What if...?

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What if all the water in the oceans evaporated? What would happen? How would the world react?

Submitted: April 23, 2008

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Submitted: April 23, 2008



The students in my fourth period history class gathered around in front of me as I began the true story of Jonathan and Bella’s realization of 2008.
“It was August 25, 2008 when Jonathan asked Bella if she would like to walk with him on the beach of this very town. It was scorching hot in Oaktown that year.
“Anyways, Jonathan was a built, young man. He had shaggy, straight blonde hair that had the very popular ‘straight out of bed’ look. Bella was eight inches shorter than Jonathan’s 6’2” frame. She was a beautiful woman, although she did weigh more than the country’s preferred weight of 105 pounds.
“Jonathan looked into Bella’s hazel eyes and then out to the blue-green ocean. That’s when he saw the fish lying all over the sand and the coral showing in new places.
“‘Wasn’t the water much higher on the beach last week?’ Jonathan asked Bella as she looked around with curious eyes.
“They looked at each other with panicked eyes as he grabbed her hand and they ran towards the Colton household. Mrs. Colton looked at her son quizzically as he grabbed a phonebook and flipped through the pages until Jonathan found the number that he needed.
“‘I need to speak to someone immediately!’ he yelled into the phone. ‘All the water in the ocean is disappearing!’”
I stopped my story as the bell rang for school to let out. Nobody moved. Jessica, one of my worst students, shocked me by asking me to finish the story. I smiled as I began my story again without saying a word to the class about school ending. I just figured the kids would do anything to stay out of the rainy weather.
“However, Mr. George Alexander, the man on the other end of the line, already knew of the problem.
“‘I’m sorry,’ he said, ‘but there’s nothing that I can personally do. The only thing to do is hope that the water falls as rain and fills the ocean back up soon.’
“Jonathan hung up the phone, shocked. He glanced at Bella as a look of realization appeared on her face. They had to get married as soon as possible if they wanted a life together before the lack of water killed off the entire human race. All the water was gone in a week.
“Two months after Bella turned eighteen, Jonathan proposed. They got married a month later, and I haven’t heard from them since. The citizens of the world went crazy, and World War III was quickly started.
“Two weeks after the wedding, rain started to fall. It hasn’t stopped since.”
Lloyd Alexander, the son of George Alexander, ended the story and looked outside. The sun was shining, and the sky was clear for the first time in almost sixty years.

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