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These are my characters for Alessandra Fireheart's challenge. I'm not as proud of them as I would like to be, but oh well. Let me know what you think!:D

Submitted: September 12, 2009

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Submitted: September 12, 2009



Daniel Desmond was the richest boy in town. His father had a great job, and he enjoyed many privileges his friends did not have. Until his father was laid off. Although devastated at first, Daniel soon realized that there was more to life than having money, and he decided to change his spoiled behavior, gaining more respect from his friends in the process. Despite his family’s hard times, he is happy, finally beginning to be grateful for what he has, and people now appreciate him for who he is, not just his money.
Mona Foster, according to her classmates, was the school freak. She kept to herself and dressed oddly, in clothing none of the other girls would be caught dead in.  But that was just fine with Mona, for she always had a place to go when they laughed at her: her drawings. She was a gifted artist, she was rarely spotted without a pencil in her hand, doodling and decorating on any available surface. It was her escape from the world. Someday, she knew she would be a famous artist, and no one make fun of her then.
Miranda Halcyon was stubborn, and that was probably the only quality she had that would help her become a famous Broadway actress. She knew, and had known since she was 10, that that was what she wanted to do. No other options existed for her, and no matter what people told her, about how the odds of it were so improbable, she would not ever change her mind about this. Miranda longed for New York City, but in the mean time, she was stuck doing mediocre plays at her high school, all the while dreaming of her name in lights.
Christopher Benanti cares about his school work, and not much else. Studying biology at the University of Florida, he is going to be a scientist and that is the only thing he thinks about. Ever since he was a child, he hid himself in his education, the only thing that he was ever good at, to escape his affectionless life at home and his parents’ bitter divorce that scarred his childhood. He has never been in love, never had a true friend, and has never been well-liked by his peers, but he is too busy with his work care or even notice the rest of the world.
James Ripley was only 18 when he was drafted into the military, and sent to fight in the Vietnam War. He returned unharmed but angry, and participated in dozens of peace rallies around the country. Still an anti-war advocate, he now spends his energy as a high school drama teacher (and though he doesn’t like talking much about his experiences overseas, many of his shows have subtle political themes).  He is loved greatly by his students, and known for being a friend to them, as well as a teacher.
Eva Feldman immigrated to the U.S. from Poland, and although she has been here for over 50 years, she still holds fast to her old fashioned traditions. A devout Jew, her religion is the most important thing in her life, besides her family (particularly her grandchildren, who she spoils to death). Eva is superstitious and hates change, but her long held beliefs are beginning to be challenged after her daughter’s marriage falls apart and one of her beloved grandsons falls in love with a Christian girl. Her world is starting to look very different, and she has not yet come to terms with many of its changes.

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