Babysitting The Johnson Boys

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Kennedy is mad. It's Friday night, and instead of going out with her friends, but she can't go out with her friends. Thanks to her parents, she's stuck babysitting the Johnson boys. Little did she know, this would be the most exciting Friday night of her life.

Submitted: May 16, 2014

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Submitted: May 16, 2014



“Mom do I seriously have to spend my Friday night babysitting them?” Kennedy asked her mother angrily. “I go to school all week long, and I don’t want to spend the best night of the week looking after little kids!”

“I’m sorry sweetie, but we made plans with the Johnsons months ago and you said you would babysit them,” her mother retorted sharply.

“But mom,” Kennedy began before her mother cut her off.

“Listen honey, you’re babysitting and that’s that.”

“Fine,” Kennedy shouted in an aggravated tone. She turned to her mirror and began to brush out her long brown hair. “I spend a week in the seventh grade and what do I get? I get to babysit some fourth graders,” she muttered to herself. She slowly stood up and walked sluggishly out to the living room to meet her parents. “I’m ready guys, let’s just go so I can get this over with.”

“Alright then sweetie,” her father said in a pleasant tone. “Let’s get this show on the road.” The family piled into their car and drove off to the Johnson’s.

“Hey there Larry,” Kennedy’s father said greeting the Johnsons. “You guys ready or what?”

“Oh yes,’ replied Mrs. Johnson warmly. “We’ve been waiting for this night for a long time.” All of the adults quickly left, before Kennedy even had time to make it inside.

“I wonder why they wouldn’t tell me what they’re going to do,” she said aloud to herself. “Oh well.” Kennedy pushed open the large double doors leading into the Johnson’s picturesque palace of a house and slowly stepped inside. The boys were waiting in the living room, playing a board game and didn’t seem too interested in meeting their babysitter. “Hey boys,” Kennedy said in the lightest tone possible. “I’m Kennedy and I guess I’ll be hanging out with you tonight.”

“Hey, I’m Thomas,” said one of the boys unenthusiastically.

“And I’m William.”

“Well Thomas and William, I think we’re going to have some fun tonight.” Kennedy wasn’t happy about being here, but it was a Friday night, and she wasn’t about to let it be boring.

“Okay then, what should we do?” William asked looking over in Thomas’ direction.

“We could show her the door,” Thomas whispered in a hushed tone, just loud enough for Kennedy to hear it.

“What door?” she asked excitedly. “Is it a secret?”

“Oh yeah, it’s secret alright. Our parents don’t even know about it,” blurted Thomas. Kennedy looked over at William as he shook his head.

“Alright then, let’s go see it.” As they made their way through the unbelievably large house, Kennedy began to wonder how there could be a door that the Johnsons didn’t know about. And better yet, how the boys found it. Her thoughts were quickly interrupted by the screeching open of the large basement door. “It’s down here?” she asked nervously.

“Yep, it’s hidden in the basement,” replied Thomas. “And just so you know, we’ve never opened it before.”

“Yeah, it’s kind of spooky really,” added William.

“Well a door’s a door, I don’t care to open it,” Kennedy boasted bravely. She actually felt a strange sense of bravery right now. Normally, she wasn’t the bravest girl, but perhaps being with people younger than her helped her find her bravery.

“If you say so,” William taunted jokingly as he looked over at his brother.

“Oh I am, so let’s see this door,” she said confidently.

“Alright, you said it,” Thomas mumbled as he made his way over to the wall at the far end of the dimly lit basement. The other two walked behind him, Kennedy slower than William. She couldn’t help but notice how creepy the Johnson’s basement was. It was filled with old things cover in white sheets, making it feel like she was surrounded by ghosts.  In the back of her mind she could see them start moving after she passed by them, and slowly creep up behind her. The walk across the basement seemed to take forever, and she was constantly turning around to make sure nothing was trailing her. As she neared the wall, she noticed Thomas was doing something strange.

“What in the world are you doing?” Kennedy asked in disbelief as she noticed Thomas pushing at the wall.

“He’s moving the stones out of the way,” William calmly replied for his brother. “The door’s hidden behind the wall.”

Kenney looked in amazement as the stones slowly slid out and dropped on the other side of the wall. “How did you guys even find this?”

“When we first moved in there was a note in my closet,” Thomas said trying to catch his breath. “It said move the lower stones at the far side of the basement for an escape. We came and looked around and the only stones were the ones on the wall.”

“That’s incredible,” Kennedy remarked excitedly. “But what if the door doesn’t open or there’s nothing behind it?”

“There’s got to be something behind it,” William excitedly shouted. “Why else would they leave a note?”

“Yeah, I’m with William,” stated Thomas as he pushed the last stone out of the way. “Alright Kennedy, since you’re going to open it, you can crawl through first.

Kennedy stared blankly at the small crawl space Thomas had created in the wall and began to wonder if the boys were trying to trick her. “Why don’t you crawl through first and I’ll come in right behind you?”

“Eh fine,” William said as he dashed towards the small hole in the wall. He dropped to his hands and crawled through.

“After you,” Thomas said smartly as he stared at Kennedy.

“Fine,” she said with a nervous tone to her voice. The bravery she felt on the way down to the basement had vanished. The white sheet ghosts had started to chip away at it, but this completely destroyed it. “I wonder where this door leads?” she asked allowed as she stood up on the other side of the basement wall.

“We don’t know,” grunted Thomas as he hit his back when he tried to stand up too fast. “But we’re about to find out.”

Kennedy stared up at the large wooden door and froze. “Well, I guess I’m about to open it guys.”

“Hurry up,” shouted William. “I’m ready to see what’s on the other side.

Kennedy reach her shaking hand out towards the door and grabbed the old, rusty door knob. She couldn’t help but notice how cold the knob was, but the boys were getting impatient. She quickly turned it and slung the door open.

The children stood in awe as they took in their new surroundings. The door in the Johnson’s basement opened up into a large cave. There was a small waterfall in the distance and a light blue glow flowing throughout the cave. The glow illuminated it so that the children were able to see everything. “This is beautiful!” Kennedy exclaimed as she tried to take it all in.

“Hello!” Thomas yelled at the top of his lungs as his voice echoed through the large cave.  The two looked over at William to see how he felt about the cave.

“Isn’t this awesome William?”

“Uh sure Kennedy, but look,” he said with a trembling voice as he pointed back towards the door that they came through. “But the door’s gone!”

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