Confessions of a teenage wizard

Confessions of a teenage wizard Confessions of a teenage wizard

Status: Finished

Genre: Flash Fiction



Status: Finished

Genre: Flash Fiction



you like Harry Potter? well you will love this, read all about Jake Bices wizardly life. And find out just why he was abandoned at birth...
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you like Harry Potter? well you will love this, read all about Jake Bices wizardly life. And find out just why he was abandoned at birth...

Chapter1 (v.1) - Confessions of a teenage wizard

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you like Harry Potter? well you will love this, read all about Juan Bices wizardly life. And find out just why he was abandoned at birth...

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Submitted: August 10, 2011

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Submitted: August 10, 2011



chapter one. Tombstone baby

Let's go back in time, to the day of my birth..

that's12 year ago, from now.. So here it goes.

I was born, and I'm afraid I cannot tell you where, because I am unaware myself.

The reason I am taking you back to this time, is because this was the last time I ever saw my parents, my real mother, and my real father..

For some unknown reason, my parents didn't want me, I like to tell myself this was not out of their own choice, but I am afraid it is more than likely it was.

10 minutes after being born, my parents.. well atleast I think it was my parents, took my to a graveyard at aprox 12 midnight and left me, upon a tombstone..

I wasn't left there long. not even a minute before I was found by a gaurd who stands at the gates of the graveyard, probably for saftey reasons,

A graveyard at 12 midnight is a rather a scary, dark, murderer attraction place, as you can imagine, not nice to be in really...

Not a nice place to leave a 10 minute old baby also, but you know.. We all do stupid things...

There I am sticking up for them again, I am just completly in denial that my parents did not want me, and that they did it not out of their own choice..

The gaurd said the grave yard had been empty, he saw no one come through the gates, it was impossible for them to get in any other way, it was like I had just 'magicaly' apeared there.

The day after, being found; I made front page of the Evening post news paper, the title being '12.oclock tombstone baby'

The news paper article was some what ofasob story really, it won over the hearts of many people who wanted to be parents..

Feeling sorry for me, they got intouch with the adoption service whichcovered me, in askto addopt..

I had 69 parents in line wanting to addopt me. the addoptionservice saw something special on me, so it says on one of the letters around my house, something 'different' I guess being found on a tombstone at half 12 at night, in a dark scary graveyard.. Is, hmm different, a way to put it..

However, evenI found myselfdifferent, from everyone else.. the reason I only had two friends, but Iwill introduceyou to them abit later in life..

So a year later,after close examination of thepeople wantingto addopt me, the addoption service finallywas won over..

By Mr Peterand Mrs SusanBice... a 30 year old wealthy couple, unable to give birth to their own..

they fit all of the addoptions services criteria.

1.caring(you know, not the type toabandon me in a graveyard!)

3.Existing records(I guess so they cannot abandon me in a graveyard!)

4.Family type



etc.... the list was a massive, almost never ending..

And as you can tell, I have never gotten really over being abandoned.

There was another couple, Mr and Mrs tombstone, who fit the criteria also,

I liked them too, I remember them perfectly, mine and their meeting I can play through my head like a dvd, honestly..

They walked in through the yellow door, of the room, there was a red a blue and a yellow one,

the yelllow one was my faverouite, yellow is my faverouite colour.

I was layed inside my basket bed, at only 3 month old...

I know what you are thinking strange how I remember this being only 3 month old? I agree, I know I have a large brain cell, being so smart that I am, but this, I don't know how I remember this, but I do.. I wish I could remember being abandoned on a tombstone but, you know!

Carrying on with the day I met this lovely couple then. I remember the woman who worked in the addoption home telling my I had Mr Tombstones eyes, they were green and had a tint of blue in them, like mine... I honestly think the woman who told him that, made his day, he had the biggest smile on his face I have ever seen, well I guess that's because that was the last I ever saw of Mr and Mrs Tombstone, because even though they showed so much love and kindness towards me, and really acted like they were interested to addopt me,

they did not get back intouch with the addoption service, and the addoption service found their number to be no longer available when trying to contact, they never left their address.

So that was that, they didn't addopt me, which sometimes I sit and think why.. I think, there must be some big issue with me, to be abandoned twice, by two different parents, well that's just blimey... saddening for me.

I like to think my real parents didn't abandon me, not out of their own choice anyway, I tell myself they did it by um generosity you know, for my own sake..

to protect me from evil aliens or something.. that they accidently 'lost' me on that graveyard.. maybe that's a little more believable ha ha..

Chapter two. Life goes on..

So now here I am, with my new parents Susan and Peter Bice, lovely I must add it took me alot of time to put my trust and love into these two, being so afraid that they might abandon me too, but they didn't and that's why I am here with them 13 year on, at the age of 2 I started speaking, and calling them f'mum and f'dad, the f meaning fake.. My fake mum, and my fake dad.. the; caring, fun, family type, Existing records! loving, friendly, etc.. people that they are.

They were almost like a real mother and father, to me ofcourse, having me, raising me, taking care of me for almost all of my life.. They even named me, Oh yeah.. I really should of told you myname somewhat at the start, but I didn't know it then, so I do apoligies, my names is Jake. Jake Bice, and you are reading all about myemotional,confusing, exciting(sometimes), exhausting teenage life, well teenage life tomorrow... Continuing about my f'mum and my f'dad; I never could call them 'mum' and 'dad' there always had to be that f, at the front.. Because I never really wanted to replace them, even though they've probably forgotten about me but heyho.. Life goes on, in sadness ofcourse, and wonder everyday why they abadoned me, but yes.. lifes goes on.

So we are back to the normal days. no longer in a time machine to my birth.

I am now 12 year old, well almost 13(It's my birthday tomorrow) I am having my friends round, right back to my friends. Damion and Brogan, my only friends, but the only friend who really understand my intelligence really, they were both so smart, that all 3 of us have in common, and I feel like I have something else in common with Brogan, she feels that two, we don't know what it is, but we do..

Chapter three. Birthday bashes.

It's Brogans birthday today so because she is paying me the honour of coming to my party tomorrow, I am coming to hers today.. Me andDamion both attended being her only two friends also.. She didn't associate much with others neither, just her family and I and Damion, Damion on the other hand, didn't feel so out of place speaking to others, Damion was friends with everyone, where as me and Brogan just felt too different, any how, never mind me being a nerd with only two friends, ha ha..

Brogans birthday was lovely, and being a day before my own, it really got me excited for my bash! So we all danced, sang, ate annoyed her parents! then the cake was brought out by her mother and father, she blew her candles out, shutting her eyes and making a wish, it was so obvious she made a wish. we sang happy birthday to her whilst the cake was being brought out, it was a lovely moment, If I brought a camera I would of taken a picture to remember this moment, but as it seemed I didn't need a camera to remember moments, my brain cell was large enough to store them, so I took a picture inside my head. I asked her what she wished for, she replied "just for things not to change too much after my 13th"

how could they possibly change, I thought to myself, strange girl... I just sat and smiled though,

"Brogan can I have a quick word with you outside now please?" Brogans parents asked, I could see the doom in Brogans eyes,

" I wonder what trouble she's been upto?" me and Damion joked.

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