Letters From Egypt

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I compiled all the notes I sent to my pen pal in Egypt so I will always remember her. I have such a great chance to learn about such a unique country and I've been fascinated with Ancient Egypt ever since I can remember.

Pen Pal: Mariam of Egypt

Wed, 17 Oct 2012


This is Brooke from The United States of America! I have forever been fascinated with the Ancient Egyptian culture. Is there anything still like it in current times today? What's it like in Egypt, I really want to know! They portray it in movies as if it's difficult to get to a computer...Do you have your own computer? Are the buildings different there then anywhere else? I'm sorry if I'm coming on too strong. My friend just showed me this site and I am so happy! I wish I could travel all over the world and visit so many neat countries because I absolutely love history and different cultures. I just wish it wasn't so expensive to travel.

As for a bit about myself, I am in love with foreign music. I have a few Egyptian songs by the band Cairokee...not sure if I spelled that right. Do you know them? Anyway, I think their great. I have a favorite song of their's but it's in Arabic so I can't read it...but the writing is pretty ^^

I also love German music and Russian(mostly T.A.T.U.). I am a biggest fan when it comes to Japanese rock music like Dir en Grey, BoRN, SuG, Deluhi, and my absolute favorite band, The GazettE! Guess what? I also love K-pop music! I love Big Bang (GD is so adorable ^^) and Shinee the best! U-kiss is pretty cute, I like Kevin, haha. I just heard this song "Hello Hello," by FT.Island and love it! My favorite girl groups are SNSD, Secret and most of all 2ne1. It would be so cool to go to one of their concerts, but they never come here. Anyway, I really hope to hear from you soon!


On Oct 17, 2012

Omg! I know exactly the feeling, the first time my sister showed me this site I was like "oh my god so many countries! So many people to write to, where to begin where to begin!!" I'm still in contact with those epals till now (it's been 2 years since I discovered it)
Anyway, about Egypt, hmm, unfortunately the buildings are just like anywhere else, they have their own taste (or some of them do) but not as great as the ancient ones did. We have the pyramids of couse and hundreds, maybe thousands of monuments here that show how great they were. Wish I could take you in a tour..on a tour? I don't know it's on or in doesn't matter :p...here in Egypt and show you everything, the pyramids, sphinx, libraryy of Alexandria, the Citadell...the temples in Luxor
Cariokee is my favorite Egyptian band of all time!!! (Not sure how to spell it either tbh) if you understood the words it's even more amazing, their songs are so meaningful and powerful!
There's also a singer called "Hamza Namira" you have to listen to him.
Egyptian music is not really my thing believe it or not, but some bands and singers you just can't not listen to. There's a Hamza Namira concert coming up and I reaaalllyyyyy want to go T_T
My fav song for Cariokee is "???? ????? " it's read "ethbat makanak"
I don't listen to japanese music, I only watch anime and read manga, I might go to a fair next month held by japan here in egypt to show you how to get scholarships in "kyosho university" "kyoto university" and others that I don't remember. Not sure I'm going yet but I want to.
K-pop *dies* I love CN blue, super junior and FT island...I know the other bands but haven't listened to any songs yet and I don't know where to begin
Well anyway, that's all for now. I really hope to hear from you soon


Wed, 17 Oct 2012


Oh my gosh! That is so cool!!!! I can't believe how much we have in common from such different sides of the world! And that's so cool that you still keep up with all your pen pals! Egypt sounds Amazing! That is so cool! I'm so glad you replied, too XD 

I'll try to remember to look up Hamza Namira when I have time. My mom is taking me to visit a college. I'm turning 18 on October 21 so I got to start preparing and all that good stuff. 

What kinds of hobbies do you like? Do you play any sports or art or anything like that? I play soccer, usually outside mid-field. I'm hoping to do something in art in my future. I'm not exactly sure what, yet. Maybe a book illustrator or character designer or fashion designer or something like that. Well, we're almost there. Talk to you soon!


