Love is...Everything

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First love.

Submitted: February 09, 2008

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Submitted: February 09, 2008



The everlasting feeling of love at first sight

Has the amazing power of an eagle taking flight

And long-lasting love between two souls

Is to promise forever "One hand to hold"

And when that day comeswhen we take ourvows

Mine will reflect yours the way the sea reflects the clouds

And in our separate voices, we will say together

Those special words that say our love's forever:

"I promise you're the air I breathe, the reason for all I do

Andmost of all, I promise, that I will always, alwayslove you

And anything I said that ever brought you tears

I want to take away from you with every single year

I will love you everyday and hold onto you forever

Because I promise I would neverlet go of you, my treasure..."

But sincewe're far apartand our love has just begun

We still need something that we know is Our Song to be sung

It will be of how I met him and how our love will stay

How when I know our love is real, I'll think of him everyday

And ourlove is something he and I hold close

A treasure inin the worldthat will neverlet us go

Hisprotective being took me right from the start

The only one, anywhere, to truly have my heart

The voice of my angel is an intoxicating lullaby

The only one I need to hear say to me, "Goodnight"

And his is the scent of fall wind in trees

Like the feeling of forever in the warm summer breeze

We are perfect for each other in every single way

The impossibility a knot is tied without a single fray

My world now has colors I've never seen before

Withsounds such as ocean waves caressing silent shores

Love has the beauty of the sunset and the sea

Of breath-taking meadows of gold and of green

All light could fade away andour lovecould disappear

But neither would matter as long as he's here

Because nothing else matters to me when he's around

He is the second half of me that I have finally found...

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