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In 1975, months after the Fall of Hanoi, in which the Americans win the Vietnam War and Communist ideas in Southeast Asia goes widely unpopular, the Soviet Union becomes desperate and makes plans to invade and conquer the Americas. The CIA soon learns about this and in 1980 the Department of Defence authorizes Project-Argentum. A suit to enhance the common United States Army soldier to do more beyond his physical ability. Then in 1985 the first suit is built and the first lucky soldier to try it on is Ryan Curtis he is then sent to Central America. To wipe out a guerilla force.

Submitted: July 27, 2013

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Submitted: July 27, 2013



The UH-1 Huey helicopter flies across the starless night sky as gently and calm like a boat that sails the ocean. Ryan Curits sits by the side looking at the darkened forest with butterflies in his stomach as he looks at his armor and helmet. The Central American heat covers him like a hot blanket as sweat drips from his forehead like a roof that has a leak. His sweat covered lips move to make a sound a word.

\"What are the chances I might die,\" he turns his head to the CIA officer. The officer gives him a straight blank face, a face that has the \"I Don't Know\" look. \"Well.....uh,\" the officer gives a small grunt, his mind is just trying to pick the right words like a farmer trying to pick a ripe fruit \"If you die, then all this money goes to waste and you die I guess,\"

Ryan didn't think those words were ripe enough to be picked but oh well. He looks down at the M16A2 his left hand pressed firmly on the barrel. Still looking at the green trees covered by the darkness of night, there was no full moon. The pilot talks \"We're here,\" Ryan looks down he can see an opening. A grass island surrounded by waters of trees. Ryan was raised Catholic, does the cross and says to himself \"Please God don't make me screw up,\" he then gave one quick last look at the officer and then a simple nod. He puts on his helmet and drops down and lands firmly.

He turns on his helmet the HUD pops up like a video game. \"Now let's see the map,\" it was voice command and just like that a satellite imagery of the land he was in shows up. As he could see he wasn't far from a road and he wasn't far from a camp. He needed to head north to a dirt path that leads to the village. He ran, jumped over rocks and slides. Until his helmet detected masculine footsteps. A man was walking on the dirt path, Ryan hid in a bush next to the path. But was he a guerilla or a civillian? His helmet detected the mans outline, and he was armed. An AK-47. But Ryan as much as his brain told him to kill the fucking communist, he decided not to.

And for good reason minutes after he saw the man, a beat up Toyota truck passed with around 6 people in the trunk. So when the coast was clear he advanced up the path. The camp was small just 3 houses. One on the left another on the right and the last up top. It was walled with rusty scrap metal and man was on guard sitting on a chair smoking a cigarette. Everyone else was sleeping ready for tomorrow's next hunting. The guard then stood up and walks off the sleepiness he has his back turn and thanks to Ryan's suit he could run 5 laps around a Olympic track in under a minute.

Ryan pulls out his knife and drives it through the guards neck. Making it go through the flesh and veins causing massive bleeding. He puts his hand on the guard's mouth so that his last breath and screams will not be heard. He drags his body out of the entrance view and next to the wall \"Rest in peace Communist shit,\" he advances forward and straight in the middle of all the buildings his heavy iron feet soon sink into a booby trap. He falls to a underground base. His iron suit attracted to a magnet on the left side of the wall. \"Oh shit what the hell,\" his arms and legs stuck to the magnet making it impossible to move.

\"Did you think it was going to be 'that' easy,\" a man dressed in black jacket, black combat pants, and black boots accompanied by two guerillas. He was old obviously, his gray hair and wrinkly skin and the eyepatch. His eyes seduced by the technology of the suit. \"Wow you Americans really know about technology, Im suprised our scientists in Moscow can't think of this,\" Ryan smiles \"Maybe it's because our scientists actually love the country they work for,\" the man rolls his eyes \"I wouldn't be so sure about that,\" the man pulls out a needle filled with blue liquid, it was obvious to Ryan he tried to stick it in his arm. But he was stuck to magnets. What could he do. The man sticks the needle into his skin and and makes Ryan fall asleep. \"Where are you taking him,\" one of the guerillas asked in Spanish. \"I'm taking him to a Spanish colonial fort in Cuba,\" the man says. Soon the entire world will be ours with this technology he thinks to himself...

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