Wed, 17 Oct 2012

College, awesosme :O. I still have one year left at school so ._. (Like this year and the next one).
I love playing soccer (not saying I can play, I just like playing) and I LOVE table tennis, it's like, my favorite game!!
Ahem, Egypt sounds amazing, not sure how true that statement is X_X guess it's because I live in it and all >.> Well the sea really is amazing and going to the beach but the city life is all boring and normal ._.
I wish I could play the piano TT_TT. I also draw, well anime style and stuff, I wanted to be a fashion designer at some point of my life but now I have a completely different dream, I want to study medicine and stuff (not like med school, like chemistry stuff you know?) It's gonna need a lot of work to get that but I'll just do my best I guess. I also dream of writing a book when I grow up. I don't know about what or how many pages, chapters or whatever, I just want to.
Keeping up with my penpals is a little hard due to time difference but it can happen, and it's so awesome :')
Where in the US do you live? What college did you visit todayy and how was it? Do you have any particulat questions about egypt, or me?
Eitherway I'd be glad to answer
Btw, Egypt is 8 hours ahead of the US in case you're wondering :p, it's around 8:20pm here so I'm guessing it's 12 something in the afternoon there
Talk to you soooon! I'm gonna go study *cries* or maybe not.

Wed, 17 Oct 2012

Also, what classes are you taking? Electives (extra courses)? Do you get a lot of homework?

Wed, Oct 17, 2012

About the courses, I don't really have that right now, not time for anything T_T
I do get homework, A LOT of homework, I have a chemistry test tomorrow and finished studying a while ago. The teachers just give us homework not caring whether we have other stuff to do or not. Oh and they give us more homework to do on the weekend. I haven't gone out with my friends for over a month or something. It's really annoying I'm like "GET ME OUT OF HERE" but I'm naturally kind of a loner, as long as I have internet access and a bunch of stuff to watch, maybe twitter to know what's going on in the world, I'm good. It's not really good to prefer internet over friends but I dunno, it doesn't require finding an outfit to wear at least (that takes forever -__-)
Well anyway, as I said 2 emails ago :P, I'm off to bed! *convinces herself that she can go to sleep if she is determined to*
Buh-bye again! Wish me luck on that chemistry test! And the german test on sunday...and the english test on monday, okay I think that's all
Talk to you later! Okay fine I'm leaving you don't have to push me out of my own email! *sorry it's the tired-ness tallking*

Wed, 17 Oct 2012

 That DOES sound like a lot! Do you have school on Sunday?And good luck on all those tests! Plus, don't worry. I haven't been able to hang out with my friends in a long time, too. Maybe not as long as a month, but still, ha. Well, I bet all that hard work will pay off! :3

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Chemistry test was alright I guess. Yep, I go to school on sundays, weekends are friday and saturday. That means no school tomorrow yuppiii! *jumps up and down*
I'm so bored and I wanna go out. Today, I wanted to go out but my sister already had plans so I had to stay home and babysit my little sister, as always. Meh I'm so pissed T_T *slams head against door several times*
Hmmm, that's pretty much as exciting as stuff got today -.-

I hope your day was more interesting :P

Sun, 21 Oct 2012

Do you know cosplay? Or COS? I invited my friends over to cosplay with me and my sister over the weekend! I will attach pictures so you can see! Do you know Final Fantasy? It's a Japanese video game. Anyway, I cosplayed Oerba Dia Vanille from Final Fantasy XIII. By the way, my hair is light brown. I edited it so that my hair looked red-orange, because that's what color Vanille's hair is. ^^ Haha, we had no place better to do it other than the forest near my house. At least it works for me! Haha.

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Sunday, October 21

Before i start writing this email i should tell you that i'm supposed to be studying because i have two tests tomorrow, however, here i am sending an email as if i have summer vacation (which is really long here in egypt it's like....4 months) but that's not the point.

Yes, i do know final fantasy, never watched it but i know it (had an obsessed friend so). 

