South of the Border

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Jack Colburn is spending his 40th birthday on Isla de Oro an island off the coast of Baja California. It's all paradise until Los Fantasmas the most powerful cartel of all of Mexico shows up to disturb the peace. Jack has one option...Escape

Submitted: July 28, 2013

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Submitted: July 28, 2013



It was a quiet and peaceful night over the Isla de Oro. American and European tourists were drinking and enjoying their vacation despite the violence that plagues the country. Jack Colburn was drinking his Corona, sitting on his lap was a beautiful eighteen year old worker named Elizabeta. The guy was turning forty, he wasn't married, didn't have any kids, had no other relatives, he might as well just bang this girl in his hotel room. Jack sits there talking to his good friend Alberto who worked on the island, he was the bartender.

\"I might as well call it a night and bring this honey back to the hotel with me,\" said Jack looking down the empty Corona bottle.

\"What about the cigar you wanted,\" Alberto said wiping his hands against his Hawaiian T-shirt.

\"Oh yes the cigar,\" Jack gave a little smirk and took out his lighter. He lit the cigar up and puffing all that nice smoke. He then took it out of his mouth, looked up at Elizabeta and smiled. Nothing could end the night like good birthday sex.

Meanwhile on the other side of the island, two marines were driving a M35 cargo truck a small figure of Virgin Mary on the dash. Both of them sweating like pigs in a pen. The driver swiped his hand across his forehead and gave out a distressed sigh.

\"I should of went to Los Angeles with my brother and helped him opened up that restaurant of his, better then a shithole corrupt place like this,\" he then have out a small giggle \"Ay chingaro, crime it's always for the same purpose everywhere in the world,\"

\"I hear ya,\" the other man in the passenger seat said.

\"Chingaro pay, chingaro work, CHINGARO COUNTRY!\" just then his vision of a dim lit road soon became a wall of fire as a RPG hits the M35. The tourists on the other side stop drinking, smoking, dancing, kissing, talking, and just being party animals as the blast rings their ears and tells their brains \"What the hell was that?\"

\"Ay mierda que puta fue eso\" a marine shouts to seven of his buddies. Fear strikes their bodies like a bat hitting a baseball. They start shaking and clenching on to their M16s wishing they were somewhere far drinking with their pals or smoking weed. It was Los Fantasmas, they arrived in RHIB boats and modified AK-107's. The commander steps out \"Alright clear the roads and docks and the hotels wipe out any soldiers you see and take any valuables these gringos have,\" they all made their way to the road, one of them looks to the left and sees a green Chevrolet Silverado with Mexican Marines in the back. The man with the RPG spots them and without any hesitation aims and says \"Hasta la vista,\" pulls the trigger. The rocket launches out straight into the hood creating a show of fire. Los Fantasmas give out yells and screams of how beautiful it looked.

Jack knows the difference between a firework and a RPG he has heard them so many times it's like an alarm clock that always has that same annoying sound. He makes his way down the steps to talk to the guards, anxious to see what was going on. The two guards were old, brown tan skin and wrinkly faces and hands the both of them carrying stainless steel Mossberg 500. One of them sees Jack of course they didn't know he was a Navy SEAL they just thought he was an old rich alcoholic gringo that came to Mexico to bang some strippers.

\"Por favor señor todo esta bien regrésate y quedas ahí,\" he then switches to broken down English \"Go back more safe no worry,\" Jack gives him a \"What the fuck\" look.

\"No no todo esta bien eso fue carteles!\" Jack was fluent in Arabic, Portugese, and Spanish he has been to all seven continents of the world and trained militaries in their language. But what could he do. Alberto soon came behind him.

\"Jack it's better if we stay back, the Mexican Navy is already on their way.\" Jack looked at Alberto then back at the security guards. He had no other choice.

\"Okay fine,\" Jack goes back with Alberto to the bar a security guard says \"Todo va estar bien,\" but just as he gets done saying those words a whole swarm of cartel men break in the doors firing their AK-107's at the civililians. Jack looks back and everything goes in slow motion. Flash comes out of their barrels and bullets drop on the floor like marbles. People are dying, leaving this world and their families. Jack and Alberto run like gazelles hoping they wouldn't be like the rest, they run up the steps to the bar and get cover behind the counter.

\"Take this,\" Alberto whispers to Jack and hands him a Mossberg 500 \"Not a lot of ammo though so make your shots count,\"

The men quickly raid the bar with their AK's drawn. They all look everywhere to make sure there isn't anyone left. A man comes up to the counter, slowly with his AK drawn. Jack could sense his footsteps he then had the adrenaline going through his veins making his heart beat faster and faster. Sweat finally comes down his face as soon as the cartel man puts his hand on the counter, Jack comes up with the shotgun pumped and BOOM! The pellets go flying into his torso causing him to go flying leaving a trail of red mist. The other cartel man's reaction snaps they finally had the fingers on the trigger it was an involuntary reaction the cartel trained them to do. As soon as something goes bad you shoot everything in the fucking way. And that's what they did. Bacardi and other drinks explode and tables become riddled with holes. They shoot at the counter but as Alberto covers his ears telling Virgin Mary to not let him die like this. But no bullets penetrated the counter. They waste all their ammo but Jack still has enough shells to take them out one by one. Jack jumps over the counter and pulls the trigger then pumps. All the men die as he dives to the floor.

\"Come on Al I think they are dead,\" Alberto pops up and looks around only to find his place destroyed \"Oh shit!\" but it was no time to cry. \"Come Al lets go we need to contact the US Coast Guard in San Diego,\" they made it outside where the dead bodies stained the clean paradise and into the driveway. They ran and ran hoping no cartel soldier would spot them. They made there way to the tip of the island. There were multiple cartel man and a couple RHIB boats. The both of them hid behind a bullet riddled Silverado. Jack locked and loaded his AK which he grabbed off a dead cartel man with a grip and EOTech sights. He peeked his head up there were only about 12 men on the beach. It was practically nothing for Jack since they didn't have a RPG guy. It was best for Jack to go all out and hopefully not die. Jack pointed the AK at one guy and pulled the trigger POP! A bullet to the head the other squirmed like scared mice. Jack fires the gun like he's playing a violin, all of them go down one by one.

\"Okay Al lets go,\" Alberto gives him a no no look \"But my family lives here,\" Jack just wanted to get on the RHIB and get the fuck off the island. His patience was broken. \"Look you can come back when it's safe,\" but as soon as Alberto could utter a word a cracker snapped a bullet. Piercing his skin and into his kidney. He drops to the floor as he sees a sniper popping his sinister face out of the window.

\"OH SHIT!\" Jack screams out he didn't hesitate when he entered the RHIB and left Alberto's lifeless body behind with the rest. He started up the boat, bullets flying trying to hit him. All the men ran out and got into the RHIB boats. But the Gringo was long gone. Making his way to the American side of the border...

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