Red Eyes

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legend of the woman with red eyes

Submitted: February 08, 2016

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Submitted: February 08, 2016



Red eyes

There was once an old woman who lived in a small cabin in the woods, by the edge of a small town. She was a nice gentle lady as some have described her, but others felt a strange feeling towards the old woman. For she would never leave the home in which she lived, and the Windows of her cabin blinds always down to not reveal the interior of her cabin. It had seemed the only time she actually got out was late at night, but nobody paid mind to her since she seemed harmless cause she was just too nice to people and she loved children. Children would often pass by her home and she would look at them smiling, happy to see them. She would invite them in her home, telling them if they would like to come in for a nice " treat". The young boys, around the age of 5 to 10 years would then agree and enter for the treat they were promised. However, the problem was that kids in town started complaining to their mothers of the old woman who lived by the edge of town in the small cabin. They would tell their parents horrifying things, about how they were beckoned inside her home, and she would touch them in the private area and what they described was sexual acts towards them. The parents then realized the horrible truth, that the old woman was a child molester , they grew worried and angered. More and more parents became angered at the old woman, so they gathered up one parent after another, in an angry mob they marched to her home. They headed toward her house and when they arrived, they threw rocks and stones at the Windows, breaking them. They threw anything they can get their hands on, they screamed, cussed, and wanted the old woman to come out. There seemed to be no response coming from inside. Then the parents started kicking the front door with furiousity, with one final hard kick, the door broke and flew open. The door had been kicked so hard it was crooked nearly falling off the doorway. There was loud commotion and the parents one by one stormed inside the house like animals, it was like a stampede. They paraded towards her bedroom door and broke it down too with the might of a horse kick. The door quickly swung open, the old woman was in bed sitting upright, looking at the angry mob. Just then, while everyone was running wild, about 6 or 700 people, some parents went up to the old lady and beat her. They punched , kicked, one man pistol whipped her, till she laid bloody, broken, and bruised. A man pointed a revolver to her head and fired.. in an instant, she was dead. That was the end of that story of before the old woman had died..

Years pass, no one hears about the old woman ever again since the incident. The old cabin was still there however, which no one dared enter the forbidden place of where tragedy and horror had once occurred. Giving that, rumors started to set out across the small town's residents. Some say when you walk by the cabin, you can feel it giving off an eerie vibe, an uneasy like aura, like the passing of cold wind brushing on your skin, it will give you goosebumps. The legend says the spirit of the old woman still lives there, and when you go late at night to her cabin, you will see her staring at you from one of the shattered Windows of her home. Even though it may be dark, because the only time you can see her is at 3 am up until the sun rise, you can tell she is there by her glowing red eyes. At least that's what a few witnesses had said. So, many people avoided that area of the cabin at that time of day. That is, except one brave man named Otis. Otis was not scared of much and he was a very determined , courageous man that was always up for a challenge. His friends came to him one day and told him about the legend of the old cabin. Since, no one dared to venture out, they knew they can always come to Otis for any task. They offered him a deal, if he can go to the cabin at 3 am that night, and investigate it to see if it is true. True that the spirit of the old woman is there, they would give him 100 dollars. Simple deal. Otis thought about it for only a second before agreeing to the investigation. He wasn't scared at all and it would win him a quick 100 dollars so why not, he thought. His friends said they will wait for him that night around that area close enough to know that he actually went. But not close enough be in the so-called " huanted" zone of the old cabin. He would have to go alone, at the the edge of town, at 3 am. They all had the plan set and they all went home, waiting until the time came for Otis to explore the cabin.

A little before the clock hit 3, Otis met with his friends. It was a cold chilly night, with rain and thunder. Perfect night for this challenge to happen, Otis thought. They all gathered close together, huddled in a tight circle with umbrellas over their heads. They asked Otis if he was ready for the challenge and said if he wanted to turn back now, to do so. They asked as one of them slid out a 100 dollar bill from his pocket, then moved his arm up next to his face, waving the bill back and forth in a teasing manner. Otis saw it and nodded his head, he was ready and not afraid. They handed him the bill, and they all walked toward the edge of town. When they reached just the very edge, they stopped and said they couldn't go any further because Otis has to go alone as planned. Although, they were not far from the cabin so they will be able to spot Otis from their location. Otis then reassured to them he was ready and jogged towards the cabin, his friends luaghed and cheered because they liked his confidence and determined attitude. Otis continued to jog, behind him he could still hear the luaghter of his friends slowly begining to fade as he got closer to the cabin. The luaghter then was completely blocked from the rain and banging thunder. It was steadily raining now, the rain drops delicately pressed on the ground, but the lighting rather ferociously roared through the night sky like a angered beast. There Otis stood just yards away from the cabin, he stopped, and stared at the cabin. It was dark so he could not see it clearly, but there was a flash of lightning that gave him a glimpse of it. He unrolled his drenched sleeve to check his watch, the seconds passed, 57,58,59, then it hit 3:00 am. Just then something else hit him just as the clock hit the 3. Not physically, but Otis felt a strange aura, just as mentioned in the story his friends had told him about. The strange feeling you get, it makes your muscles tense, your hairs on your neck stand, goosebumps emerge from your pores. Even though it was raining and Otis was drenched, he knew he was also sweating from how nervous he began to feel. It's as if someone was observing him without his consent, and it made him feel bugs creeping under his skin. Otis with his bravery, still had determination deep within him. He was not going to give up just yet, he couldn't, he had gone too far now. He then walked cautiously to the cabin, his heart pounding like a bass drum in his chest, he was into the moment, nothing else existed. He stopped when he was just a few feet away from the cabin. It was real quiet now, with the only sounds being the rain hitting the ground, and the thunder. He saw nothing. No glowing red eyes, no evil old woman at the window. The Windows were covered with some rugged curtains, placed to the sides so that you can see some of the inside which was nothing but darkness. The glass was shattered from that night when the mob came, allowing air to come through the home blowing the curtains from side to side. Otis then saw the front door of the home, still intact and closed shut. It was nailed shut in fact, to prevent anyone getting in. Otis walked up to it, step by step until he reached right infront of the door. It was real quiet now, to him it seemed as if he became deaf, not even the sound of the rain or thunder was present. But the beating of his heart and the heaviness of his breath was. He bent down to look in the key hole of the door. All that he saw was red.

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