Neverending Nightmare...

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My Poetry has no format.

its mine.
it comes from places of me i barely recognize...

read at your own risk ;]

Submitted: February 19, 2011

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Submitted: February 19, 2011



like a black and white dream where your surrounded by a crowd but your screams cant be heard no matter how desperate... how loud.

where no matter how hard you try to be loved and to be wanted you remain chained by your mistakes tattooed and haunted

drowning in a pool of pain of tears and lost passion that wont evaporate but instead grow in size.. in ration

where each scar digs deeper every second of everyday rebelling of heal and making clear of its permanent stay.

where the clock runs backwards and ignores your need to continue to move on,forget the past and leave your current,hellacious venue

a venue fluttered with emotions that have been shoved into a subconscience in your attempt to forget your weak fall to false puissance

where your reminded of your weakness uselessness. lack of pride. and tears weigh like weights that are simply too heavy to conceal or push aside

Now my thoughts dwell and wonder of the difference between early reality and late slumber

even if my mind was blessed with a reply she would not victim to ensnare for one thing shes sure of is both serve to a neverending nightmare.

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