Road to Happiness

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To all those individuals that have forgotten or have given up on love, a relationship is never meant to fail but rather to give you increased knowledge on life itself. This is in memory of the moments of grief and of pure sadness that lead to whom I may call today my fiance.

Submitted: June 02, 2013

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Submitted: June 02, 2013




Tears falling down my cheeks

Your love once again is what I seek

Remembering we are meant to be

But right now I am not your  interested nominee


Grieving what we once had

Our story is just like a stranded boat  at sea

Left ashore among various debri

I cannot refrain the memories of you and me


Day after day is a constant struggle

Everything seems quite superficial

When I was locked down, you were always there for me

To my eyes, you still considered me a part your family


When I came out, you masked your true emotions

You only mentioned your underlying intentions

You had no recollection exempting your spliff

I became just like a legendary myth


I was caught in a spell that we were different, once broken I faced the harsh reality

My surroundings won't be the same as it used to be

I fell face first within the cold tale of separation

Venturing against the world became a whole new apprehension


Chains to my ankles, the world I faced independent

All due to your heartbreaking abandonment

 To my heart, you will always have the key

Even if you left me stranded willingly


Myself I need to find

 I need to move forward to re-establish my peace of mind

One day, one step at a time

I will resurrect to be a precious dime


Few weeks have past, I met another gentleman

A young and restless Mexican

You step in by my side but threaten to once again disappear

This time you would vanish without leaving a smear


Your true emotions were released

You haven't forgotten at least

The guilt of leaving had been embedded

You were left deserted and wounded


This moment is filled with euphory

Our eyes met and we both cannot flee

We could not live without each other's company

For too long, we had lived through this monstrous agony


I've dreamt of when our lips would meet

Soft and sweet, my heart couldn't help to skip a beat

Eyes closed, I embrace the recollection of all our wonderful memories

I envisaged this moment for what feels like centuries


Our hands find one another

The future is ours to discover

Through the moments of happiness and pain, we are reunited

Never again will we let ourselves be separated

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