Young Suspects

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this story takes place in the 1980's, about four young boys living in a bad neighborhood in New York, decide to rob a bank because they are tired of being broke. However, the 4 boys soon figure out that their decision will have consequences.

Submitted: March 12, 2013

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Submitted: March 12, 2013



Young Suspects


" What are we going to do man?" Brooks said with a worried voice. "What are we gonna do about this money?" he added. "I'm all out of cash, my rent is due this week, and im hungry, i have nothing to eat " Brooks explained to his three friends Quinton, Ryland, and Harley. They were all poor boys living in the projects in New york City. Most of their lives being  raised in the projects they have witnessed countless shootouts, gang violence, and also they have witnessed robberies with men in masks holding up corner stores on the block. Everyday, they were surrounded by violence and crime. " I'll tell you what we gonna do" Quinton responded. Quinton, who was at the age of 19 was considered to be bad influence on the group. Many people talked bad about him , they felt as if Quinton was headed in the wrong path in life and Brooks, Harley, and Ryland were following right behind him. Besides, Quinton was the eldest of them all , Ryland is 18, Brooks is also 18, and the youngest of the group, Harley, was 17 years of age. Quinton continued "I'll tell you what we gonna do, we are gonna rob a bank just like how they do to the corner store up on the ave" " Are you crazy !" Brooks replied yelling loudly, " Hey man, im tired of living in this dump, don't you feel the same ? You wanna make big bucks or not?" Quinton said eyeing all three of them who all hesitated for a moment. "I'm not sure about this bro" Harley finally said " It sounds like risky business" Harley sounded a bit frightened as he spoke because his voice trembled a little. " I understand that, but all we need is some glocks, a getaway car, a plan and we set" Quinton said as he relaxed into his seat. " Sounds good to me, but we need a getaway driver" Ryland continued " Who we gonna hire as a getaway driver?" " I got a connect down in Brooklyn, maybe we could hire him." Quinton's friend Zeke is who he was talking about, they had known eachother since they were young kids. Zeke and Quinton had been childhood friends and they considered eachother like family. " My friend Zeke could be our getaway driver" " You sure we can trust em" " He's like my fam bro" " Alright, I'm with it but where we gonna get the guns from?" " Don't worry about that, I know people who got" Quinton got up from his seat "I'm gonna phone Zeke, I supply us with the glocks tommorow" "Aright man, see you later" " Peace' Quinton lead the three of them to the door and they left his apartment.

The following day, they all met up in Quinton's backyard. Quinton was waiting for them with his friend Zeke, they also noticed that Quinton was holding a metal box in his hand. "Whats good homie, this is my cuz Zeke" Quinton intoduced Zeke to his friends, "Nice to meet yall" Zeke said to them while lighting and smoking a blunt. They talked for a bit and they really liked Zeke, he was a cool guy and he liked to crack alot of jokes with them. An hour past and they already were cool with Zeke. "Yall ready to get this dought" Zeke said while a taking a hit of his blunt. "yea we ready" Quinton replied." Aiight lets go" Zeke responded. Quinton then opened the metal box he had held in his hand when the three boys arrived. "What you got in there?" Harley asked " The stuff we need to stick-up the bank" Quinton answered, he then slowly pulled a shiny revolver which looked brand new. He also pulled a three .22 pistols and four black ski masks. The ski masks were gonna be worn by them to protect their identities when robbing the bank.They all headed out  , Quinton put the guns and masks back in the box, he then placed them in the trunk of Zeke's car.Zeke started the car and they were on their way to the bank. It felt like the longest ride ever, they were all nervous except for Quinton. Quinton seemed calm. When they arrived, they all quickly exited the vehicle , Quinton opened up the trunk of the car "Remember guys, stick with the plan, and Zeke will be waitin' for us out in the front" Quinton told them as he handed out the weapons and the ski masks. They got their guns, put on their ski masks , and headed for the entrance of the bank. Now they were all very edgy, mostly Harley who was trembling all over. They all cocked their guns CLICK CLICK it went. Quinton was the first to enter inside, BOOM "Everbody kiss the fucking floor! This is a stick-up!" Quinton screamed at the top of his lungs and shot his gun in the air to get everyone's attention. "If any of you mother fuckers move, i wont hesitate to put a bullet in your head!" Quinton yelled at the people who were now all lying on the floor, terrified. While Quinton were holding everyone hostage, Brooks was pointing his gun at the man in charge of the bank  , he was demanding the owner of the bank to open the vault filled with cash. The man did as told... Brooks, Harley, and Ryland then proceeded to load the bags with tons of cash. Meanwhile, out in the front counter Quinton rushed them "Ayo, hurry up man!" he shouted. Suddenly, the sound of police cars were coming from outside the bank. "Yo, the cops are coming ! Hurry up!" Quinton repeated. "We got the money, lets dip!" said Ryland. The four boys got out of the bank and in the distance they saw the getaway car. "Ayo!" Quinton yelled as they all ran toward the car, but as they got closer they discovered something was very wrong. The car had bulletholes all over and the windshield was also covered with bulletholes. The more they investigated , the worse it got. 