*sees the photos* *screams* THIS IS SO COOOOOL!! OH MY GOD! no seriously it really is! we never do that here *crosses arms* *frowns* 


And you're so pretty *_* you should dye your hair this color :P suits you well.

Do i sound like someone who's screwed because it's 10 pm and she hasn't even started studying yet? i don't do i? Oh well *sits in the gloomy corner*

Speaking of gloomy corners, do you know Ouran high school host club? it's a japanese anime >.> did you watch it did you watch it did you watch it? what about death note? excuse my extra enthusiasm that's just how i express how SCREWED i am.

And yet i haven't even moved an inch to start studying. Aren't i the most perfect student ever? What do you mean no?!  

Hmmm, so i'll just go try to study for now no matter how much i don't feel like it. I shall be back later *british accent and all old movie-like style*

FINE, fine i'm leaving, you don't have to yell you know TT_TT

okay byeeeee!!

Oct 21, 2012


Hahah you'rr too funny! And thank you so much :3 

I have watched Ouran High school Host Club! It was hilarious! I had my cousin watch it, too. He likes Honey Senpai XD I have also watched Death Note! The very first episodes I thought it was weird and scary but then it just got so interesting! It was amazing how smart Light was! He got out of things when I thought for sure he was screwed, ha. 

I'm sorry about your tests and all that studying. Art is my most time consuming class. I should probably get started. I have a piece due on Thursday and I have no idea what I'm going to do!  

Monday, October 22, 2012

I'm at schooll, school! SCHOOL!! I know the password to the school's wifi and I'm on it right now, do you think I'll get caught? Hmm, I sure hope not ._.
Well the german exam was okay, and tomorrow we have a computer exam andd that will be it O_O finally!
Then normal school days, these people have no mercy!
YESSS!! Light is so evil but his mind is just, amazing! The way he put plans and studied every deiatl of the whole thing, just wow :')
And L, his way of thinking is gaaaah! Such perfection, and what's more amazing is that one person wrote all this. And another drew it and there it was...the great death note
Well art is fun at least (I guesss) we have math class now and the teacher's not here yet.

Well anyway, I have to go discuss useless stuff with my classsmates,
By the way do you have any idea for a theme for our class? (Yes, we're so childish and with so much free time that we think about decorating our class -____-)
Oh well, I'll talk to you later then

Mon, 22 Oct 2012

  What kind of themes do you mean? Like an ocean theme or beach or maybe jungle type of thing? This week we are doing a thing called 'Spirit Week' and we wear different things depending on the theme. ^^ Today is neon day, then tomorrow: Decade Day and we wear things from different decades. I was thinking of going back to the 1800's Europe time and wearing a big Victorean Dress like some of the girls wore on Black Butler, (have you seen that anime?) I just hope I'm not the only one dressed up! Anyway, Wednesday is Super hero day and Thursday is Nerd Day and Friday is class colors. Super hero day will be fun! My favorite Super Hero is definately Spider-man. I was thinking of wearing my Spider-man shirt with a spider-man bag and water bottle and paint my nails with little spider webs. XD Do you have a favorite super hero? Are there Marvel or DC comics in Egypt, too? 

How do you take a computer exam? Just stuff about the computer and how to do different things, or what? Sounds boring, but I hope you do well!

I looked up Hamza Namira, (That's how you spell it, right?) He was pretty good. ^^

Oct 23, 2012


So i've just realised i haven't sent a a reply yet...what do you mean i'm stupid?! I'm as smart as can be! *nods enthusiastically* 

Anyway, I know about the whole spirit week thing from one of my friends, here in Egypt we have an Egyptian educational system (which really sucks) and the IGCSE (the british system which is really hard) and the american system with the SATs and all. So they also have the spirit week and throw a halloween party and have other stuff i don't know of >.>

My exams ended yesterday and i went to school today to take 2 biology lessons, the teacher wanted us all 8 of them....that's like, 7 hours of biology with no rest. So i went with one of my classmates to the english teacher and we were like "PLEASE TELL HER YOU NEED THE CLASS, PLEASE TELL HER YOU'RE BEHIND ON THE SCHEDULE, HELP US OUT!!" and he did, phew! By the way i go to an all-girls private school in case you're wondering.

i've heard of black butler but never really watched it. My favourite super hero...hmm, well i love spiderman (who doesn't) but after watching the dark knight rises i was like BATMAN ALL THE WAAAAYYYY!! ( can't blame me for that)

We have marvel and DC comics here, or at least i think i do *falls into deep thought*, yep, we probably do.

