Nocturnal Friendship

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when a bat and an owl became friends.

Submitted: May 16, 2012

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Submitted: May 16, 2012



The moon is slowly kicking the sun 

out of the scene,

for it was nighttime,

his time to shine and dominate the skies


Nocturnal life was beginning

creatures of the night

were in their own businesses,

two of which are the bats and owls


A bat was there on the corner of a branch

maybe we'll just call her 'loner'

and an owl on her spot doing her weird stuff

'crazy' as she calls herself


They bumped into each other, 

had some chitter-chatter, and some food

had a lot of laughs..

they had a fun time together


As the night went by

they had more thoughts shared with each other

deeper secrets, views, opinions

until they realized a thing


They had become so close

and realized they were each other's best friend

the best they could ever have

and they made a promise, somehow a pinky swear


They said they'll stay forever

like a piano and its keys

be totally inseparable

like welded metal


And so the time passed,

the clocks in the world were ticking fast

sharing giggles and tears

they were still having a lot of fun


But reality strikes,

times runs, and the sun was on its way

this night won't last forever

so did the friendship of the bat and the owl


The sun used to symbolize life and beginnings,

but in this nocturnal friendship

it is the other way around

it has shown the end.














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