Inspiration Isn't Easy These Days --Bob Bryar one shot

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this is a Bob Bryar from My Chemical Romance one shot. enjoy

Submitted: May 24, 2008

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Submitted: May 24, 2008



Have you always wanted to meet some one so badly, and then when it comes to meet them, you just want to hide away in your bedroom because you're so nervous?


That's the feeling I'm getting right now.


The principal of my college Mr. Collins announced earlier this week that they got the band My Chemical Romance to play in our gymnasium as a fundraiser for the animal shelter up the street.


And one of the students gets to be up close and personal with them before and after the show conducting an interview.

And guess who that student is.



I'm the journalist for the college's paper The Exotic.


Mr. Collins thinks that I'm the best writer of the whole school, and expects me to have interesting unique questions.


I don't think I'm that great at writing, but hey this is really important to me.


I've been a My Chem fan since before they were famous.


I sat in my dorm room, on my bed, tapping the pen to my note book paper.


I had no ideas what to ask the boys.

And I want to sound sophisticated so making up once-in-a-lifetime questions was harder then you think.


Does there ever come a time where you just want to just quit music and just lead a normal life?

Have you ever wondered what your life would be like if you never joined the band?

Have you thought of future kids names?

I sighed, those three weren't quite what I wanted, but they had to do so I jotted them down quickly.


Have any of you ever had a crush on some one in the band?

Nah, that'd put them in an odd and uncomfortable place, so I just ignored that question.


As far as I know, all of the five members are straight.


Do you have everything you could ever want in life?


I guess that's an okay question, so I wrote it down.


"Hmm..." I thought.


I looked around the plain robin egg blue walls.


Inspiration isn't easy these days. I thought and I got off my bed and left my dorm room, into the practically empty hallway with my note book in hand.


I glanced out the window as I walked, and I saw a boy Tyson getting picked on by a couple of foot ball stars.


One of them, Eddie Cook, ripped Tyson's book bag from his arms and he dumped it in the mud puddle.


Rage filled inside me.


Then the other foot ball player, Vincent Murphy picked up Tyson no problem and threw him down into the mud.


I started running as fast as I could to get outside.

"No running Luanne!" My science teacher said.

But I ignored her.


I ran out the closet exit, and went down the steps and I saw Tyson sitting at a picnic table, wiping away the tears from his eyes... or mud.


"Tyson?" I asked softly.

He jumped and turned around, scared.

"I'm sorry; I didn't mean to scare you." I said softly.


"it's okay, Luanne." He said.

"Eddie and Vincent up to their old tricks again?"

He nodded.


"Just ignore them. They'll get what they deserve eventually." I said, as I handed him a handkerchief I had in my pocket so he could wipe off the drying mud off his glasses.


"What's that? Working on a new article?" He asked, eyeing my notebook.

"More like thinking up questions to ask."

His eyebrow rose slightly.

"I'm the student interviewing My Chem."

He gasped, "Really?!"


I nodded.

"God you're soo lucky."

"I could ask Mr. Collins if it's okay if you interview them with me."

"That would be fabulous." He said, "I love MCR."

"I do too." I said, "But I'll only ask him if  you help me think up questions."

He laughed, "Fine."

No one had classes today so Tyson and I went down to a little cafe on campus.


We entered the little restaurant, there wasn't as many students there as I thought there would be.


"Okay... how about you ask them if they ever kissed another guy?"

I laughed, "They're My Chem. Of course they've kissed other guys!"


"Oh..." Tyson said, "How about you ask them who they'd love to work with?"

"Cliche." I said.


It went on like that all week, so there's no point in describing the rest of the week.




Finally it was Friday night, the big night.


I looked in my room mate's mirror.


 I didn't own my own mirror.


"You look fabulous." Maverick my room mate said.


"Thanks love." I said and she nodded.


I took my note book.

"Tell me everything that happens." She said.

I laughed and gently pushed her and we walked out of the dorm.


We left our room and walked out into the busy hallway.


I held my note book close; I didn't want to lose it in a crowd.


That would be fun to find.


It took me a while, but I finally found Tyson.


He was hiding in a dark shadowy corner.

I only realized he was there because he called my name.


Maverick, Tyson, and I made our way to the gymnasium where we saw some people sitting on the bleachers and others standing in what you would consider the 'mosh pitting' area.


I sat down on a bleacher and looked over my notes.


Then I looked at the band: who was doing sound check.


I was so nervous.

