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While I can still think clearly

Submitted: May 23, 2011

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Submitted: May 23, 2011



Spit out your words sister or else you'll be full when it comes time for dinner

I'm getting thinner, but I gotta admit

It's hard to stay off the pills when the doctor instills

Why run in the wild if I can give you a free treadmill?

So I stay medicated and heavily dedicated

To the man in the suit who says he's educated

To the woman who trusts the man who made it even if the datas been confiscated

Cause at least we known your new and updated

I fell like drip drop of water from the sink

But they tell me these pills can help me think

Imagine a swing taking you from high to low

Think about jumping off with both eyes closed

Think about swimming with your feet weighed down

And the only way not to sink is to refuse to drown

It's a battle between you and your mind

You face your own weapons in the battlefield designed, to erase

Any trace of time and place-Hey did you remember

What you felt like when I pressed my hand between your thighs?

Because I only remember the actions, not what I felt at the time

I guess these things just kind of blur together

Forget what you want to remember

That bird was just another shared feather

I can't replace the time and space that has gone to waste

I just wish I could find a place to keep them safe

Pop your pills then let your mind last longer

Maybe one day they'll see the abstract are stronger

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