The Christmas Never Forgotten

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This is just a story i wrote based on a Christmas tragedy. Hope you enjoy!!!

Submitted: December 06, 2011

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Submitted: December 06, 2011






Jordan---3 yr old child

Sarah---6yr old child

The Christmas Never Forgotten

It was a cold Christmas Eve in the neighborhood. Not the slightest activity outside, not even the average Christmas Carollers. Nobody really knew what was going on, but some where getting suspitious. John and Kate were sitting down watching their beautiful children play with their old toys, waiting patiently for their new ones they'd be recieving in the morning. A strange phone call came in saying nothing but "WATCH YOUR BACK AT ALL TIMES, BECAUSE YOUR WORST NIGHTMARE COULD BE WAITING FOR YOU JUST AROUND THE CORNER!!!" The young parents thought nothing of it but as some young kids prank calling people. But what they didn't know was that maybe this was a warning.

As the clock ticked towards 12, John and Kate were getting the presents ready to put under the tree. As they walked towards the tree, something pulled their feet from under them. As they fell down, they were wondering what was going on. So, they stood back up trying to ignore the horrifying situation. After they put those presents under the tree, they headed back to the closet to get more presents. As they got closer to the closet, clothes started moving and sounds started intensifying. As soon as the young couple's feet reached the door way, horror struck them from behind and drug them to the ground. This was no ordinary attack, but something seemed strange about how it was occuring. So, Kate decided she had enough and went to bed. John wanted the kids to wake up to presents, so he stayed behind to put the presents out. A few hours passed of John going through unendurable horror.

When the kids and Kate woke up, John was nowhere's in sight.

Kate screams "John, where are you??"

Sarah "Daddy, where are you??"

Jordan crying "DADDDDYYYYY, NOOOOO!!!"

After a while of no response from John, Kate gets Sarah to watch her little brother while she goes search. After about fifteen minutes of Kate searching, the kids hear a terrible scream of horror and pain.


Of course the kids wondered what was going on, so Sarah led her little brother to their parents' closet. As they looked through the door, all that was seen was their dad in a puddle of blood next to their crying mother. Jordan was only three, so he really didn't know anything. He just thought his father was sleeping.

Sarah cries, "Daddy, nooooooo!!!!! I LOVE YOU!!!!! Please wake up for me!!"

Jordan looking at his daddy saying, "Daddy, wake up..... me presents... help me open dem."

After a few minutes, the police show up at the house. After hours of investigating, the terrible news arrives. The cops say that there is no evidence of a murder. The family wonders what is the bigger piece in the mysterious puzzle.

A week later, the family attends young John's funeral. When they return home, the family discovers a wierd note on their steps. Kate picks it up and reads it.

All that is stated is "I know what happened to John, I am the one who did it. There is no way you will catch me, because i left no evidence. If anything is said, you're next."

Kate turns this note into the police, so the police scan for fingerprints. Nothing is found until a week later, when the fingerprints match John's brother's fingerprints. The police search for him for two months when finally they catch him. He is charged for 1st degree murder and sentenced for 158 years in prison. After fifteen years of peace in the family and the brother being in jail, the brother dies. The police cremate the suspect, and the family finally lives in peace knowing they are faced with no more harm, and they never forget the horrifying Christmas Tragedy.

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