Trusting a Demon

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Please keep in mind this is a fanfiction original characters go to Stephanie Meyer. However storyline...ALL MINE =]

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Trusting a Demon

Submitted: January 11, 2011

A newly 18 year old girl journeys out to explore the world in her father's footsteps, but when her father goes missing after a sudden trip to Italy she finds herself with two mysterious tickets to Forks and a world she never knew existed.

This is a FANFICTION! Credit to Stephanie Meyer for the original Twilight characters. Read Chapter

::The Compassionate Doctor::

Submitted: January 11, 2011

AUTHOR'S NOTE: (For anyone who does not know, This story takes place in at the end of New Moon and the beginning of Eclipse, RIGHT after ... Read Chapter

::The Package::

Submitted: January 12, 2011

Between time was utterly impossible. The only thoughts my mind managed to muster were the parent-like words of the doctors from earlier. ... Read Chapter


Submitted: January 22, 2011

AUTHORS NOTE: Many people have read this and asked me was this the end of the story, NO this is not there will be more chapters. Pul... Read Chapter


Submitted: January 23, 2011

It was so dark that I knew instantly I wasn't gazing into the back of my porcelain eye lids. The darkness frightened me because it wasn't... Read Chapter