I'm coming home

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got started after hearing the song I'm coming home from the soundtrack for the song bastion about a warrior who goes to defend a town from a dragon kind of completly unrelated to the song but it made me think it up

Submitted: May 08, 2012

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Submitted: May 08, 2012



By ShadowFawkes

as the warrior pulled himself up the last ledge of the mountain finally standing in front of his goal he glanced back and whispered something the high winds of the mountain tearing the words away before they went anywhere.

he turned to the cave and shouted “awaken beast I know you are in there you have been terrorizing the village at the foot of this mountain for long enough today is your last.” two green glowing orbs appeared shining in the darkness of the cave a thin slithering voice replied “are you so sure youth that it will be my last day and not yours I have lived through attacks from many warriors and wizards alike what makes you think you are anything more then they were” the warrior replies with an edge to his voice “nothing more then a promise made to someone long ago someone quite important to me I will succeed for their sake, for the villages sake, and last of all mine”.

he drew his blade the sun glinting off the bright well taken care of metal that made it up a shine emanated from the magic stored within gems on the handle they were small but good quality a diamond, a sapphire, and a ruby. The dragon finally fully roused from his slumber emerged in the sunlight his scales a bright yellow he was barely bigger then the warrior himself but the warrior did not drop his guard his eyes green outside of the iris which was the same color as the ruby upon the warriors blade and portrayed a cold ruthless intelligence of a being not afraid to kill.

The warrior lunged his blade not even grazing the beast as it jumped out of the way and shot a ball of iridescent green fire at his back the fire quickly dissipated the warriors armor showing not a scratch the warrior quickly spun around trying to hit the dragon before it could jump away alas missed again he rushed at it at the same time the beast lunged at him both sank their weapons into each other before pulling away from each other the warrior detonated his ruby a simple fire gem sealing the fate of both him and the dragon as it overpowered both the warrior and the dragons defenses against fire the warrior had but on thing on his mind for little more then a split second and what echoed in his mind was the last words he said to his mother “i'm coming back home I promise”

The End

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