Beauty sleeping

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Submitted: April 03, 2018

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Submitted: April 03, 2018



Tired deeply, seeping love into a cold-hearted peeping sneaking wreaking his enemies to the point where it's Jesus they needed,his enemies are his deepest compositions toward affection and he beat them with the " I'm wreckless who cares who needs it I will just dream for pockets that are green and for locket like jewels that are the cleanest" yet she beauty eye lips touching snoring cover moving seizes it

SHHHH SHES SLEEPING, while meekly love deeply afflicts vampire bites dines on fixations of hatred and malice, while he lacks it compassion the will that he haves is "I rather lust and fornicate bad chicks" now he's thinking I can dad it thiers seat belts I can fasten teach them knick knacks paddy whack teach them how not to be nasty but gladly I'm quote unquote manly forget those dreams I can get the cheeks like Sandy Struggling from gut troubling non- wondering mind-numbing maybe overignorably surely indecisive interperson debauchery yet beauty sleeping easy makes him baby like teething

Zzzzzz,outlooks brisk take the risk of growing /changing pajamas unchanged bed not yet made she's still snoozing yet his outlooks are oozing booing old decisives for now hes picking and choosing honorably doing what living lives with not the one with the type to live in the basement the one with the type that do the dishes and pay rent

EYES OPEN" I WANT IT 'EYES BLINKING" I TAKE IT" blatant life building "my life is only mine to my will my life will oblige"considerate so godsent like saint Nick so precious like santa gift 2 in 1 like Xmas when is Christmas she compose woke more then dawn dawning he sees it says to himself "damn I'm quitting no more gimmicks no more antics"thier meeting anxious well that's natural like down to earth is which she is,being candid to the conclusion its Christmas with there three kids filled with gift opening ,with YAWNING and SLEEPING.

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