before i say goodbye

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we all have to have a plan in life its finding that plan and then putting it together.

Submitted: March 07, 2009

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Submitted: March 07, 2009



when i feel down

i have a habbit

of letting people know

but no one gives a shit

in thier reactions

is where it truely shows

when i feel down

i feel the whole weight of the world

on my shoulders

and every step i take

feels like i'm walking

over jaggerd boulders

i'm not a bad person

but not alot goes right

the battle to be successful

leaves me feeling

like i'm loosing the fight

before i go

before i leave this place

i want people to see a smile

a smile upon my face

a smile that says

i've achieved my goals

a feeling of peace

that my insides rearly know

i want my children to be proud

i want them to come to me

to help them in times of doubt

i want to give them the world

i owe it to my boys and girl

but when i feel down

i'm not the best person

to be around

sometimes we have to be alone

this is a time

when one gets a chance to reflect

on where i've been

and perhaps where i'm going

i want alot of things

maybe that's wrong

but the things i want

will help make me strong

strength is in my name

that's the meaning of brian

not for a grown man

ashamed and always crying

a man of strength

that's what i need to be

before i say goodbye

before i have to leave.

By B.R Coster

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