He Has Come, But Will He Stay?

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Gay and Lesbian  |  House: Booksie Classic

Boys Love story I began writing. I have written a few stories, but never got the chance for a yaoi/shounen-ai type of story. It's not very long, but about two friends and one is from the future. I don't want to spoil it any further than that! XD
If anybody likes it and thinks I should add on, let me know. I wasn't sure if it was any good. I fell in love with the characters, but that is because I know them, I don't know how well I showed their personalities and the little bit given, but I'd be happy to continue! This is my first time posting something online like this, though.

The descention of Life's greatest source of entity and breadth had fallen once again behind the horizon for the arrival of the silver circle to plunder through the clouds and brighten the darkness that was brought by the vanishing of the brilliant mass, the star, the sun. The silver grass twinkled like starlight. The owls were out as a many time before, scrounging the blackness to expand its paunch with the scrawny creatures that danced until dawn.
Shizu's home released a warm yellow lighting from behind the thick glass. There was a 'knock' that interrupted the cricket's symphony.
"Oh, right! Atikus." Shizu huffed after the door swung open, whipping a cool breeze onto Atikus. "The notes..." He twisted around to herd up the stairs but jolted back in a hurried, confused manner. "Uhh, do you wanna come in?" He said out of breath. "My parents are gone at the moment, but feel free to make yourself at home." And with that, Shizu tore up the stairs. He dashed into his room in hurry from the rather unexpected visitor he forgot to see coming. Shizu shuffled through his neatly organized paper fields he had planted on his dark wooden desk. "Ah ha," he breathed upon finding the notes Atikus needed. Shizu whipped back around to head for the door when he noticed the young brown haired, green eyed, boy. His posture was relaxed amongst the frame of the door. His light green eyes looked hazel, almost gold with the lamp's reflection that had been resting beside Shizu's bed.
"Oh," Shizu let out softly, coming to a stop. After a moment of silence he spoke again. "Hi." He reached out to hand Atikus the notes he had been absent for. "Here they are." He smiled shyly.
Atikus dropped his arms from his chest. He then moved, but not for the papers. He he staggered confidently over to Shizu and placed a gentle hand to stroke Shizu's soft pale cheek that bursted into flames of red heat at the touch. Nothing would come out. Shizu couldn't speak or even move to stop him as he moved in closer. He was stunned beyond words. The thin stack of papers fluttered to the ground as Shizu finally moved his arms to defend himself from the presumptuous predator. "A...Ah...Atikus..." He stuttered trying to find the words to comprehend his friend's unusual behavior.
Atikus brought a placid hand to the other side of Shizu's face and caressed his cheek while his other hand drifted into Shizu's pale blonde hair. He didn't speak as he pulled himself closer to Shizu.
"Atikus...What are you doing?" Shizu stammered. Atikus wasn't that much larger than him. He might have been able to push him away, but something kept him from trying. "Ati-". Shizu lost himself to the warm embrace that coated him and the soft touches that tickled his neck and face. The gentle brushes Atikus made stroking his light hair was so pleasant, even if the situation became so unusual and unexpected Shizu wasn't strong enough to push him away. Atikus still had not replied, but moved a hand under Shizu's thin pajama shirt. His light fingers fondled the faint patterns of Shizu's back in the most satisfying way. Neither of them said anything for the moment. Shizu could feel himself giving in to Atikus as he was pulled up against his friend's thin hard chest. He let out a small noise that escaped his lips involuntarily. With a free hand, Shizu slapped a hand over his mouth in embarrassment and could feel his cheeks burn ever brighter. Atikus smiled at that, pulling him tighter against him and caressing down his back and through his hair. Shizu hid his face over Atikus's shoulder so he couldn't see his expressions. He found his fists balled in he fabric if Atikus's shirt.
Shizu reminded himself of the situation and knew this was the wrong way to react, but he became weak to Atikus. He should be shoving him away and demanding reasoning for such rash actions. He should be angry that he would do such a thing. He should be doing anything other than what he had eventually chosen to do which was nothing.
Atikus continued down further and brought his hand around to the front where he went to untie the bind that kept Shizu's loose pajama pants in place. "Nuh...no..." Shizu objected, faintly trying to squirm away without much success. "No Atikus. Please...stop Ati...Stop..." Shizu begged while trying to twist out of his hold.
"Shizu please." Atikus beseeched. "I need you. I don't want to go back." He whispered softly in Shizu's ear.
"Back to what? What are you talking about? Why are you doing this?" He questioned , still trying to escape the cage that strengthened its python-like grip.
"Shizu." Atikus breathed heavily as his legs gave in and took Shizu with him to the ground. Atikus cradled him, resting his narrow chin in Shizu's milky creme colored hair. "I haven't told you...I'm not supposed to, but you have to know." Shizu stopped fidgeting to hear what his close friend was being so strange about. His curiosity was killing him with the silence that followed. "You see...I was supposed to have left a year ago, but something happened back home to keep me from returning. It really isn't much of my 'home' anymore anyway. I haven't been there since I was 6, which was the last I saw my twin sister Adrienne." Shizu couldn't help but notice the evident sadness that melted with his words. Whatever he was explaining was really hurting him. Just listening to the tone in his voice, Shizu could feel the pain within him.
