Requiem for a Rockstar

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Submitted: May 23, 2011

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Submitted: May 23, 2011



"I'm applying for a Job For a Cowboy

But I don't think they take in kids who give a shit like Travie McCoy"

He said, " As I Lay Dying here, let this be A Day To Remember

The dead man and the Dead Mouse are no different upon entering death's Dimmu Borgir

Live fruitfully while you can still believe, because there is no distance Between The Buried And Me

...except A Fire Inside."

And then his Bright Eyes shrunk and lost their green, withered up and looked like Black Eyed Peas

But he was too good to die; there were no Explosions In The Sky

The body was useless but there was A Ghost Inside

Death can't be so simple; The Human Abstract is equipped with a Massive Attack

How can you let yourself go as easy as "Yeah Yeah Yeah's"

I'm Taking Back Sunday and finding The Cure for you

You will have back your light once we recover your Muse

They say I'm crazy well it's my Dream Theater,

But you're Killing The Dream

We're making bracelets in memoriam thanks to a Fantastic Plastic Machine

Now we're all sitting in a Circle of Contempt

Grief turns into Mindless Self Indulgence

You Bury The Dead, but what about the thoughts in your head?

You now walk in the dark shadow as one of The Haunted

You're a House Of Pain and you're a slave

Dancing for a man who's Conducting From The Grave

Half a year later come back and see the kids who live on Parkway Drive

Time is irrelevant it's the age of Circa: Survive

The nice kids are popping pills; best friends are The Chemical Brothers

Poisoning their brain to keep sane,

Soon enough we all will cry out "Mother, Mother!"

It's a collective Suicide Silence we share as our innocence is stripped bare

Goldie Locks got sick Minus The Bear

My therapist tells me to "Smile, Empty Soul"

But I feel just about as dead as Ronnie James Dio

All that's left is a Lacuna Coil

It's like when he died some initaited a Killswitch: Engage

Our friends are alive but they're still In Flames

We need his Five Finger Death Punch to snap us out of misery

And sometime this whole mess will bring us a Dark Tranquility

It's as bright and exciting as a video game Arcade Fire

I love these people and I wish I could give them glasses for their Eyes Set To Kill

We need to start living again and In This Moment we will

We've crawled back from the dead and we're biting

Watch us and step aside; you will never understand our pain- In The Midst Of Lions

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