Magic Stripes

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A rainbow's a curve that spreads color after a sad shower of rain. So put up the curve on your face after all the tears have gone. There is hope my friend. Smile. :)

Submitted: May 25, 2012

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Submitted: May 25, 2012



There was a man who built an ark

Noah was his name

God told him to do so, He has a plan

And this plan was to save the good

and drown the bad

And so, Noah did what he was told

He built the ark


Noah's friends laughed at him and said,

"An ark? In the desert? What a fool."

But he continued, 

Because it was God's orders

He got his sons to help him

Hammered and sawed 

They finished the ark and God was pleased


When the ark was finished

God told Noah to gather pairs of animals

Seven for the good, and two for the 'not-so-good'

All of them tucked safe and sound inside

Noah and his family also went in

They waited for what God will do..

They had no clue


Rain poured and poured

for forty days and nights

The floods were rushing and engulfing the people

Those with ungrateful hearts

The water has reached the highest mountain tops


People drowned and died


After the flood had subsided, Noah sent out a dove

With an olive leaf it came back

Life, it signified

And God spoke to them,

"I have three promises for you

Promises I always will keep

For you My children who had always been with me"


"First, I will flood the earth no more

Second, day would follow night,

And third, there will be four seasons each year."

Then God opened His hands

from His palm out came,

Seven stripes of different colors

Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet


"Whenever this appears in the sky,"

God said,

"remember my promises of life."

And the splendid stripes brought hope

to the people 

And they were reminded that God is there,

fulfilling His promises, every single day. 


So always keep in mind, my friend

that God is always there

To guide you, protect you, and keep you from harm

Never will He leave us, nor forsake us

The salvation He brought is for everyone,

regardless of culture and race

Smile, my friend, you have been saved. 













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