"What happened?" Shizu asked. He didn't usually dig into others personal lives that had hard pasts, but it seemed Atikus was explaining it anyway, might as well try to understand it.
"We were split up. We were orphans, but before Papa died, he had worked in a science lab where they were decoding the past. Something is supposed to happen to the Earth in the year 4739. Many humans were taken to Charlodawn, a planet similar too Earth. The scientists used my sister and I as tests to go back in time and learn about the humans from years before. We were both sent to different places in time." Shizu didn't know what to say or even how to believe something that seemed so illogical. His mind was tinkering with the strange idea of a friend he had known for eleven years to have been from the far future-another planet even.
"It was supposed to be a ten year project in our part." Atikus continued. If everything should have gone as planned, I would have left last year, but Shizu I don't want to. I like it here. I like being with you. You are so kind to me, almost too kind. I don't want to go back and just be part of their little science project. Shizu, I can't leave you. I promised."
Shizu pushed back to look at him. His face contorted with confusion. "You promised me?"
"You were eight and you ran away from home because you got in trouble for something silly like playing with scissors aggressively and hated being yelled at like a little kid. Your parents were terrified after that and I went out and eventually found you. Do you remember that?" He didn't wait for Shizu's reply. "You were so scared when you saw me. Once realizing it was me, you dashed into my arms and asked me to never leave you. You were crying and made me promise that. I stayed by your side the whole way back home and up to today."
"You made a promise for something you knew you couldn't keep?" Shizu couldn't help but feel slightly angered by that and it seemed apparent in his words.
"I couldn't deny you that promise that one night, Shizu. I had to and I knew i needed to stick with it as long as I could."
"And then what? You were just gonna leave? Just disappear? Just like that?"
"Hey, look now," Atikus said, trying to calm Shizu down. "You didn't even remember that promise until I reminded you, just now."
"It doesn't matter." Shizu stated as he brought himself back onto his feet. Atikus did not eve try to hold him back. Shizu stalked over to a window that only showed Shizu's reflection in the black of night. "You were going to leave me anyway."
"Shizu," Atikus sighed. He, too, came to his feet.
Shizu became suddenly disappointed in his friend, the right feeling for the situation.Shizu flipped back around to face Atikus. His face, he could feel, was still hot and his eyes blurred momentarily. He couldn't believe the drama that was taking place. He must be less emotionally stable than he figured.
It was clear that Atikus was at a loss for words. He parted his lips as if to speak, but closed them again. After another moment as the two stared curiously into one another's eyes, Atikus finally spoke. "That's the thing, Shizu. I don't want to leave you. I love you." His words left his lips passionately. "I love you and I would do anything for you. I will do everything in my power to stay by your side."
Shizu gasped in astonishment. "I don't believe you! How stupid do you think I am? If you love me, fine. But why do you have to make up silly stories like this?"
"Shizu, what are you talking about?" Atikus had been taken by surprise.
"You know, it just hit me. If you and your 'sister' were the only two sent 'into the past' or whatever, than how do you explain Mrs.Halroux, your mother?"
"She is a robot sent along with me to help raise me." He replied calmly.
"A robot? Are you serious?" Shizu didn't believe it. "If they can send robots through time, then why didn't they just do that instead of sending human children?"
"They needed human experience without mechanical error or malfunctions that wouldn't be able to fix from the future."
"Fine." Shizu still couldn't accept it, though his words spoke otherwise. "Then, how are you supposed to go back if those human scientists on that other planet aren't even alive during 2013."
"I...I don't know. They just assured me that I would be coming back but said several complicated things for a six year old to comprehend at the time. I'm sorry, Shizu. I know this might sound strange, but please believe me." Atikus's plead was a rare event, but when it happened it was always a serious matter. Something about him finally made Shizu believe him. He couldn't help it. He knew the story was supernatural, but he ended up believing it.
"Atikus...I'm sorry. Okay, I believe you. What do you want me to do?"
"What do I want you to do?"
"Yeah. You said you need me for something, right? Is there a way I can help prevent you from going back to your original time?"

Submitted: January 24, 2013

© Copyright 2022 Brooke Chicoine. All rights reserved.

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The story

Good story. I enjoyed reading it

Thu, January 24th, 2013 8:01am


Thank you!

Thu, January 24th, 2013 2:33pm

Teri Cross Chetwood

I'd love to read this, but the format makes it alomst impossible to do so. I'd recommend dividing it up into chapters, which would make it much easier on the eyes.

Thu, January 24th, 2013 8:37am


I fixed it! And thank you, I didn't even notice that at first. It was late at night when I found this website and was so excited, I just posted one of the first things I had nearby on my computer. :D

Thu, January 24th, 2013 1:50pm

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