They saw  that there was blood on the driver's seat and the door next to the driver's seat was ajar which meant Zeke had exited the vehicle for some reason. "I dont like the looks of this " Quinton said shaking his head ," Yo Quinton ! Its Zeke" Harley shouted. Just then , Quinton saw bloodstains on the floor. The bloodstains were leading somewhere as if someone was dragged or crawled while bleeding heavily. Quinton followed the bloodstains until his eyes saw his closest friend Zeke on the floor covered with blood. He dropped on both his knees "Zekeee!" he cryed and held Zeke's hand tightly. Zeke's face looked as if he was in alot of pain and he was breathing heavily gasping for breath of air. "You gon be alright man, just hang on" Quinton said tears in his eyes.Zeke took one last breath then he stopped panting, he was dead. Quinton started to cry, " Come on man , he's dead we got to go before the boys come!" Ryland shouted. It was too late, the police cars came, Brooks stayed with Quinton who was still on the ground beside Zeke but Ryland and Harley ran off. Quinton got up and in anger he reached for his revolver shooting at the police BOOM BOOM his gun went, he missed all shots  and the police ducked under their cars. They had no choice but to shoot back POOF POOF POOF multiple gunshots went off and after all the gunfire, there lay the life-less bodies of Quinton and Brooks. Harley hadn't gone very far, he ran as fast as he could. He hopped over a fence into a alley, made a right into a dead end. "put your hands on your head" the police officer said and handcuffed him.However, Ryland ran off into the street and stole a car. He drove top-speed, the tires of the car screeched deafeningly as he drove. Several police cars followed closely behind him, they then banged on the side of his vehicle with theirs. Ryland lost control of the car and crashed. He tried to start the car but it just wouldn't turn on, so he got out and tried to escape via nearby woods. The cops got out  their cars too and chased him. He then  pulled out the .22 pistol Quinton gave him, but the policemen saw him take it out and opened fire POOF POOF POOF POOF POOF Ryland fell on the ground with multiple gun shot wounds, his wounds were gushing with blood and he died quickly.

A few hours past, the neighborhood was flooded by the sound of ambulance cars rushing to the scene of where Brooks, Quinton, Zeke, and Ryland had been gunned down. There were crowds of people watching the medics carry the dead bodies of the four young men in curiousity. There in the crowd, were also the families of the boys killed. Brook's mother came yelling to her son and crying " They killed my son!", she continued to cry in pain for the loss of her only son.

There was a funeral for the four boys who died that day, Harley was allowed to attend the funeral before his trial at court. At the funeral, Harley kept his down mourning the loss of his best friends and crying " They were like my brothers" he said. A few days later, he was sent to court and his fate was yet to be decided " I know what i did was wrong, and im truly sorry, i really am, i wish i could take things back but it is what it is, i had to do what i had to do to survive" he stated to the judge. The judge took a long good at him then smiled , he very much agreed with his statement since he believed it was true and after all, Harley had not caused harm to anyone. Harley was released from court and was not sent to prison. He thought he did deserve jail time  and was very grateful. He returned to where he lived and knocked on the door, the door opened and his mother came out staring at shocked. She then began crying , she hugged her son and he was welcomed home.

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