Horror in the subway

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Submitted: February 12, 2016

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Submitted: February 12, 2016



Horror in the Subway

I used to work at a 24 hour 7/11 in Manhattan in the lower east side. My boss called me saying I had to work the night shift because the other employee called off sick. So, since there was no one else to take the night shift, I could make extra needed cash, I decided to take over reluctantly. I came in at 7 and a little after 3 am another guy came in to work the next shift so he said I could go.

I'm walking to the subway station which I don't usually go late at this hour because I worked early most of the time, of course when I got there it was desolate. It was a small subway station, I looked around, not one person in sight. Strange because the moment I walked in the station I felt like I was being watched. Suddenly, I hear loud bangs BOOM BOOM BOOM. I look to see where it came from but I just couldnt find the source. Particularly because of the underground station prone to making echo-y sounds. I shrugged it off assuming its just a train coming by. I'm waiting for the train which took awhile being that it was such a late hour and that's when I hear some one call out in a whisper it went something like this.." psss, hey you, you there, come on over here". Startled by the sudden words spoken also because it was in a whisper, I look to see where I think it came from. I see a man peer over from the side of me, on the train tracks, in the dark tunnel. You know where there is a set of stairs that workers use to enter the tracks? Yea this guy was just standing there in the dark tunnel, revealing only his face. The rest of his body I couldn't make it out because of the darkness. It was a filthy looking man, probably homeless, he gave me a creepy smile revealing his nasty yellow fucked up teeth. He kept beckoning me, " hey man, come on over here". At this point I'm a bit freaked out and I just tried to ignore this guy the best I can by listening to some music. However, I could still feel that he was staring intently at me, so I had a hard time blocking it off. I look again, another figure showed up behind him, another filthy man peered over from the side of the tracks, giving me the same disgusting smile. I tried to focus on my music but I still felt them staring as if their eyes were locked on me. I was beginning to get very shaken, I wanted this train to come already to get me the heck up on outta there. They were still beckoning me, for some reason they wanted me to hang out with them. Obviously in this situation I refused to go over to them. I look over again, I see a face next to the two men. I thought It was another man but this one seemed unresponsive, surprisingly no smile came from the third figure. It also seemed like whatever it was, the second man was supporting it up as if to help him not fall. I concentrate a little more.... What I saw will be with me for the rest of my life.I almost threw up when I suddenly realize that the face was not a man. But it was a head, just a head. Yes, a decapitated head, and the second man was holding it in his hand. I was so terrified I started to panic now, to my luck a train arrived, and I darted inside. When the train started to move I could see on the window, a group of men,all hunched up against the railings, just inches away all staring focusing their eyes on me. I turned around and headed to the train conductor. I knocked frantically on the door, he opens it, and I tell him what just had happened. He rushes to radio the police or security, I don't even know just the proper authorities.

It seemed like forever until I finally reached my stop. When I got off my stop I nearly hopped from relief, safe at last. I stopped taking the subway after the incident . I wonder If wierd occurrences often happen in subway stations at late hours. Whenever I took the trains it never did. However, after this experience, I should say that you should always be careful in isolated places like subway stations late at night...

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