missing you like mad.

Status: Finished

missing you like mad.

Status: Finished

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missing you like mad. missing you like mad.

Poem by: Brogan Beaumont


Genre: Romance



A Summer romance, missing you.


A Summer romance, missing you.


Submitted: March 31, 2011

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Submitted: March 31, 2011



 I'm here, refusing to leave,

without you, i strugle to breath..

heres where i last saw your face,

you said you loved me, why did that change,

we came here everyday,

and still do, in my dreams

his name, was Rodrigo Reens.

It was a summer romance, some would say,

now i'm afraid it's pouring with rain.

Why did i fall so hard,

is what i question,

maybe it was your complexion,

maybe it was that cute little smile smile,

i sat and thought for a while.

It could of been those deep drown eyes,

 them ones that captured me the first time we met

them ones, i could never forget.

and i'm wondering where you are,

and if i'm on your mind, like you are mine

what would of been if we didn't end,

and if we will ever meet again.

but i stand here in hope i see you stroll by,

but knowing you won't, because you never do,

i wanna give up, but i'm not sure, if we really are, "through".

I don't even have a plan, or have a clue what to say if i do see you.

I just know, no matter how long passes,

you'll be in my heart untill im ashes.


4 mounths on from a year,

it's winter,

i'm still here,

it started with a smile, and ended with a tear,

i'm joyfull for the time we spent,

And prey one day, we do meet again,

I've not moved on, and i'm afraid i never truly will

because i know, i really did love you,

but somethings end because they was ment to

I know, i'll never find someone like you,

you was the biggest part of me, and as much as i don't want you to be,

you always will.

© Copyright 2016 Brogan Beaumont. All rights reserved.

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