Escaping With The Johnson Boys

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Kennedy wanted an exciting Friday night, and when the Johnson boys showed her a secret door, that's what she got. But now, things weren't so exciting. They were frightening. The children must work together to get back to the Johnson's.

Submitted: May 17, 2014

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Submitted: May 17, 2014



The children all stared in disbelief as their hopes for making back to the Johnson’s house vanished. “How could it just disappear like that?! That’s not even possible!” Kennedy was in shock. She was in seventh grade, and she knew that things can’t just disappear like that. Her thoughts were quickly interrupted by the boys sobbing.

“We’re never getting back home!” Thomas screamed while wiping his nose. William couldn’t even speak. He was just crying psychotically.

Kennedy wiped a tear off her cheek and looked at the boys. “Alright boys, I’m your babysitter, and I’m going to find a way to get us out of this cave! Don’t worry, we’ll all be back in your living room before our parents get back.” Kennedy’s sense of bravery had come back with a vengeance. Nothing was going to stop her from getting the boys and herself out of this cave and back into the Johnson’s house. The boys stared blankly at her with their red, puffy eyes and running noses. Kennedy smiled gently and helped the boys up off of the ground. “Now listen, if we want to find a way out of here, we have to look around. Maybe the door’s somewhere else in the cave, we just have to find it. The kids looked around the cave. It seemed much larger now that they had to search it for a way out. The bright blue glow that seemed to illuminate it before had faded, and now dim beams of sunlight seeping through the top of the cave were their only source of light. The calm waterfall they heard early was now roaring making it difficult for the children to hear each other. “Ok,” Kennedy said trying to make herself heard of the waterfall in the distance, “Now this is a big cave, and I think we should split up to cover more ground. We have to meet back here in ten minutes.”

“I don’t want to split up!” shrieked Thomas.

“Me neither,” his brother William squeaked behind him.

“Okay okay, we’ll stay together.” Kennedy knew in the back of her head that this was a better idea. After all, this was a large cave, and it would be easy for one of the boys to get lost. “Well, let’s start looking around.” The children set off on an adventure to find their way out of the cave. The roar of the waterfall seemed to get quiet, and as their eyes adjusted to the dark, the cave seemed brighter. Maybe finding a way out will be easy Kennedy kept repeating to herself in her head, but deep down, she knew that wouldn’t be the case. The light blue glow seemed to come back and bounce off of the cave’s walls. The children were enticed by fear and excitement at the same time. The water and shadows from the stalactites bounced off of the walls to create beautiful scenery for the children’s terrifying adventure. They explored the cave for what seemed like hours, with nothing to show for it. “Okay boys, let’s go back to where we were, maybe the door’s back.” Kennedy waited for a response from the boys but they were frozen in fear. She took each of them by the hand, and set out to find where the door once was.

They quickly made it back, turns out they weren’t searching for hours. The paralyzing fear they were feeling made it seem that way though. “I can’t believe this,” Kennedy shouted, making echoes throughout the large cave. “How could this even happen?” William and Thomas fell to the ground crying once again. “Boys stop crying, it’s not helping anything. In situations like this you have to be strong.” The boys couldn’t even respond to Kennedy anymore, all they could do was weep uncontrollably. She slowly bent down and sat between the boys. “Listen boys,” she gently said placing a hand on each of their heads. “I know this is scary, but we’re going to make it back to your house, and we’re going to forget all of this ever happened. We’ll seal that hole in the wall, and put something in front of it.” She quickly stopped talking when she noticed something by William’s hand. “Boys look! It’s a map in the dirt!” The children studied the map and prepared themselves for the journey. The map showed a door, but it was very far away, and who knew if it would even be there? Thomas pulled a candy wrapper out of his pocket and drew the map with a pen from William’s. The children then turned and headed off in the same direction they did earlier. The children quickly made their way through the cave, knowing that they could be anywhere else was enough to make the boys stop crying.  A weight was lifted from Kennedy’s shoulders when they did, she felt a strange obligation to keep them happy, and the children rejoiced as they saw the light of day.

“Look it’s the sun!” Thomas screamed out as he dashed off towards the mouth of the cave. “Yeah!” William shouted laughingly as he ran after his brother. Kennedy smiled and shook her head as the boys playfully raced each other to get out of the cave. She had also never been so happy to see sunlight. They had finally made it out of the cave they had been trapped in, and things were starting to look up. They boys wrestled around in the grass and giggled playfully. The cave had opened up into a large clearing. A large field with rolling green hill cover in lilacs, lilies, and any other flower imaginable. It was simply beautiful. The field was surrounded by a large forest, filled with trees taller than any of the kids had ever seen before. The boys’ horse-play was quickly interrupted by something rustling in the bushes at the edge of the field. Thomas and William stared in fear at the bushes as Kennedy slowly walked over to see what it could be. She slowly, but steadily reached her hands out and parted the bushes. She didn’t find any creature that had been stalking the children, and waiting to pounce, but human footprints and a note.

“Brace yourself children, for a long, perilous journey lies ahead. There will be many dangers, and you must not take them lightly. Arm yourselves, and leave now. You mustn’t be in the forest when night falls, or morning will never come,” Kennedy shuttered as she folded the note and jammed it into her pocket. “Okay guys, we have to get going now,” Kennedy speedily said. She didn’t read the note to the boys, she didn’t want to frighten them. However, if the boys wouldn’t listen to her and get moving, she would have no choice. The children all found a large stick. Kennedy told the boys that everyone should have walking sticks to make the trip easier. They all sat off through the large, beautiful field, and towards the dark and apparently dangerous forest. As the children were walking, a sense of paranoia hung over Kennedy. “Someone’s watching us, and they could be trying to trick us into the forest. Then again, the map does say we have to go through here.” Kennedy continued to quietly whisper to herself, as to not frighten the boys, but her thought were quickly interrupted as they approached the edge of the field, and the beginning of the large, thick, dangerous forest. 

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