In a Dream...

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Long poem on the art of nightmares and what someone can see in them...more like being trapped inside of one. Title came from Evanescence song Cloud Nine...

Submitted: February 05, 2008

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Submitted: February 05, 2008



In a Dream…
As I lay me down to sleep
And beg the Lord my soul to keep
I dream up seas of endless lullabies
And torn up broken butterflies
As my heart leaves my mind mistaken
I have nothing left to need to awaken
All the trust I ever had; Away I had given
And I have no more use for this life that I am living
The stars above have forsaken me
And left me all alone
The moon has taken its light from me
And one worthless smile I have not shown
The once green grass I used to see is now dried out and grey
And the storms of my pain are what end my each and every day
My once kind heart is now completely bruised and torn
And that once caring locket-I have not yet come to worn
It sits alone on a dusty shelf
Its color fading from silver to black
Just like everything else in my new world
Color is the only thing it will lack
My daytime world is completely dead
With colors of black and white
The only other colors are the broken blue butterflies
And the crimson storms that call forth night
My night sky has no light
No stars or moon to guide me
The only sounds are the whispering voices
And the lullabies in the sea
An open book with pages all frayed and burned
A never-ending silence, in the story she has lurked
A beautiful young maiden has lurked, hiding in the corner
A beautiful pale face, the face of a mourner
Her helpless blue eyes have seen everything
That she did not want to see
Fingernails bloody, from scratching the heart
That she herself had carved into the oak tree
This maiden’s life is eternally damned
Her pain is just like mine
If only somehow she could know
That there’s no way to end time
As I close the book and walk away
The light should call forth the day
But the sun has given up all its light
To the clouds and sounds that make up night
Left in the darkness and all alone
I wonder again if there’s any hope
Then I realize that I must dream
Sleep is but a luxury
Although sleep in a dream is to be trapped in glass
Tortured and anxious, praying the unknowing terror won’t last
It is nothing compared to what the maiden and I feel
We beg in our dreams that this world isn’t real
Awake in a dream, again in the night
All the light forsakes me, for I forsake all the light
The whispering voices, they all seem to know
And they all mock me with the past that I don’t want to let go
Beautiful red teardrops fall down from her eyes
This poor maiden knows nothing but lies
She misses the sun, the stars, and the moon
And though we will always hope, we all know the truth
The purple seas of song used to sing it during the waking hours
Their songs told of night overcoming all
That the sun would never again meet these black flowers
And only the raven would let out his fierce call

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