of me said gruffly as he reluctantly climbed off and duct-taped my mouth shut, so I kept quiet.

“Don’t you think we have enough girls?” The other man asked, I wondered why, but he didn’t seem to like the idea of taking girls like the first man so obviously did.

“Just go get the van ready.” The first man grumbled with a glare as he then turned to me and grabbed a rope that had been hanging over my bed frame to tie my wrists and ankles. I struggled trying to get free, just to get away from these two men, but it was futile. Both men were much larger than me both in stature and when it came to strength. The other man left the room, climbing out my window. I could hear him start the van as the first man lifted me from my bed and dropped me out the window. My breathing stopped short, I was falling. And I was falling from the second level of my house, I was terrified of what would happen when I made impact. I closed my eyes and tensed, anticipating what pain I would soon feel, but instead of the hard ground I felt strong, sturdy arms catching and supporting me. I slowly opened my eyes and found the other man looking down at me with what seemed to be pity in his eyes. He carefully carried me to the van and got me situated in the back seat. Careful to not hurt me and I noticed he tried to make me as comfortable as possible. That’s when the first man came down, climbing out the window. Then climbed into the passenger seat.

“Drive, Paltiel.” He grumbled at the man who’d caught me earlier. Paltiel. I thought. That was the name of the man I figured I could depend on. At least when I really needed someone. And I desperately hoped that I was figuring right. 


Along the drive I must have fallen asleep, and upon waking, as we were still on the road, I found out that the other man’s name was Colby. Colby and Paltiel. My thoughts began to drift slightly. He was considerably the bigger of the two men when you stood Paltiel and Colby next to each other. But something about Paltiel made me both very scared and very trusting of him. I was more scared of Paltiel than I was of Colby, even when the drastic size difference between the two along with their different temperaments, which Colby appeared to be more hot-headed. The one I should be more scared of, and who had given me more reason to fear him, was the one who seemed completely docile compared to when I came face to face with Paltiel. I know that feeling from somewhere. I thought to myself. Something about the feeling Paltiel gave me seemed familiar and safe, yet more unnerving than scary, but scary all the same.

“Paltiel, get the new girl to her new living space will ya?” Colby called opening his door and heading toward the entrance to the building that Paltiel had parked the van in front of.

“Can you not tend to your girls yourself Colby-” Paltiel started just before Colby cut him off. Clearly not pleased with the new responsibility. Which shouldn’t be his in the first place. But clearly Colby didn’t seem to see it that way, or really care.

“I know that sounded like a question, but it really wasn’t. Now get her inside and settled in, and have the car ready for our next transfer.” Colby said darkly shooting a harsh look Paltiel’s way before walking through the entrance door and disappearing without another word. ***(To be continued...)

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