The death song

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic

The girl who only shows herself to you.....listen to her song and soon you'll be singing it too.......

She guides on to you on as a sweet lady with a creepy smile. You wonder why she stands in your yard and stares through the window that was built by your front door. Her face with content and her eyes so deep and purple. She has short blond hair that flows around her face. You see her as a sweet lady, but think she's creepy when you see her standing in your yard for the 3rd time. You hear her sweet song and it guides you out to her little conversation. She only says a couple things to you and then she uses her deathly song. Confused? Well, here's the story of a little girl named maryellen who had one sweet experence with this lady... * * *

It was a nice summer's day and the sky was clear. The air was moist and the ground was perfect for gardening. Everybody seemed to be nice, too. Maryellen was an 13 year old girl who everyone seemed to know. This was the perfect little town for a perfect little girl.

Maryellen was going out to plant some flowers when she noticed a girl sitting on her patio table as she opened the door. Maryellen paused trying to take in a good glimpse of this girl. She seemed to be the same age, but a lot prettier, she thought. Her eyes glimered with purple and her lips, full with candy pink. Her smile was damp and content. Her blond hair flowed just right below her ears. Her clothes consisted of a cotten candy blue shirt that had an overlaying black and white striped jacket that was too big for her small body, it lightly layed off her right shoulder. Her dark blue skinny jeans held right over her pink ballet flats. But, none of that mattered when she heard her beautiful singing voice. So sweet, it sounded like candy as her outfit looked like, too. Maryellen kept in the doorway as she watch the girl get up with one smile and walk back onto the street. Maryellen just watched as she was almost out of her yard when she stopped and looked back with a deathly smile. Maryellen went back inside to see if it was all a dream.

The next day, Maryellen woke up thinking it was all a dream. Though she thought she could try and sing her song, she coudn't. It didn't sound the same when Maryellen did it. Soon, she went out to tend to her garden when right before she touched the handle she saw the lady staring at her through the window. She felt a small chill, but opened the door to hear her song. When the door was all the way open she tried to speak, but her song covered all sense. The lady kept locked eyes and made her knees quiver. This time she tried to move to the door again and step back inside, but no. She couldn't. The lady again got up and started to walk away, coming close to two feet within range of Maryellen. As she walked by the lady gave a glance that lasted 2 seconds almost touching Maryellen. This time, Mayellen ran inside and locked the door trying to cover the windows with a curtain. Maryellen went to her room and fell into a deep sleep only to wake thinking it again was all a dream...

Maryellen soon woke up the next day for school, monday. She went on with her morning forgetting about yesterday. Soon she was unlocking the door to the lady. She still sat at the patio table with a smile of content. Maryellen soon dropped her bag and found herself frozen with surprise.

\"I'm Esme. I don't think we have met.\" The lady's smile dropped.

\"Can I help you?\" Maryellen found the strength to speak.

\"Yes, I guess I just wanted a friend.\" The lady stood up and walked towards Maryellen.

\"Ok, we can play afterschool.\"

\"Well, just come out from your porch and we can talk.\" The lady started to hum her sweet song.

\"About what?\" Maryellen started to walk passed her doorway.

The lady soon started to smile a very creepy smile. Hey song sang loud, very loud.

\"Sing with me, Maryellen.\"

\"I have already tried, I can't do it as well.\"

\"Oh no, don't worry. When you sing with me we sing forever.\" The lady started to hum again after speaking

Maryellen soon was humming. Her song sang loud, but as she did her heart felt as if it was squeezing inside, as if the humming was squeezing it right out of her. Though she could not stop, nor could she quiet down. Her heart became smaller and smaller making her lose air, she couldn't breath and was sucking up every last breath with humming that sweet song, the sweet song of temtation. That leaded to the shrinkage of her heart, no heart, no air, death.

\"Good bye, Maryellen. Thank you for singing my song.\"


You may find this lady sitting in your yard, but don't be too tempted when she starts singing her deathly song.

Submitted: March 27, 2011

© Copyright 2021 brokenbacktogether. All rights reserved.

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Great job, Lydia! Love you and see you at school!

Mon, March 28th, 2011 10:21am


lovee u moreeeee! See ya and thankss

Mon, March 28th, 2011 3:30am

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