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Beautiful poem in my opinion. A LOT of time was put into this poem and I would love to hear what people think of it.

Submitted: November 16, 2007

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Submitted: November 16, 2007



Every word that you would say
And every second, every day
Of the times when we’re together
Are the times that I remember
These moments that I’m most alive
When I am yours and you are mine
Are what I will always remember
Because we’ll be together forever
I’m so alive now just because of you
And I’m smiling again because I’m so in love with you
I remember how it felt to give to you my heart
And how instead of breaking it, you saved me from the dark
I remember how it felt when no one was there
And how it used to kill me like a breath of bad air
I remember just how broken I always used to be
And how much life has changed now since you’re here with me
I remember how I felt the first time I saw you
How your voice was so familiar, how your eyes looked so blue
I remember how even then, your smile had a glow
As if you found something treasured that you lost long ago
I had a certain feeling of how special you’d become
How everybody else could see how I would fall in love
So from then on, our hearts beat in sync
And I still always think of you – 100 thoughts in a blink
I still remember how I used to fight and lose
But ever since that has happened, God gave me you
Sometimes life doesn’t come even close to as expected
But ever since the day I met you, our lives became connected
Throughout these two years, we’ve become so close
And with even more to come, our love can only grow
I remember how much I felt like I’ve been found
And how much I’d miss you even if you were around
I love it when you come and stay, but even when you leave
I’m so happy that you came, that you would think of me
And you leave something behind when you go away
Every thought I have of you is here when you can’t stay
These daydreams that you leave me with
Of every hug and every kiss
I remember all the time
With every song and every rhyme
I would never forget anything that’s occurred
From everything important to everything absurd
I want you to remember everything with me
I want to see everything that you want to see
I want to hear from you that we’ll always be together
I want you to understand how long is forever
I think it’s time we understand and let our doubts surrender
Because we know there will be so much more to remember

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