Character Bio Part 2

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These are bios for some other characters you will see in Canterlot High

Submitted: February 20, 2016

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Submitted: February 20, 2016






Clique- Band Geek

Friends and Family- Sonic Shine (cousin), Vinyl Scratch

Rivals: Fiddlesticks

Bio- This member of the Canterlot Concert Chior is in the position of 1st Chair Cello. Despite being dignified and refined, she constantly has to deal with her rambunctious friend/housemate Vinyl Scratch.

Dr. Whooves


Year-N/A (Teacher)

Clique- N/A

Friends and Family: Discord, Principal Celestia, Vice-Principal Luna

Rivals: None

Bio- Dr. Whooves is a teacher at Canterlot High who is held in high esteem by other teachers and students. Despite not being the most popular teacher, he is still the most professional.

Flash Sentry




Friends and Family: Sunset Shimmer (girlfriend), Shining Armor, Drum Role, Bass Keys, Amp Atom

Rivals: Twilight Sparkle, Cadance

Bio- Despite being seen as the 2nd-best athlete, 2nd-hottest guy, and 2nd-most popular guy at Canterlot High, he's tough to like because of his relationship with Sunset Shimmer. Though he seems to be at her beck and call, he's really barely able to stand her. He wants to dump her, but he's afraid of the retaliation that she'll have in store for him. He also seems to have a ton of interest in Twilight. Hmmm....





Friends and Family: Shining Armor (husband), Twilight (sister-in-law), Spike (step-brother-in-law), Roseluck, Dr. Whooves, Big Mac, Fluer De Lis, Jet Set

Rivals: Flash Sentry, Sunset Shimmer

Bio- Despite Cadance always being one of the most respected students at CHS, Flash and Sunset still show a high amount of disrespect, even though Cadance never did anything to deserve their contempt. With this being her last year at CHS, how will she end her tenure?

Neon Lights



Clique- Hipster

Friends and Family: Vinyl Scratch (girlfriend), Octavia, Flash Sentry, Bass Keys, Drum Role, Amp Atom, Sonata, Adagio, Aria

Rivals: None

Bio- Unlike a lot of other students, Neon Lights doesn't hate Sunset Shimmer. He doesn't like her either. With Vinyl Scratch as his girlfriend, he starts to take his job as a DJ much more seriously. He also decides to hook up with Vinyl's friends to increase his circle of friends.

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