Cutie Mark Killers

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This creepyPasta will focus on the Cutie Mark Crusaders

Submitted: February 25, 2016

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Submitted: February 25, 2016



"This CD is evil! It's turning you into killers!" Sweetie Belle had gone to the Cutie Mark Crusaders clubhouse, expecting to spend some time with her friends. Instead, she found something much worse. There was blood spattered on the wall, and a dead colt name Pedal on the floor. "We don' know what yer talkin about" Apple Bloom said in a dead-pan voice. Scootaloo said nothing. The CD that SB was referring to had the title "Creepy", though that was quite an ambiguous term, due to its multiple meanings. "Listen, I think you two should see Brain Scan." BS was the newest citizen of Ponyville, and was probably as smart as Twilight. He also had a degree in Brain Mapping. [This is a fanfic. Just go with it.] "Seeing anypony isn't needed" Scootaloo stated in the same dead-pan tone. "In fact, I think this CD is great. The songs are so invigorating!" Sweetie Belle was now officially creeped-out. When AB and Scootaloo walked towards her, she gave an involuntary flinch. "Don' y'all worry" Apple Bloom calmly said. "Yer our friend. We have no reason t' hurt ya'." After Apple Bloom and Scootaloo left, Sweetie Belle decided to listen to the CD herself. The playlist turned out to be: 1. Lavender Town Syndrome; 2. Hypno's Lullaby (no audio, just music); 3. Theme of first Halloween movie; 4. Stitches; 5. Nightmare on Elm Street (Freddy's Requiem); 6. The Exorcist theme; 7. Funeral March; 8. Pomp and Circumstance; 9. Thrift Shop; and 10. Buffy the Vampire Slayer intro. SB's first thought was "what?" and that was her ONLY thought.

1 week later

"11 ponies dead. Something is rotten in The Alamo" Rainbow Dash muttered. "Rainbow, fer da last time, stop tryin' ta use Southern euphemisms! Dat's MY trademark. It's like somepony from Maretropolis tryin' ta talk like a pony from Hooflem" (pun of Harlem). Applejack and Rainbow Dash were at a meeting of the PAA [Ponyville Advancement Association] after Twilight pitched the idea to Mayor Mare. Rainbow Dash was the secretary, and AJ was the Activity Planner. Therefore, both of them being at every meeting was mandatory. "Could you two stop trying to imitate the other's way of talking, and lecturing somepony else on etiquette, so we can get to the important issues?" Twilight asked. As I'm sure you're aware, she's the President of the PAA. Both of them just sat and stayed silent. "As I'm sure all 10 of you know, there's been 11 deaths of ponies here in Ponyville..." Twilight narrowed her eyes for dramatic effect before she finished her statement. "...and none are from natural causes. All of them were executed. We all know about Pedal, Firewing, and Soft Shell. They were 3 citizens who we had gotten along with for months. Now, they aren't here anymore. We have the where, what, and when. We don't, however, have the who, why, and how?" The silence was broken only by the throat-clearing sound from the VP. "Do you have something to add, Sophisticata?" The pony with that name had light green skin, brown hair, and amber eyes. Her cutie mark was a yellow 5-pointed star. "Yes, Twilight. As a matter of fact I do. Everything you said is true. What you didn't bring up is the fact that all 11 of them were not life-long citizens of Ponyville. That's an interesting pattern." Twilight thought about what she said. She was absolutely correct. That pattern WAS worthy of consideration. At that moment, Keypad [a mare who always has a laptop (she's a unicorn), and a keypad with numbers like the one on the right side of a computer's keyboard as her cutie mark] said ''I just realized something! If you go in order,from the first death to the most recent one, each victim had been here for longer than the previous one. Pedal had only been here for 18 days. The 2 most recent, Drone and Saddleback, had been citizens for 8 months and 317 days, respectively." Twilight was surprised. Impressed, but surprised. The pattern was very, very methodical. It was also terrifying, because it told all 11 members who the next victim would be. Rainbow Dash, Applejack, Twilight, Sophisticata, and 6 other members all looked at Keypad. "Oh no!" KP exclaimed.

2 months later

"Slice." "Dice." "Chop." Those 3 words had been uttered by Sweetie Belle, Apple Bloom, and Scootaloo. Or, as they were known now, Scary Butcher, Apple Beast, and Slice All You. They had committed 38 mareders in 67 days. Keypad, Big Mac, and Sophisticata had also been victims, because the 3 were running out of 'newbies' in Ponyville. "We need to stop them" Handcuff said. Handcuff, Lineup, and Warrant were the Ponyville Chief of Police, Criminal ID expert, and Head Investigator. They had caught the Cutie Mark Crusaders, and were listening to what they said on an intercom. As expected, all 3 of them were freaked out. "How do you suppose we do that?" LU asked. "Yeah." Warrant added "We can put down all 3 of them as criminally insane." Handcuff was actually at his wits end. He only had 1 option left. "Maximum Lockup" he replied. 

4 weeks later

"No new deaths, no peep from PMSFI (Ponyville Maximum Security Force Institute). I think our problems are over" Deep End said. Deep End was 1 of the 3 ponies who replaced Keypad, Sophisticata, and Bulk Biceps on the PAA board. "Yeah. But that's what worries me" Twilight said. She knew that after all the crazy stuff that had happened, nothing happening was the complete opposite of a good sign.


"Hey, it's time for lunch" the warden said in front of the CMK's cell. Since he didn't receive an answer, he unlocked the door and stepped inside. When he went in, he was met with a horrific scene. The bodies of SB, AB, and SAY were spattered all over the place! There was a message scribbled on the wall that said "If you find us dead, blame nopony but ourselves."

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