The computer exam is even more stupid than that, you memorize useless stuff then you write them (like answer the questions) and voila, that's the exam. Told you our educations sucks *gloomy aura* And the test was postponed till next wednesday (yay)

I have tomorrow till tuesday off school *jumps up and down*...i know i have to study but at least i don't have to wake up early right? right? RIGHT?!! i know i'm right.

well i'll just end this here, and go enjoy my free time :P

By the way do you know "the script"? If you don't listen to "hall of fame", "breakeven" and "the man that can't be moved"...i love those 3

That's all for now,

talk to you later,



(PS: did you see how formal i was in that last part? did you? you didn't notice? read it again. Sounds so formal :P...yes, you're right i'm bored TT_TT okay i'm leaving don't give me that look...i said don't look at me like that!! FIIINE! *while walking away* I SEE YOU JUDGING ME!!


Tue, 23 Oct 2012


Hi again! 

I have heard of the script! At first I thought you were talking about a movie or something and was like, what? But after I saw and recognized some of the songs like "break even" I was like Oohh! Haha! They have a couple of songs on the radio here :3 

Do you have other pen pals in the United States? Where at, do they live?

Yeah, I have to admit those Batman movies were pretty cool, no matter how much I love spidey ^^ 

Halloween is coming up! Do you have Halloween over there? It's a holiday where you dress up in costumes and go around the neighborhood receiving candy from people by saying "trick or treat!" mostly it's for kids, but older people like me are still allowed to :D

What kind of big holidays do you have over in Egypt?  Do you celebrate Christmas, by any chance? 

We were watching a political debate for our next president that will run the United States and they were talking about foreign policies and stuff. It got me thinking about things, well actually my mom was wondering about the laws in Egypt. Are woman treated much different then men? Can women drive? I saw a television show once where a woman was driving and her friend stopped her and told her it was against the law. I'm not sure how old that was and I'm not exactly sure where at. My dad also says that over there, woman can't go anywhere by themselves and stuff like that. I don't know, I was just curious, sounds interesting. 

There was also news of something happening with the government over there? It sounded crazy in the news. 

Anyway, I'm working on writing a little story. It's gonna be in the future on a different planet! ^^ not finished yet or all that exact on the plot, but I'm gonna go work on it, so talk to ya later! 

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

I know Halloween is coming up (who doesn't)...well supposedly we don't celebrate halloween or christmas for that matter. However, as Egyptians, celebrations are just something we go for whenever we have a chance. We don't go trick or treat-ing but we do throw halloween parties and dress up and all...we didn't have a party last year but we threw one the year before and i wore a japanese Kimono, with the fan thingy and all. The whole outfit was actually from japan, my dad was there a really long time ago and he bought those so yay. About Christmas, as you already know, most of the Egyptians are Muslims, but there are Christians living here as well. So you can say we celebrate new year's, with fireworks and all (like on the 31st of december).
Laws in Egypt, well men and women are treated equally, if sometimes a woman is not allowed to do whatever it's probably a family thing not stopped by law you know? I won't deny that a lot of people treat women as inferior to men but that's like, in their personality or the way they were raised or something not by law.

