Too Young To Know Hell

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Poem about how living life steals away ur innocence as u get older....Finding out that every fairytale was nothing...Umm...Finding that the only people who understand have been where u are...Hurt, Lied to, etc.

Submitted: February 17, 2008

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Submitted: February 17, 2008



I grew up living on stories and lullabies

Believing they were real is my confession

Wishing someday I could bring them to life

Threw me straight into my depression

The world suddenly backed up on me

I lowered my head and continued on

I saw some good inside this Hell

Then soon realized it was gone

There was nothing left I had to lose

And my life was all regret

I was only a child in strife

Someone the world would soon forget

Then my soul was lifted up

I soon stood next to the world above

I found I had something special here

I had family and friends who showed me I was loved

And still today, I look back

And these hurt children, I can't help but see

Because not long ago, I felt their pain

Back then the Hell also held me

I still care for the prisoners

And I feel with them their pain

How all the others refuse to listen

And joke and scoff for social gain

There is some hatred I'll always feel

For those cruel "people" who will not listen

To all those poor souls locked inside

Those children who are missing

How could the world be so heartless

To people they could be one day?

Whose treasures and dreams and hopes were stolen?

Those children who wanted to stay?

Just like the angel who saved my life

I'll help these children who need to live

Leading them out of where they are

Teaching them to breathe again...

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