Broken Beyond Repair(Blair's story)

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Blair Anderson was the Straight A student of Melbourne High and was loved by everyone. She was the perfect kid for any parent,so why did this have to happen to her?

Submitted: November 15, 2010

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Submitted: November 15, 2010



Little Blair Anderson,

The perfect child for any parent

The freshman girl of Melborne high.

Little Blair Anderson,

Took her work seriously

passing classes with dashing A's, making friends along the way.

Little Blair Anderson,

Made her way to soft more year, meeting people here and there.

Comming across The gang to real.

Hanging out with the worthless group, dropping grades that held the roof.

Parents complain, She fights back leaving the house without a track.

Little Blair Anderson,

Goes to party without supervision, meets a boy who wants more that to listen.

After two drugged up drinks, Blair was done and open to all.

Boy gets on, boy gets off. Blair sits and cries when she remebered she's been raped.

Running to the police and reporting, She returns outside to be confronted.

Boy threatens to take her life if she didnt go back and claim a lie.

Little blair goes to police saying shes being threatened by the suspect.

On her way, Blair is taken

To a forest with nothing awakened.

Little Blair Anderson.

Raped again, Beaten to blood force to do unwilling things.

Blair is hurt, Blair is torn,Blair is broken beyond repair.

Poilce track Car marks to where they were But poor little Blair could bare.

Little Blair Screams out loud, to be yanked by her carrot colored hair.

Blair screams one last time before she is silenced.

Little Blair Anderson cut in the throat gushing crimon as boy leaves.

Police find her but it was already to late for help.

Little Blair Anderson is silenced for life.

She was a good kid her parents cried.

They'd lost there one and only child.

She is in a better place, nothing terrifying to face.

But why did this happen to her, poor Little Blair

Leaving family and friends behind in the cold arms of the cruel world, leaving them all,

Poor little Blair left there with nothing to die with but the feeling of being,

Broken Beyond Repair.

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