NOOOOOOO WOMEN ARE ALLOWED TO DRIVE!! trust me on this one :P My mum drives us everywhere and she drives to work. Here we're allowed to drive when we're 18 not 16 though ._.

i'm not old enough to drive yet. We can go anywhere we want...i hang out with my friends all the time (well not exactly right now because of school but i can if i want to) i go to the mall, the beach (when i'm in alexandria or something), the club (to avoid any confusion, whenever i say club i mean the kind of sports club not the other one, we don't have those here...or we do but we don't go there). There have been a few problems because of sexual harassment and all that, but i'm hoping they'll be over soon. Besides, as long as i have my friends with me and i ignore whoever is talking, i'm fine. I used to walk to the mall and then go back home, it's not scary.  

The news you heard were probably of the revolution no?...It's a very long story where all the youth in Egypt were fed up with all the things going on so there were demonstrations, protests and a lot of other stuff till the president stepped down, more presidential elections, new president that SUCKS but we are giving him a chance because the country has been under awful conditions for 30 years and he hasn't been president for long so 

But anyway i can give you details on this whole thing *not all at once but a bit every once in a while* it was so epic living it! i felt all powerful and proud...but they did cut off the internet for a while TT_TT it was HELL! 


let me know how the story turns out ^^ it sounds really interesting by the way 

Tue, 23 Oct 2012

Wow, that all sounds crazy! This is so cool that I can talk to you and get the real info and all that ^^. I bet that was pretty cool to have lives while something like that happened. Why did they cut off the Internet? 

Are you Muslim? If so, what do you celebrate instead of Christmas? Or is it still Christmas? 

What kinds of sports are at the club? What do you like to play? (other than table tennis XD) 

Japanese kimono?! That's awesome! I've always wanted to travel to Japan. My sister and I were dressed with Japanese influence for our Halloween Costume last year. She was a gothic Japanese Lolita/ punk rocker type of deal and I had a shorter version of a kimono that flared out. Hard to explain, haha. 

Bye for now! :D


Tue, 23 Oct 2012

They cut off the internet because it was the way we connect and keep each others motivated and know what's going on in Tahrir square *the place where the revolution started* 

you should google Tahrir square 2011...you'll see how many people were there, it was overwhelming.

Yep, I am a Muslim, we don't really have an equivalent celebration to christmas. As Egyptians (not related to religion just the country) we celebrate new year's. As Muslims (but it is a national holiday) we have 2 celebrations, it's called "Eid el fetr" and "Eid el Adha" i don't really know how to explain them >.< the first is 3 days and the second is 4.

I love playing soccer (that doesn't mean i can play). I used to play handball till i fainted once during practice because of the sun and mum said i shouldn't play again. I go swimming sometimes but it's almost winter so not now. I played basketball not long ago (with my sister and my dad) not like a match, just messing around. Then there's the thing i love the most, roller blades! I just run around everywhere with them (much easier than wearing shoes if you ask me :P) 

That's pretty much all but most of the time we don't even play sports, we hang out with friends and play cards (we can do A LOT with one deck of cards), dominos, you know, stuff like that.

I can imagine the whole japanese outfits for halloween thingy and i think it's pretty awesome. I've always wanted to go to Japan as well T_T still do.

Tue, 23 Oct 2012

Cool, cool. I'm working on physics homework right now, :P it is so boring! My mom was thinking of having pizza for dinner, though! ^^ what basic foods are in Egypt?

Have you ever been out of your country? I haven't :( but my dad has been to Canada to go fishing and to Mexico for...actually I really don't know, ha. It was a really long time ago. At this point, even though I'm only 17...wait, 18! Ahhh! I'm 18 now! :( I don't wanna grow up >.< ...been 18 for 2 whole days now... Anyway, back to what I was saying, at this point I'd be happy to travel almost anywhere outside the States. I just want to get a taste of all the many other cultures out there! ...except North Korea. I'd like to keep away from there, but South Korea sounds nice! If I ever go there I would definitely go to a Kpop concert!

Speaking of which, do you know SHINee? They're one of my favorites. They just came out with a new music video for "Dazzling Girl"! It's so cute. :3 Taemin and Key are my favorites *0*



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