Only Home

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Poem about what home feels like and how it gives you these feelings you can't feel anywhere else...Enjoy!

Submitted: February 22, 2008

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Submitted: February 22, 2008



Only home lets the lunar star illuminate forever
Releasing ocean-deep cascades of never-ending light
Disappearing over the hills of forgotten pine and oak
Its amazing aquatic diamonds drowning open midnight skies
Only home is ubiquitous and truly understanding
Of its pristine falling stars, imminent and alive
Of its moonlit waters that we all have loved before
And of its shadowed dirt roads that we all have seen in time
Only home shows us that it's alright to break down and fall apart
When our souls have been tarnished and abused in the past
It holds our life's story behind its broken walls
The frayed lullaby written in its pages first to last
Only home can bring us together with those who've gone away
Like a Heaven-sent beacon to betrayed and lonely seas
Remembrance bleeding into morose, decaying lands
Every field of anemic, ashen grasses turning velvet-like and green
Only home knows what we long for in our lagan dreams
Things that call us night and day between the words we’ve spoken
These aspirations we have that belong to only us
Draw the thickening line between alive and broken
We aren't the only ones who know this place still sleeps
The only ones who called this loving place their own
The only lucky ones who know this place is breathing
We aren't the only ones who called this place their home

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