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"A memory from the day we met".....Photographic, like a Polaroid.....

Submitted: February 06, 2008

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Submitted: February 06, 2008



I hold close to me a Polaroid

A picture from the day we met

I know you know what I can see

It's not that hard to forget


But you've no clue my thoughts

The idea of bliss forever

And never will you understand

All you say is "I remember"


Not to be seen, what hides in time

And takes your soul away

What always leads you to forgetting-

Not remembering my treasured day


It will be alright, my friend

You've no Polaroid of your own

You forgot to think of one

And mine to you I shall loan


But even you stare and see nothing

But you're the soul of my only one

The purpose of my treasure

Feeding me the will to live on


The Polaroid has a value

Much more than all else

Hiding the darkness away from my world

Helping me with everything in which I've dealt


That one Polaroid holds memories

From times when none was seen

The only times when light covered dark

All the times you're with me


You cannot see my Polaroid

And you will never see in time

It's not your fault, it's only because

The beautiful Polaroid is in my mind


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