A Poor Boy

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Poem about a boy who killed his girlfriend in a car accident....

Submitted: February 06, 2008

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Submitted: February 06, 2008



He turns away with his head in his hands

And endless tears pouring from inside

While he sees her lifeless body

The icy film that covers her eyes


He reaches out and touches her face

And wipes the blood off with his hand

After with heartache, her hand in his

His sight blurry as he stands


He finally collapses, and with tears pouring

Embraces the girl he came to love

Realizing late she'll never return

And that sorry just won't be enough


He lifts her up and carries her

Past the flashing hazard's rays

Into the trees, engulfed by the night

Leaving the stunned highways


The blinding lights, both blue and red

Search the broken site unbound

Searching among the devastating crash

Where those two souls were never found


"The two were lost, a boy and girl

Both victims to a horrible wreck

The tree had fallen, their heads turned

As they spiraled into an embankement"


The investigators had almost quit

And then they found a lead

It forced them away from where they were

And under a calm oak tree


The dead oak grew to 40 feet

But stopped when lightning danced with thunder

Under, they looked, their sights fell upon

A girl who appeared to be in a slumber


And too, they saw, she couldn't breathe

But around the corner they would find

A poor boy whispering to her body

A poor boy who had lost his mind...

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