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Life on Earth is a fragile thing almost lucky to exist. Look at our neighbor the moon pock marked and lifeless but vital to life on earth. This is what could happen and statistically the most likely end of us all.

Submitted: June 15, 2013

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Submitted: June 15, 2013




By Bronse Baker

I don’t really know where to start. One day on the news they said a large object had been observed then not ten minutes later they said it wasn’t coming near us here on earth. Two days later they said it may come near then we heard nothing for a week then they said it was coming straight for us.  Hold on let me close the window it’s freezing out side right now and the wind is really picking up.


I didn’t really believe it, I mean it is televisions job to get out attention and keep the propaganda going for ratings.  “When the president came on that night what was that Shelly three months ago?” and said they couldn’t  do anything  no rocket on the pad  no plan a giant chunk of iron was flying towards earth a chunk half the size of the moon.

It seems crazy all the preparation for wars all the money spent on the space program for years and nobody had the foresight to plan for what was inevitable in the grand scale of time as we spin through space on our giant wet rock eventually getting hit with debris of some sort. It killed off the dinosaurs the moon looks like Ray Leotas face you can see how much it has been peppered. Wait, “Shelly turn on the heat! Well turn it higher then”.


  So they said two weeks 14 days a fort night and it was going to hit us end of story like a thousand hydrogen bombs 200 foot tidal waves  the whole world on fire molten rock falling then 10,000 years of darkness extinct everything maybe some bacteria but even that was doubtful.  The liquor store shelves were bare except for lime juice and angostura bitters within hours. To be fair the Churches were full and have been full too.


  Now trying to claim the save the world spotlight the Russians sent their version of a Saturn 5 loaded with cold war nukes to hit this chunk of  rust flying our way  and completely missed  by 100’s of miles, hundreds? The iron must have thrown off their instrument that’s what their spokesman said. That was it that was the world’s feeble effort to save itself.


  We counted down the days as the people of earth wailed and many places descended into madness with blood running in the streets in South America and the Middle East.


  Shelly and I visited the graves of our parents and made our peace. I admitted my affair with her best friend right before we were married it had been eating at me for 17 years. Shelly forgave me. It was like the best feeling to have that guilt removed and I was truly sorry. Shelly has been a good wife and I am a lucky man to have her. She was sad because we never had kids we tried but no conception and it turns out that it was me my sperm count was too low none of that matters now though.  We thought about adopting but we never did. Now I am glad we didn’t but I’m not sure if Shelly feels that way. She is doing the dishes now and I should go help her but let me finish first.


So  the day arrived we couldn’t see anything coming it was cloudy and rainy any one who wanted them could get tranquilizers from the pharmacy without a prescription so a lot of people were out of it and then the news.  NASA predicted a very near miss? A very near miss! How near who cared it was a miss. It was going to miss us not by much but it was a miss a glorious almost. That is what they said there were people making love in the street and on car hoods in the park. One guy was dancing naked right here on Main Street the say he was drinking and taking the tranquilizers. We still couldn’t see anything in Ocala because of the rain and clouds, we didn’t here anything either the TV was strangely quiet about the rock. The moon rose and the clouds cleared at sunset what a glorious sunset it was and then we saw the chunk of iron hit the moon. It was amazing it looked like God’s fire works right there on the moon the world’s greatest light show, every one was in awe. The TV said from the angle of the collision we weren’t in any immediate danger of debris hitting earth but they would have to see how the debris orbited. They left out the most important detail though the collision changed the orbit of the moon it has been rapidly traveling in bigger orbits for the last month or so and daily gets further from earth. The big deal is the moon controls earth’s stability the seasons and the tides. It is all getting more erratic and within 5 years the earth will leave earths orbit all together. That is what the TV said 5 years like the Bowie song. The earth will tumble pole to pole in its orbits and well according to the TV that will be it for life. I think we will all be gone by then anyway food is already short people are hoarding. I don’t know how long we will last its July here in Ocala Florida and its 28 degrees and the forecast call’s for it to get really cold by august. I’m coming Shelly just leave them I will do them after I bring in more wood.

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