broken tears....

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Submitted: June 14, 2011

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Submitted: June 14, 2011



There i was sitting on the lounge watching home and away, i hear a big " Bang " so i turned the tv and droped on the ground and slowly ran up the stairs. i heard dad walk in the door , he tried to shut the door but instead he fell over... -_- dad was talking to himself and than he walks up the stairs.... my phone started ringing, dad came in my bedroom 'are you awake sunshine? i just pop up from the side of my bed ' yeah, dad im awake now' dad laughed and said ' lainey, are you doing anything tonight?' i just shook my head and said ' i dont think so, but wheres mum?' dad laughed and walked out ' she might be with her new boyfriend' i looked at dad -_- ' right, well is it okay if tray and luke and krystal come around and chill?' dad looked at me and with a smile ' yeah i guess, but why so many people for baby cakes ' i looked at dad ' dont ever call me baby cakes dad im 17 not 2 ' i walked down stairs and walked outta the house and i rang tray.... his phone was still ringing............. ' hey you have reached trays phone, well i guess you know what to do and ill get back to you cya. ' i started crying. ' tray, i need you to come and pick me up dad is starting again please...' and than i hung up.. i rang luke.... his phone was ringing............... luke answered ' hey lainey whats up ?' i cryed and said ' do u have you car? ' yeeah i do want me to come and get you?' i didnt talk back ... luke was worried ' lainey where are you ill b on my way.' i stopped crying ' luke im at a park somewhere near my house...' luke said ' oh, i kno 2 mins away ill be there stay on the phone' i started to get tears .. ' lainey where are you if ur not here on 3 your grouned.' ' 1................2................3........ lainey where are you?' dad yelled ....... ' luke got to the park and lainey got in the car and hugged luke ' omg thank you. hy did tray answer his phone?' i said slowly words coming out..... luke looked at me and said ' his out and about with krystal there going out. did you kno ' ' omg what?' i said...

luke dropped me off at my mums .. ' thanks for the lift. want to stay at my mums with me for the night?' i said..... luke loooked at me ' yeeah sure, ill keep u safe'i smiled and hugged luke ' thanks.' krystal called ' hey lainey where are you guys at because were at your place. ' i said to her ' go away krystal im not home goodbye..' krystal texted luke saying wtf is up with her... mum walked in the door ' lainey, its your dads weekend what are you doing here bubbi.' i cryed and told her ' dads drunk again and calling me baby names' mum hugged me and told me that it was going to be okay... dad rang mum.' where the fuck is my daughter. shes mine and its my weekend' mum lauged and said ' no stop calling her baby names. she aint 3 chris so stop it please. ' mum hung up.. luke hugged me and than told me to go to bed.. i said ' no.' luke walked me upstairs and put me into bed and he kissed me goodnight and said ' ill b wit you later . i love you ' i cryed and feel asleep with tears. luke walked downstairs and told sarah ( my mum ) that i was ganna be fine . luke walked back upstair and lied next to me and fell asleep.....

the next morning i woke up hugging him. luke woke up and kissed me on the head ' good morning bubba would u like some breakfast' i looked a luke ' yes please :) ' he walked downstairs and he went into the kitchen.... mum walked downstars ' dont worry luke ill take this ..' luke smiled and walked upstairs. i looked at look and smiled, all of a sudden we heard a gun shoot from the kitchen so luke and i ran downstairs and mum had been shoot and she was lying on the ground with blood all over her... luke yelled at me ' bubbi call 000 now.. ' i ran to the phone. dad walked outta the living room ' getting something lainey maxwell.' dad not now ' i said. i grabbed the phone and ran back to luke. i said to luke ' we have to get outta here my father is in the house with a gun now lets leave.' luke said ' O. lets go lainey. ' i cryed and said ' i wanna stay with mum but we have too go '.. we both ran outta the house and down the street.. dad got in the car and than chased us down the road. he said that if i didnt go with him he would shoot luke. i stopped . ' luke i should go with him or he will shoot you.' luke stopped and said ' we shall both go so that we can b together' we both go into the car and dad took us to the airport and said ' now you to go to wherever and ill just stay here and get shoot at why you guys go and live your life.' luke and i ran on and got the next airplain to melbourne.... the plain broke down and crashed and burst into flames. after all we didnt really make it to melbourne we only got half way or if that there but luke and i are starting in hosiptal hospital.. dad had died after getting 5 shoots in the stomach and mum had been in hoisptal for 2 days and she had passed away.

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