The Sound of Silence

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This poem is about a glass swan who still manages to captivate the heartless man who owns her.

Submitted: December 22, 2017

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Submitted: December 22, 2017



He keeps her on the ledge of the shelf; the prettiest swan.

He rumbles through the room, his thunderous voice shakes the walls. The shelves beneath her tremble. 

She teeters off the ledge.

Towering over her like the shadow from a building, he stares at her broken pieces. Roaring she was the dullest item he owned. Pointing out the flaws in her edges, the mistakes in her clarity and the regret from picking her.

With every resounding word, her shards break further.

She watches as he places the new pinnacle of his fascination in her spot. 

As the days fly by he forgets the dull, ugly bird he once adored. Not remembering she was once a part of his life,stepping over her shards as if they were part of the flooring. Watching him as he polishes and cares for his new glass toy. She lays hurt without the sound of a sigh, weep or even the will to fight.

Sitting across from where she lays, he notices the radiant, vibrant stripes against the once shaken walls. He picks up her pieces not realizing the gravity of his carelessness. Although broken beyond fixing, she still managed to produce rainbows from the bits of sun hitting her shattered wings. 

The still prettiest swan.

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