Butterflies in the stomach didn't even begin to cover it.


In a mere hour or so, I'll be sitting with one of the biggest band's since Zeppelin.


Okay, maybe they aren't that big.

But they are pretty big in the teenaged world.


The hour that My Chemical Romance was performing went by quickly sadly.


I just sat on the bleachers as I watched the crew put away the stage and musical gear.


It was either now or never.


I got up and I walked across the gymnasium and tapped Ray's shoulder, "Hi, I'm Luanne Walters. I'm the journalist on campus who will be interviewing you..."


I did my best to make sure I seemed like I had confidence and was a professional.


He turned around, "Hi, I'm the guitarist Ray Taro."

I smiled, "Well I'm doing individual interviews tonight..." I said and I looked around trying to spot Tyson but I assume he left, "I had a partner but I don't know where he's off to..."

I looked at him, "So let's get started."

We walked over to the bleachers.

"I did my best to not give the typical questions, but I think I failed." I said, giggling a bit but then I stopped.


"It's okay." He smiled.

"Being in a band... what's it like? I mean, if you weren't in My Chemical Romance, what would you be doing for a living?" I asked.

"Well my dream was always to be a musician; I started out being a violinist." He was blushing by that point.

I laughed, "What made you change your mind and join My Chem?"

"Because Frankie threatened he'd take my pet."

I laughed, "Lovely."


I went on, having a great time with each of the boys.


I went through Ray, then Frankie, then Mikey, then Gerard.


But the most interesting one to interview was the drummer Bob Bryar.


He was like this mysterious quiet boy.


While Mikey was a loud sophisticated happy person.

From what I've heard I thought it was the other way around.


"So Bob... what was it like being the new member of My Chemical Romance after their other drummer quit?"

"Well it was a shock at first. Every girl I asked out before I joined the band turned me down. But then when I joined My Chem-" he chuckled and then continued with what he had to say, "-they all called me asking me out. I turned them all down. Whores."

"Nicely said Bob." I said laughing.


Bob and I had a really strong connection, but I didn't want to say anything.


I didn't want to embarrass myself in front of this guy.


He's adorable, witty, funny, cute, loveable...


The list goes on and on.


"Is it me or is there a connection between us?" Bob asked out of the blue, after my 5th or 6th question.


"It's not you." I said, "I felt it too, but I didn't want to say anything..."

"Want to go for coffee and finish the interview later?"

"Well the teachers like us being in our dorms by 1... but sure why not." I said smiling.


We walked out the gymnasiums door which led us straight to outside and we walked along the gray cemented path.


The moon was slowly coming out from a shield of clouds and it wasn't too cold.


There weren't many out, but we did walk past the odd couple or 'loner.'


"You cold?" Bob asked.

"Not really." I said.

"Oh that's too bad, cuz if you were I was going to give you my hoodie to wear."

"Want me to wear it anyways?"

"Of course." He said and he took it off, and he nearly rammed into a bush because he couldn't see where he was going.


I put on his Nirvana hoodie; it was warm and smelled like a Bob.


We ended up talking and laughing in the local park and drinking our coffee all night.


"Augh, I have classes later." I complained.


It was 5:13 am and I was really tired.


And my first block was Art History, and that's a pretty boring class.


I wanted to be an artist, until I realized how shitty I was at painting and drawing.


So now I want to become an author or a journalist.


"Aw. When's your first class?" Bob asked.

7:20." I said.


"Well you have two hours and seven minutes. That's plenty of sleep."

I laughed, "Is not."


"Well I've ran on less." He said.

"Well you're a rock star." I said.


"Stating the obvious." He said.


"Well I don't want to leave you, but I should."

"At least come for breakfast with me and the band?"

"Fine." I said smiling, "If I have to."


I really did want to come, I was just playing hard to get.


"You know you want to come." Bob said.

"Shuddup." I said laughing, "I have my wallet back at my dorm, so could we stop by there?"

"Don't you want me to pay for you?" He asked.



"Nevermind." He said.

"No seriously, what?"

"It's nothing."

"Tell meee." I said in a whiny voice.

"Well... I like you, a lot."

"And I like you too."

"No, not in a friend way. I want you to be my girlfriend."

We were probably going a little fast, but I said "I want to be your girlfriend."

He smiled and hugged me, "Will you be my girlfriend?"

"Totally." I said.


I'm not even much of a dater, but Bob pretty much changed that.


We got off the park bench and walked to the direction of my college, our hands linked.

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